Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Resolution to be sent to Authorities after holding Third day of demonstration on 11.12.2019

The General Body Meeting of this Association held on 11.12.2019 unanimously resolves to express its deep concern and strong protest over the contemptuous act of revocation of the benefit of stepping up of pay by the Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai & Hyderabad PAOs to the beneficiaries of the judgment of Hon’ble Pr. CAT, Delhi in OA 2124/11 filed by this Association. It is to submit that almost four years back the judgment was implemented by PAOs after obtaining all the clarifications and with due diligence. But unfortunately, the GM (PA & F) Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai & Hyderabad PAOs reopened the cases unilaterally in utter disregard of the judgment of Hon’ble Tribunal and in blatant violation of the clarifications issued by PA Wing forcing huge financial burden on the employees besides mental tension.
It is to submit that the propositions made by the PAOs are based on wrong interpretation and the PAOs tried to mislead the Directorate. It is very unfortunate that the individual PAOs are taking their own decisions violating the clarifications and orders of the PA Wing even on such important matters like implementation of Court orders. PA Wing after careful examination of the Court judgment has given certain clarifications and directions to implement the judgment. The judgment was implemented and to that extent affidavits were filed in the Hon’ble Tribunal. But, after lapse of four years the present establishment of PAOs in question, overrules/set aside the earlier decisions and ordered recovery. Such actions defy uniformity and shake the confidence of the employees on the system itself. It would quite relevant to mention here that PA Wing issued three letters on dated 22.11.2018, 08.02.2019 & 24.04.2019 addressed to GM (F), Hyderabad not to recover the stepped up pay from the beneficiaries till a decision is taken at the Directorate, unfortunately Hyderabad PAO defying the directions of PA Wing went ahead and recovered hefty sum from three retired officials.
This general body also expresses its anguish and resentment over delay in the finalization of Cadre restructure of Cadres of PAO. It is brought to the notice that the proposal of Cadre restructure was approved way back in 2012 and after concurrence of the Department was sent to DoP&T, which in turn also approved the same and sent to MoF. In the year 2014, PA Wing gave the queries raised by the MoF to both Associations seeking their views. This Association has submitted its considered opinion on the queries in the year 2015, it is unfortunate that the PA Wing has not resubmitted the file/proposal to DoP&T on the plea that the other Association has not submitted its view point. Again vide its letter dated 05.12.2018, PA Wing asked to submit the proposal by the stakeholders within 15 days, AIPAEA again submitted its view point in Jan. 2019, but till date nothing has moved an inch forward in this matter.
The General body also appeal and resolve to request that in the interest of justice to cause immediate orders to keep the recovery order under abeyance and consider the submissions made by Association from time to time on the matter and issue firm instructions to withdraw the recovery proceedings by GM (F), Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai & Hyderabad PAOs and refund the recovered amount to the beneficiaries.
It is also requested to finalise the Cadre restructure of Cadres of PAOs without any further delay.

1.      The Secretary,
       Department of Posts, 
       Dak Bhawan, New Delhi -110001.  

2.      The Member (Finance)
Telecom Commission
Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi 110001

3.      The AS & FA,
       Department of Posts,
       Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001.

4.      The Sr. DDG (PAF),
       Department of Posts,
       Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001.

5.      The Chief Postmaster General

6.      The GM (Finance)/ DA (P),

7.      The Secretary General, NFPE,
       North Avenue, New Delhi – 110001.

8.      The General Secretary, AIPAEA, 
Camp at O/o GM (F), PAO, U.P. Circle, Lucknow 226024

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