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                  Why sentence of death should not be passed?

The Accused, the Accusers: The famous speeches of the eight Chicago anarchists in court when asked if they had anything to say why sentence should not be passed upon them. On October 7th, 8th and 9th, 1886, Chicago, Illinois.
What the eight Chicago Haymarket  Heroes declared……..

August Spies 

Now, these are my ideas. They constitute a part of myself. I cannot divest myself of them, nor would I, if I could. And if you think that you can crush out these ideas that are gaining ground more and more every day, if you think you can crush them out by sending us to the gallows – if you would once more have people suffer the penalty of death because they have dared to tell the truth – and I defy you to show us where we have told a lie – I say, if death is the penalty for proclaiming the truth, then I will proudly and defiantly pay the costly price! Call your hangman! Truth crucified in Socrates, in Christ, in Giordano Bruno, in Huss, Gallileo, still lives – they and others whose number is legion have preceded us on this path. We are ready to follow!

 Who is the man that has the cheek to tell us that human development has already reached its culminating point? I know that our ideal will not be accomplished this or next year, but I know that it will be accomplished as near as possible, some day, in the future.

I organized trades unions. I was for reduction of the hours of labor, and the education of laboring men, and the re-establishment of the Arbeiter-Zeitung – the workingmen's newspaper. There is no evidence to show that I was connected with the bomb-throwing, or that I was near it, or anything of that kind. So I am only sorry, your honor – that is, if you can stop it or help it – I will ask you to do it – that is, to hang me, too; for I think it is more honorable to die suddenly than to be killed by inches. I have a family and children; and if they know their father is dead, they will bury him. They can go to the grave, and kneel down by the side of it; but they can't go to the penitentiary and see their father, who was convicted for a crime that he hasn't had anything to do with. That is all I have got to say. Your honor, I am sorry I am not to be hung with the rest of the men.

YOUR HONOR: You ask me why sentence of death should not be passed upon me. I will not talk much. I will only say that I protest against my being sentenced to death, because I have committed no crime. I was tried here in this room for murder, and I was convicted of Anarchy. I protest against being sentenced to death, because I have not been found guilty of murder. But, however, if I am to die on account of being an Anarchist, on account of my love for liberty, fraternity and equality, then I will not remonstrate. If death is the penalty for our love of the freedom of the human race, then I say openly I have forfeited my life; but a murderer I am not.
An Anarchist is always ready to die for his principles; but in this case I have been charged with murder, and I am not a murderer. You will find it impossible to kill a principle, although you may take the life of men who confess these principles. The more the believers in just causes are persecuted, the quicker will their ideas be realized. For instance, in rendering such anUNJUST AND BARBAROUS VERDICT, the twelve "honorable men" in the jury-box have done more for the furtherance of Anarchism than the convicted could have accomplished in a generation. This verdict is a death-blow against free speech, free press, and free thought in this country, and the people will be conscious of it, too. This is all I care to say. 

I tell you frankly and openly, I am for force. I have already told Captain Schaack, "If they use cannons against us, we shall use dynamite against them."
"IF YOU CANNONADE US we shall dynamite you." You laugh! Perhaps you think, "You'll throw no more bombs;" but let me assure you that I die happy on the gallows, so confident am I that the hundreds and thousands to whom I have spoken will remember my words; and when you shall have hanged us, then, mark my words, they will do the bomb-throwing! In this hope do I say to you: "I despise you. I despise your order; your laws; your force-propped authority." HANG ME FOR IT!

Capitalistic rule would soon come to an end. That is my opinion, and my wish; it became my conviction, when I mentioned the wickedness of the capitalistic conditions of the day.
When hundreds of workingmen have been destroyed in mines in consequence of faulty preparations, for the repairing of which the owners were too stingy, the capitalistic papers have scarcely noticed it. See with what satisfaction and cruelty they make their report, when here and there workingmen have been fired upon, while striking for a few cents increase in their wages, that they might earn only a scanty subsistence. Can anyone feel any respect for a government that accords rights only to the privileged classes, and none to the workers? We have seen but recently how the coal barons combined to form a conspiracy to raise the price of coal, while at tbe same time reducing the already low wages of their men. Are they accused of conspiracy on that account? But when working men dare ask an increase in their wages, the militia and the police are sent out to shoot them down.
For such a government as this I can feel no respect, and will combat them, despite their power, despite their police, despite their spies. I hate and combat, not the individual capitalist, but THE SYSTEM THAT GIVES HIM those privileges. My greatest wish is that workingmen may recognize who are their friends and who are their enemies. As to my conviction, brought about as it was, through capitalistic influence, I have not one word to say.

To-day as the beautiful autumn sun kisses with balmy breeze the cheek of every free man, I stand here never to bathe my head in its rays again. I have loved my fellow men as I have loved myself. I have hated trickery, dishonesty, and injustice. The nineteenth century commits the crime of killing its best friend. It will live to repent of it. But, as I have said before, if it will do any good, I freely give myself up. I trust the time will come when there will be a better understanding, more intelligence, and, above the mountains of iniquity, wrong and corruption. I hope the sun of righteousness and truth and justice will come to bathe in its balmy light an emancipated world. I thank your Honor for your attention.

Socialism, your honor, means the abolition of wage slavery, because it allows the people to carry on production and consumption by means of a system of universal co-operation. That is what I said at the Haymarket. I pointed out at the Haymarket the fact that the workingmen were being deprived, according to Colonel Wright, the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States. He proves by the statistics that they were producing values to the extent of $10 a day, and receiving $1.15; that they were deprived of $8.85. Now, I said to them: "Here," said I, "Socialism will give you that $8.85; under Socialism you would get that whole $10, whereas under the wage system you receive $1.15 of it. But that is not all: socialism will make labor-saving machinery a blessing instead of a curse to you; by it wealth will be increased, and drudgery diminished indefinitely. Socialism is simple justice, because wealth is a social, not an individual product, and its appropriation by a few members of society creates a privileged class-a class who monopolize all the benefits of society by enslaving the producing class." Now, your honor, this is what

makes the monopolists mad at the Anarchists. This angers the corporation men. See what they say. The result is that a verdict must be brought against Socialism; because, as the District Attorney states here, the law, and the government, and Anarchy are upon trial. That is the reason. Not for what I did, but it is for what I believe. It is what I say that these men object to.
THE VERDICT WAS AGAINST SOCIALISM. When I saw the day fixed for the opening of this trial, knowing I was an innocent man, and also feeling that it was my duty to come forward and share whatever fate had in store for my comrades, and also TO STAND, IF NEED BE, ON THE SCAFFOLD, and vindicate the rights of labor, the cause of liberty, and the relief of the oppressed, I returned. How did I return? It is interesting, but it will take time to relate it, and I will not state it.

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(M) G.S. 09912348500 (M): Office: 9868451466

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarter
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
e-mail: aipaea_pao@yahoo.co.in
(Camp at: B-17, F-3,Vignanapuri,Vidyanagar,Hyderabad-500044)

AIPAEA/CHQ/12                                                                                 Dated: 27-04-2012


The Deputy Director General (PAF),
PA Wing, Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, New Delhi

Respected Sir,

         This is regarding the grave problem faced by the staff of the Delhi PAO who has been deprived of the promotion channel due to the unwarranted abolition of 162 Group C Posts which included 17 Senior Accountant Posts. There was absolutely no rationale in abolishing the Posts of Senior Accountant which are purely promotional Posts for the Junior Accountants. As per the Ministry of Finance norms, the combined cadre strength of Junior Accountant and Senior Accountant is maintained in the proportion of 20:80 (i.e. 20 percent of the Posts being Junior Accountant and 80 percent of the Posts be Senior Accountants).

      Due to the above unwarranted abolition, the promotional avenue of the Junior Accountants has been adversely affected. Many of the Junior Accounts, who were eligible for promotion to the post of Senior Accountant, could not be promoted as Senior Accountants and their promotions were delayed by several years.

     Despite our repeated appeal, the request was not considered. Considering the promotional avenue of the Junior Accountants, I request your good self to kindly look into the matter for a favorable decision.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary

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(Designation and address of the Drawing & Disbursing Officer)

I  _________________________________________________ (Name & Designation),being a member of All India Postal Accounts Employees Association hereby authorize deduction of monthly subscription of Rs. 25/-, per month from my salary starting from the month of July 2012 payable on 31-07-2012 and authorize its payment to the above mentioned Service Association.
                I hereby certify that I have not submitted authorization in favour of any other Service Association. If the above information is found incorrect, I fully understand that my authorization for the Association becomes invalid.

Station:                                                                             Signature ___________________ 
                                                                Name( in Capitals) _________________________

                                                               Designation ________________________________


To be filled by the Association

It is certified that Shri/Smt/__________________________________________ is a member of All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.

It is further certified that the above authorization has been signed by Shri/Smt __________________ in my presence.

                                                                 Signature ___________________________

                                 Name of Authorized Office Bearer________________________

Name (in Capital) of the member

Form 2
Letter of Authorization to be used by the Member who wishes to shift his membership.


(Designation & Address of the Drawing and Disbursing Officer)

                I,  __________________________________________________ (Name & Designation of the member) am a member of the _________________________________________ (Name of the Service Association) now.  I wish to withdraw my membership from the said Service Association with immediate effect. I declare that my earlier Letter of Authorization submitted in favour of the said Service Association may please be treated as withdrawn.

                I decide to become member of All India Postal Accounts Employees Association. Hence, I hereby authorize  the deduction of monthly subscription of Rs.25/-, per month from my salary starting from the month of July, 2012 payable on 31-07-2012 and authorize its payment to the All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.

                                                                                        Signature _____________________

                                                Name (in Capital) & Designation ______________________


It is certified that Shri /Smt. ___________________________________________________ is a member of All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
It is further certified that the above authorization has been signed by Shri/Smt_________________________________________________ in my presence.

                                                                          Signature ______________________

                                                 Name of the Authorized Office Bearer(in Capitals)
(Signature of the Member)
     (Name in Capitals)

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(M) Office: 9868451466                                                                                                 (M) 09912348500
All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarters
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
AIPAEA/CHQ Circular 60                                                                                          Date: 21-04-2012.

Dear Comrades,
Delhi unit did it! Congratulations and thanks to all the comrades of Delhi unit for making the Central Working Committee meeting a grand success. Sixteen units from all over the country attended the meeting. Meeting started on 17-04-12 and concluded on 19-04-12. Deliberations on all the issues related to the Postal Accounts employees have been made very systematically and in a much disciplined manner. Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE has inaugurated the Central Working Committee meeting. He greeted the CWC and wished all success to the AIPAEA. Com. M. Krishnan assured all support to the AIPAEA in its endeavor to protect the interests of the postal accounts employees. He has at length spoken about the sweeping technological changes that the Postal Department has undertaken and its impact on all the wings of the Department including the Postal Accounts. He has thrown the light on the Confederation charter of Demands and the need to organize a united struggle to achieve this charter. Com.  Dabas, General Secretary, P-4 has welcomed the gathering and wished a successful CWC meeting. Com. S.K.Vyasji, President, Confederation of Central Government employees and workers extensively addressed on the charter of the demands. He explained the rationale behind the each demand and need to achieve the charter without further delay. He lamented the functioning of the JCM and advised some drastic action to galvanize the JCM mechanism. He requested all the leaders to show same zeal towards the Confederation programmes as exhibited towards the struggles to achieve their own sectional demands. Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, Administrative employees Union has spoken on the need for successful implementation of the programmes.
MS. Vandana Gupta, General Manager, Postal Accounts, Delhi, graced the open session and addressed the delegates. Director, Postal Accounts, Delhi has also attended the CWC and greeted the delegates.
Shri. Manish Sinha, DDG(PAF) has attended the CWC and addressed the delegates. The interactive session with delegates run over two hours and all the questions of the Delegates were answered by the DDG(PAF). This is completely a new experience to the delegates. Com. P.Rajanayagam, former General Secretary, AIPAEA, has addressed the delegate session and elaborately put the issues in their right perspective before the delegates.  The discussions in the CWC are qualitatively on higher plane. All the units reported their activities as well as their problems and CHQ assured to mitigate all the difficulties. The CWC passed resolutions on 1) the demands raised during the Call Attention Day 2)  lifting of the ban on forwarding the applications/ memorandums by the local authorities, 3) Amendment to the  LDC and JA recruitment rules, 4) Resolution on the happenings at Kapurthala and Jalandhar PAOs, 5) PSS Gr.B exam issue, 6) Recruitment in the Departmental Canteens, 7) Pay protection for Transferees under Rule-38 and 8)harassment of Staff through contributory negligence and de-nova enquiries. With the summing up by the General Secretary and a call for serious mobilization, committed implementation and building a vibrant AIPAEA the Central Working Committee meeting concluded.
During the lunch-hour on 19-04-12 a mammoth meeting has been organized by the Delhi unit.  Com. Prasher, Deputy Secretary General, NFPE and Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R-III addressed the General members and the delegates. General Secretary addressed the meeting and informed the General house all the developments and the efforts of the AIPAEA to settle all the pending problems of the Postal Accounts employees. Entire office including the G.M. Finance joined the delegates in the lunch. The successful completion of the CWC reflects not only the unity and strength but also the confidence of the employees in AIPAEA and marks a new chapter in the history of Delhi unit. This CWC is our humble tribute to our great leader Com. D.C. Jatrana, founder and former General Secretary of AIPAEA.
Meeting with DDG(PAF):  On 20-04-12 the General Secretary and the President, CHQ met the Director(Admin &Budget), DDG(PAF) and other Authorities. DDG (PAF) positively reacted on the issues brought to his notice. On Gr. B status, he assured that on receipt of reply to the letter address to Department of Telecom, necessary action will be taken. On the amendment of Recruitment Rules of LDC and JA to restore the old qualification for promotion under Seniority cum fitness, it is agreed to review and examine the position.
Forwarding the Applications:  DDG (PAF) categorically told that the ban order of the Directorate on deputation/absorption will not in any way prohibit the forwarding of the applications of the officials to write the examinations and appear for interviews. The case of Chennai will be disposed off soon.
Holding of Part-II exam: Department is making all out efforts to get the file cleared from the DOP&T. It is hoped that the exam will be held soon.
All India Seniority list and AAO RRs: These two issues will be settled soon. It is stressed that the seniority list should be published without waiting for the approval of the R.Rs.
Gr.D and Sorter anomalies: DDG (PAF) assured that a judicious decision will be taken as soon as the information asked from the units is received. Long back all the PAOs are asked to inform the number of such officials who are in the Sorter cadre and affected due to the promotion of their juniors to LDC from Gr.D. cadre. DDG (PAF) has directed to issue a final reminder to all the D.A(P)s to furnish the required information by a cut-off date. After that this issue will be settled. All the Circle Secretaries should ensure that if there are such cases in their units, immediately se e that the information is sent to the Directorate. Inform the CHQ also in this regard.
Court cases: The reserved judgment in SA&JA has not yet been pronounced. The stepping up case is posted for final hearing on 24-04-12. General Secretary and the President, CHQ met the advocate and discussed the matter.
Four advance Increments: The case is resubmitted to the Ministry of Finance. At the instance of the CHQs, Com. Vyasji has written a letter in this regard to the Secretary, Expenditure, MoF. He has agreed to further follow up the matter.  
Cadre re-structure of PAO: The recommendations of the Cadre restructuring Committee of Postal Accounts is still with the Secretary, Department of Posts. Postal JCA has already taken up this matter along with other pending issues. If there is no improvement in the situation the JAC will implement the decision to go on hunger strike at Directorate.
Treatment of Dies-non for the purpose of MACP promotion: Because the period of dies-non is treated as non-qualifying service for promotion under MACP, many of our comrades have been adversely affected. This matter has been discussed with Com. S.K.Vyasji, Member, Standing Committee (JCM) and President Confederation. He has appreciated our arguments in this regard and concurred with our opinion.  He assured to take up this issue with the authorities at appropriate level and also to raise it in the JCM.
Confederation National Executive meeting: National executive meeting of Confederation is going to take place at Kolkata on 28-04-12. There will be a serious discussion on the mobilization of employees on the confederation charter of demands. Wage revision for every five years and the 50% DA merger for all purposes, compassionate appointment, casualisation of permanent jobs etc, are the some of the important issues. Mobilization of the entirety of the Central Government employees on these demands is a great task to be accomplished. Let’s play our part in this task. JAC leadership is also meeting at Kolkata on 29-04-12 to discuss the Accounts and Audit employee’s issues and to revive the JAC.
Comrades, there are lot of rumors regarding the merger of Group C and grant of grade pay of 2400 to LDCs. We know where from these rumors have been generated. The authors of such rumors are those very people who have played a negative role in the Gr.B merger issue and made no efforts to submit the proposal to the cadre restructuring committee. We must also be aware of the reasons for such spreading of false information: This is April month!  So let’s tell the truth to the Postal Accounts employees and expose such elements.
With Greetings,
General Secretary

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Monday, April 2, 2012


(M) G.S. 09912348500                                                                                         (M): Office: 9868451466
All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarter
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
(Camp at: B-17, F-3,Vignanapuri,Vidyanagar,Hyderabad-500044)

AIPAEA/CHQ/12                                                                                                          Dated: 03-04-2012

Dear Comrades,

You are all aware that the AIPAEA is making all out efforts to make the authorities agree to resolve the problems relating to the employees of Postal Accounts. Several times the demands are being discussed with the highest authorities and extracted positive assurances. Yet the important issues like recruitment, Gr.D and Sorter anomalies, Cadre restructuring, Gr.B status etc., are still eluding positive solution. Local authorities are not taking the responsibility of recruitment. Instead of taking initiative to make recruitment in PAOs, some of the PAOs are whiling away the time by seeking clarifications after clarifications. The result is no recruitment in PAOs even after lifting the ban three years ago.

To arrest this trend the CHQ is calling all the units to observe “CALL  ATTENTION DAY” on 10th April 2012. Hold lunch-hour meetings explain the efforts of AIPAEA to achieve the demands of Postal Accounts employees.  Two draft Memorandums are enclosed herewith. One Memorandum on the Recruitment should be submitted to the local authority i.e. GM (Finance)/DAP. The second Memorandum addressed to the DDG (PAF) should also be handed over to the local authority with a request to forward the same to the DDG(PAF). Also, send the two memorandums to the DDG (PAF) by post to avoid delay.

I request you all to make this programme a grand success. Submit the report on implementation of this programme to CWC meeting to be held at New Delhi from 17-04-12 to 19-04-12.

With Struggle Greetings,
General Secretary

Draft Memorandum on pending issues of Postal Accounts to be submitted to DDG(PAF) through GM(Finance)/DAP on the Call Attention Day on 10-04-2012

Sri. Manish Sinha,
Department of Posts,
New Delhi.

                        Sub: - Call Attention Day - Submission of Memorandum – Regarding.

Respected Sir,

            As per the call given by the Central Head Quarters of this Association to observe the ‘Call Attention Day’ on 10-04-2012, this General Body is calling your kind attention to the resolution of the following long pending issues.

1.    Rectification of the Discrimination caused due to the promotion of Gr.D to LDC on seniority basis ignoring the seniors in the Sorter cadre: During the Strike negotiations it has been agreed to grant notional seniority to the senior sorters to redress this long pending grievance. But till date no positive action is taken. Hence, it is requested to settle this issue as assured.

2.    Amendment to LDC & JA recruitment Rules: The recruitment rules of LDC & JA have been amended to the disadvantage of the existing senior officials in the respective feeder cadres, who are otherwise eligible for  promotion under Seniority cum Fitness quota. This sudden amendment by enhancing the educational qualification made these existing seniors disqualify for the promotion under ScF quota. Hence, it is requested to restore the educational qualification for the promotion to LDC & JA cadres under Seniority cum fitness quota.

3.    Cadre restructuring: The cadre restructuring of Postal Accounts is being delayed and the senior Sorters, LDCs and DEOs are retiring without taking the benefit. Hence, it is requested to expedite the action to get the proposal accepted.

4.    Gr.B status to Senior Accountants: This issue is pending settlement for the last two years. According Gr.B status to Senior Accountants will confer to the principles laid down by the DOP&T on the classification of posts besides adhering to the decision of the Postal Board.  The DOT also accorded this status to the Senior Accountants working in their Department. The exclusion of the Senior Accountants of the PAOs from this status will create problems in future as all the Senior Accountants working in both the wings constitute a single feeder cadre for AAO promotion under ScF quota. Hence, we earnestly request for the settlement of this issue in favour of the Senior Accountants without further loss of time.
5.    Notification of All India Seniority List of Senior Accountants as on 01-09-2009: Though more than two years elapsed after collecting the relevant information on this matter, the final list has not yet been notified. To avoid future complications, conflicts and legal disputes among the Senior Accountants working in PAOs and DoT, it is requested to notify the All India Seniority list of Senior Accountants immediately without waiting for the AAO Recruitment Rules.

6.    Repatriation of the employees of PAO Kapurthala posted at PAO Jammu: This issue is pending for more than 5 years. Though it is assured that the repatriation will take place on the arrival of new recruits, no relief has been given to these displaced employees. Contentions like ‘lien’ raised by the authorities also adding further to their woes. Hence, it is requested to bestow your kind attention on this long pending human problem.

7.    Issues related to the DEOs of Chennai: DEO cadre at Chennai is the best example of disowning by the Official Side of its own creation. To instill confidence in the employees over the decisions taken by the authorities, it is very much essential to stop the recovery imposed on the DEOs besides conceding the genuine demand for the higher pay scale.

            In addition to the above stated issues, it is brought to your kind attention that the slow pace of recruitment in the PAOs is stifling the functioning.  Timely action is requested to quicken the recruitment process and fill up all the vacancies before it is too late. Copy of the Memorandum submitted in this regard to the GM Finance/D.A(P) is enclosed for your kind information.

            Many times the above stated issues have been brought to your notice, yet the issues remain unresolved. This General Body through this memorandum requests you to settle the issues so as to discourage this Association to embark upon further protest programmes.

            Thanking you,

                                                                                                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                                (                       )
                                                                                                                                Circle Secretary

Date: 10-04-2012.