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Saturday 27 March 2010



A Committee separately will be constitued to go into all aspects of Modified ACP - Already after our discussions with the Confederation, the leaders of Confederation has taken up several important modifications required in the MACP Scheme within staff side and on the basis of the discussions today the issue was raised in the meeting of National Anomaly Committee - On the basis of the discussion only the Official Side agreed to constitute a separate Committee for considering all issues of MACP.

The issues of Pay parity for Senior existing employees on par with new entrants recruited on or after 1.1.2006 is still not clinched - The Railway Department order for stepping up of pay notwithstanding the issue would be further discussed for issue of a central order by the Department of Expenditure. The stand of the Official side that each and every department will separately write to MOF for sanction on this issue was contested by the Staff Side and a common order is to be issued by the Department of Expenditure.

On the issue of date of increment for all whose increment falls between february and June will be considered and a final decision would be taken before the next meeting of Anomaly Committee in June 2010.
Various pension related issues have been discussed
The full text of discussion as reported by the Confederation Secretary General in the website of Confederation is reproduced below for your information:

Conf No. 9/2010                                                                                               Dated: 27th March, 2010.
Dear Comrade,

Sub: National Anomaly Committee meeting and decisions.

                  The 2nd meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held today under the Chairmanship of the Secretary Personnel. The Confederation was represented by Com.Vyas, President and Com. K.K.N. Kutty, SecretaryGeneral.
            The Chairman in his initial opening remarks said that it would be the endeavour of the Government to finalise the issues of anomaly as fast as possible. Since there had been difference in perception on certain issues, they had to be gone into in detail and would take time more than expected. He said that the National Council meeting which was scheduled to take place last month had to be postponed for reasons beyond. He added that the same has now been scheduled to take place in May,15, 2010 and the notices have been issued. He expressed his happiness that the last meeting had been held in a very conducive atmosphere and hoped that all problems would be able to be settled through dialogue. Since the Official side representing the Pension department had to attend another meeting, he suggested to discuss the issues pertaining to Pensioners first before the other issues are taken up. The Staff Side agreed to this suggestion.

                Com. Raghavaiah, Leader Staff Side while thanking the official side for convening the second meeting thanked the Chairman for the assurance of a speedy settlement of the issues. He hoped that the official side, having not circulated the Action Taken Statement on the issues discussed at the last meeting, would indicate of the progress registered on those issues. He then dealt with various problems emanating from the implementation of the MACP. While the MACP assures three financial up gradation for every employees, it has resulted in certain difficulties for the existing employees. The liberalization that is stated to have been done to the Assured progression scheme, he said, has resulted in the de-liberalization in the case of certain employees. H expressed the hope that the official side would be ale to appreciate these problems and resolve them.

          Com. Purohit thanked the Chairman for his statement of finding settlement to all problems through discussions. He added that the JCM was in fact formulated for that purpose and it has worked very well, through there had been aberration in the past in the periodicity of meeting etc. He said that the 6th CPC has treaded a path different than those of all other earlier Pay Commission, as they have introduced a new concept in the Pay structure of Central Government employees. Initially the employees have only looked at the financial benefit but later they have realized that there had been certain basic changes effected. He then reiterated his statement made at the last meeting over the definition of the term anomaly. The understanding reached was to have the same definition for the term anomaly as was given at the time of setting up of the anomaly committee after the 5th CPC recommendation. That was on the basis of an agreement reached between the Staff Side and the Group of Ministers. Since the Government functions are mostly on the precedence, he was afraid that the present definition would be quoted in future too. He, therefore wanted this fact to be properly recorded so that the present definition afforded to the term anomaly would not be a dilution of what it was earlier. He then pointed out that while all allowance in general had been doubled by the 6th CPC for which there had been a specific recommendation, in some cases, the Commission had recommended for replacement of such allowances by another scheme viz. insurance etc. The Insurance scheme has still not been introduced whereas the allowances were withdrawn. He was of the opinion that these allowances must be continued till such time the alternative scheme is ushered after consultation with the Staff side and the same should be appropriately doubled. He cited the issue pertaining to Patient care allowance and the risk allowance. He said that the insurance scheme envisaged would not be easy for being settled as many issues emanating there from will have to be discussed threadbare.

                   Regarding the issues emanating from the MACP scheme, he requested the Chairman, to set up a separately committee with a few from the official side and staff side where all issues could be discussed and then brought to the Committee for its final approval or rejection as the case may be He also referred to the issue of merger of CCA with transport allowance and the repercussion especially in the matter of overtime emoluments of industrial workers. He expressed the hope that the Committee would be able to address all issues and settle them in an amicable manner.
          The Chairman, in reply to the initial remarks made by the Leader and Secretary said that:
(a) Joint Committee may be set up for discussing the MACP related issues;
(b) Reiterated his request that all problems and difficulties faced by the employees in implementation of the 6th CPC may be brought to the notice of the Department of Personnel and these could be addressed and placed on website of the Department, so that it could obviate reference to various nodal departments of the Government. The employees could be given the clarification on these issues.

                        Com. Vyas said that the proposed insurance scheme would not take care of the risk factor both of industrial workers and health workers, who are covered by the risk allowance and the patient care allowance. These allowances ought to have been doubled, whereas the risk allowance has been totally stopped without introducing the insurance scheme and PCA has been continued but at old rates. No assurance was forthcoming from the official side either on the continuation of the risk allowance or doubling the PCA, as the 6thCPC has suggested for the withdrawal of these allowances.

The following issues were discussed, thereafter.
(I) Pension related issues. Agenda Item No. 8. Item closecd as having been settled in the last meeting.
(II) Item No. 9. Anomaly in pension for Govt. employees retired/died between 1.1.2006 and 1.9.2008. Having been permitted to opt which is beneficial i.e. last pay drawn or 10 months' average and full pension after 20 years, the matter stands settled.
(III) Item No. 10 dropped as per the minutes of the last meeting.

(IV) Item No. 15. The official side stated that this was not acceptable even though they had examined it on the basis of the detailed submission by the Staff Side.

(V) Item No. 16. (*) and 21
               The official side stated that it would not be possible for them to concede the demand of the staff side as orders have been issued strictly in accordance with the recommendation of the 6th CPC, which the staff side contested. They also did not agree to extend the benefit of last pay drawn and full pension after 20 years qualifying service in respect of pre 2006 retirees.

(VI) Item No. 17.(*). The official side did not agree for the reasons they had stated against item No. 16

(VII) Item No. 18. (*) This anomaly has been removed by allowing the last pay drawn as the basis of pension computation for those retired on and after 1.1.2006.

(VIII) Item No. 19 (*)The anomaly has been removed in the case of all those retired between 1.1.2006 and 1.9.2008 but did not agree to remove the anomaly in the case of persons retired prior to 1.1.2006

(IX) Item No. 22.(*) The issue stands settled by O.M. NO. 38/37/08-P& P W (A) Pt. I dated 3rd October, 2008. clarification at Para 5.1.

(X) Item No. 23.(*) The matter is under examination. The Staff Side will submit a specific case for illustration of the issue. Relevant orders in similar matter after the 5th CPC recommendations were implemented will also be examined,

(XI) Item No. 24(*) and 25 &26.( same issues) Not agreed. But clarificatory orders issued stating that no retrospective deduction should be made in respect of additional commuted value of pension. The reduction in pension must start from the date of payment of additional commuted value of pension.

(XII) Item No.36. After some detailed discussion, it was decided that the Office side would examine this issue further. However, they have pointed out that the amount of Rs. 3500 fixed by them would automatically undergo change as when Dearness relief is grnted the partents/dependents. The Staff Side pointed out that every dependent or parent need not necessarily be a pensioner or a worker in the Govt. establishment or other institutions which pays periodical DA.

(XIII) Item No. 40(*) not agreed.

(XIV) Item No. 45(*) The issue is under Examination.

(XV) Item No. 48. Restoration of commutation after 15 years. After some discussions, it was agreed that the calculation made by the Staff Side would be examined and decision taken thereafter.

(XVI) Item Nos. 54 to 59 have been transferred to the Committee, which has been set up by the Government of Puducherry and therefore stand deleted from the list of National Anomaly Committee. The committee so set up ( as per the order given to the Staff side at the meeting) has only official side members. The representatives of the Association have only been permitted to present their case before the said committee. We are of the opinion that it should be a joint committee consisting of official side and staff side on the pattern on National Anomaly Committee.

(XVII) Discussion on Action taken on items already subjected to discussion in the last meeting of the National Anomaly Committee.

(i) Item No. 1 to 4 and 5(iii) The Department of Expenditure after having looked into this matter as per the suggestion of the Chairman, in the last meeting, have stated that it was not possible to agree to the staff side demand.

(ii) Item No. 5(i) Option. This is stated to be still under examination for delegation of power to the administering Ministry to allow the second option.

(iii) Item No. 5(iv) The Staff Side pointed out the statement made by the JS(Per) which is incorporated in the minutes (as under)

"in case where a promotee and post 1.1.2006 direct recruits are borne on the same seniority list and the senior is drawing less basic pay,than the junior, the pay of the senior can be stepped up." The Staff Side pointed out that orders have been issued only in respect of Railways in this regard. The Staff Side therefore, requested for issuance of an order by the Department of Expenditure to cover the employees of other Ministries/Department. The Official Side however, insisted that such orders should only be issued by the concerned departments after obtaining necessary consent from the Department of Expenditure. It was pointed out by the Staff Side that the nodal department for issuance of such orders being the Department of Expenditure, the stand taken by the official side in the matter was not in order. After some discussion it was agreed that the Department of Expenditure will examine this issue further and if orders are to be issued by them, they would do so before the next meeting or else would report their stand in the matter to the next meeting.

The issue per se i.e. A person who is promoted cannot be fixed on pay less than the minimum of the pay scale was raised by the Staff Side further. Normally a directly recruited person to a post is given the minimum of the pay scale or pay band to which he is appointed. The 6thCPC has recommended the minimum to which every directly recruited person was to be fixed. That being so, a promotee under the extant fundamental rules cannot be fixed less than such prescribed minimum. The Official side argued that the CCS(RSP) 2008 has modified the above provisions of FR for all time to come. The Staff side stated that no rule can be amended unilaterally which would adversely affect the service conditions. It cannot therefore, be unilaterally implemented. It will be further discussed in the next meeting.

(iv) Item No. 5(v) Rule 9 Date of next increment. The preponement of increment in the case of those employees whose increment dates falls between 1.2.2006 to 1.6.2006 to 1.1.2006 in the pre- revised scale of pay as has been done in the case of persons whose increment date was on 1st January, 2006 would be considered further and decision taken before next meeting as a one time measure.

(v) The Department of personnel has asked all administering Ministries to take up with them the matter of fixation of Grade pay at Rs. 1800 in the case of Temporary Status employees. They have also informed that wherever such reference has been received the same has been disposed of.. The organizations are, therefore, requested to take up the issue with the Heads of departments and ensure that a reference is made to the Department of Personnel so that the temporary status employees are imparted training and granted Rs. 1800 Grade pay with effect from 1.1.2006

(vi) Item No. 47(*) This issue was discussed at length. The problem of postponement of increment by one year in respect of persons availing extra ordinary leave on private affairs even for a day between 1st January and 30th June was highlighted by the Staff Side. The Official side explained that the clarification issued by them to the Ministry of Defence was on the basis of the extant instructions in the matter .After some discussion, the staff side proposed that if an employees has completed six months service during a particular year, he should be entitled to get his increment on Ist July. The Official side has agreed to consider this proposal and after such consideration they will issue appropriate orders before next meeting.

The next meeting of the Anomaly Committee would be in the month of June, 2010.

With greetings,


Secretary General NFPE

Friday, March 19, 2010

Circular 39

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
Central Headquarters

(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DDA Flat, New Delhi – 110018
e-mail: aipaea_pao@yahoo.co.in

AIPAEA/CHQ/Cir-39/ CIRCULAR – 39 Dt.13-03-2010

Dear Comrades,
Ensure AIPAEA, to be the sole representative in PA Wing
Hope you are completely involved in the process of membership Re-verification which has befallen on us due to the wanton attitude of the Bharatia Federation; to have undue benefits without any eligibility! This fact must be brought to the knowledge of staff members who may get annoyed over repetition of this process every year. Reports of improved membership despite heavy retirements in Units are good sign of our Circle leadership rapport with grass-root membership. Similarly, lethargy on our part in some Units has been noticed and corrective measures are being taken. Our fight for Restoration of 3 years periodicity from JA cadre to SA cadre, Merger of Accounts cadres of DOT & DOP and consequential benefits to our JAO exam qualified officials, enhanced promotion under SCF category (DOT & DOP taken together), our attempts to enhance the present 10% to 20% under SCF quota, Onetime relaxation to Sr. Accountants to be promoted as AAOs to fill up those unmanned posts, allowing AAOs under SCF category to become Accounts Officer after passing a Confirmatory exam, to merge the left out cadres of PAO with Telecom Accounts cadres under the cadre control authority of Member (Finance) may be explained in detail to staff members.

Further, our relentless struggle to fill up all the vacancies in all the PAO Units, implementation of Cadre re-structuring of the cadres of LDC/DEO/Sorter in to Accounts Assistant with the Grade Pay of Rs.2400/-, JA in the G.Pay of Rs.4200/-, SA in the G.Pay of Rs.4600/- and also the imminent Mass Casual Leave program on 8th April’2010, organized under the banner of Apex JAC on these issues may be brought to the attention of entire staff members. This will have its telling effects on staff members and may be drafted to our Association. It is also our duty to expose the futility in remaining in Paper Organizations and playing in to the hands of Administration.

Mass Casual Leave on 8th April’2010 – make successful the Apex JAC Program.

As you are informed earlier, Apex JAC, after detailed deliberations, decided to observe One day Mass Casual Leave on 8th April’2010 on those JAC demands along with PAO specific demands (with minor modifications) as we mobilized our members on 21-01-2010 as Demands Day. The campaign materials for those JAC demands along with CL Format are enclosed herewith. Our PAO specific demands are self-explanatory for our members. All demands are again enclosed herewith for information and effective campaign. Apex JAC has printed Posters to be pasted/placed near your work-place to attract the attention of staff members.

Our campaign for 8th Mass Casual Leave program is complementary to our efforts to enroll more members and these twin duties may be utilized to the optimum as they happen to fall during the same period. To make this program successful, the entire Executive Committee and Activists must organize repeated meetings and inter-action with each other on these issues so that their doubts cleared first and then the membership. Campaign materials in r/o JAC demands as well as PAO specific must be read in the Committee meeting, and preferably a brief on each item may be prepared in local language and placarded in the Notice Board. Brief in local language on two/three items per day in the Notice Board is ideal instead of crowding all of them in a single day. In short, attractive presentation and creating anxiety to read our agenda items, apart from Group meetings are essential for our successful campaign. Our campaign has to start on 15th March itself and continue vigorously throughout this month. Campaign may be given a start by holding a General Body meeting and explaining the background for this program. Along with campaign, our representatives must collect Mass Casual Leave application signed by our members in the CL format appended herewith. Thus, all Units must complete these vital requirements of relentless campaign as well as collecting Mass CL Application signed by our members before 31st March’2010. Each Unit shall collect the CL applications, consolidate them and inform the CHQ over phone, the total number of CL applications collected and their total number of AIPAEA membership; to be passed on to JAC Headquarters. AWAKE, ORGANIZE and ENSURE SUCCESS of Mass CL program on 8th April’2010.

ACP Case – another positive factor

As it came to our knowledge that Hon’ble Supreme Court has given judgment in another case to the effect that up gradations given within a cadre is not Promotion, (similar to our Jr. Accountants within the cadre given the up gradation as Sr. Accountants without creation of any additional posts), we decided to take advantage of the same. On 8th March, while attending the case, we pleaded for permission to file another case and we got it. During 15/16th of this month we will file another case emphasizing the fact that the Placement/movement from JA cadre to SA cadre is not a Promotion within the meaning of the relevant judgment and hence II ACP to Promotes from LDC cadre shall be in the, then JAO cadre/scale; thereafter, consequential III up gradation under MACP in the Grade Pay of Rs.5400/-. However, we have to wait for some time to have the results we expect!

MACP – lack of uniformity in its implementation – needs review

As I have repeatedly made it clear that MACP Scheme as envisaged is going to tear apart the peace of mind of officials and Office-bearers of Association(s) for its inherent contradictions and discriminations, gets further confounded by our officialdom with its cynical interpretation? There are some Units who take reasonable stand and have implemented the Scheme without any hassle whereas certain Circles have raised innumerable queries with sinister intention to delay and if possible, to deny the benefits. CHQ has already called for details available in each Unit, the problems or the hurdles created or the positive interpretation made thereon; to appraise the DDG (PAF) accordingly; to pressurize to issue clarifications at the earliest.

G/S Visit to Units

On 8th evening I left for Jammu and on 9th morning Com. Kuldeep Singh Rana, our Finance Secretary, CHQ joined me there at Jammu. Both of us, along with Comrades from Jammu, visited another portion of PAO office housed in the Residential quarters at Roop Nagar. Most of the officials unilaterally transferred from Kapurthala/Jallandhar PAO are placed in this isolated area, without any basic facilities. We had inter-action with the staff members and held meeting. We met the CPMG and apprised him of the necessity to repatriate them to Kpt/Jlr PAO at the earliest. He agreed to give his approval for fresh recruitment in DAP office in relaxation to normal rules if warranted, provided DAP sent proposal to that effect. Also, he agreed to relieve them early, if there is other possibility of getting some officials attached to Jammu PAO and training imparted in r/o PAO works. All these developments were reported to the DAP Jammu and readily agreed to send a note as needed. Then we had a meeting at Jammu office premise.

Next day, we visited Kapurthala office at Punjab and had a lengthy meeting explaining all recent developments taking place in PAO. Then, we visited the other half of PAO housed in Jallandhar and had inter-action with members.

On 11th March, I reached Ambala at Haryana and held our General house meeting. In all the three Units, I stressed the need for strengthening AIPAEA on one hand and on the other persuaded them to make the Mass Casual Leave program on 8th April’2010 a resounding success. I will undertake similar visit to other Units, after a break – after my visit to hometown.

Training initiated to AAOs – by DOT

On 6th March, our hon’ble MOC & IT initiated the program of imparting Training to AAOs at Chennai Training Centre. Felicitation to the hon’ble Minister, Member (Finance), Advisor and General Manager, Training (Shri S.K. Mishra) were held and on behalf of AIPAEA, CHQ Com. S.Santhosh Kumar Dy. General Secretary and other Chennai comrades participated. On 15th March, Member (Finance) and G.M. Training are to initiate the process at Trivandrum Telecom Training Centre. Our comrades at Trivandrum have been requested to participate in the event and offer tumultuous welcome to the Guests.

Circle Conference

There are a few Units to complete their Circle conference. All such Units are requested to complete this process at the earliest under intimation to CHQ.

Raipur – AIPAEA branch elected

Com. R. S. Baghel, our Working President, CHQ visited Raipur on 9th March’2010 as a part of Re-verification tour and held meeting at Raipur PAO. All the staff members of PAO Raipur took their membership in AIPAEA and the General house elected new Executive Committee body of AIPAEA, Raipur PAO.

NFPE Federal Council – at New Delhi

Last Federal Council Meeting of NFPE was held in the month of October’2007 at Kolkata. As our beloved Secretary General, NFPE Com. K. Ragavendran is due for his superannuation in the month of June’2010, it has been decided in the last Federal Secretariat meeting to hold the next Federal Council meeting prior to his retirement itself. Accordingly, the said Federal Council meeting of NFPE shall be held at New Delhi on 20th to 22nd June’2010.

Remittance to CHQ

All Units are requested to send their remittance to CHQ without any further delay. Liabilities are in the increase and hence Units are requested to rise to the occasion by clearing the dues.

With revolutionary greetings,

Fraternally yours


General Secretary


Friday 19 March 2010





Monday, March 15, 2010


Monday 15 March 2010

Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare issued clarificatory orders on Revision of Pension to Pre-2006 Pensioners

Demands were raised for extending the benefit of higher pay granted by the 6th CPC from 1.1.2006 to the Pre-2006 Pensioners also for fixing the quantum of pension under 4.2 of the OM dated 1.9.2008 [as clarified from time to time] - But the demand is rejected by the Government now.

The current clarificatory Orders says that the fixation of pension will be subject to the provision that the revised pension, in no case, shall be lower than fifty percent of the minimum of the pay in the pay band plus the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired. This clearly means that wherever there had been grant of higher pay scale by the 6th CPC to a particular cadre in which the pensioner had retired before 1.1.2006, then the pensioner would not be awarded.

The full text of orders are downloadable from the following Link:

Friday, March 12, 2010

AIPAEA Raipur Branch is functioning

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Tuesday 9 March 2010


DOPT issued letters to all JCM National Anomaly Commitee Members convening the Meeting on 27.03.2010.
The Text of the letter is reproduced below:

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
(JCA Section)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 4th March, 2010

Subject: Second Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee.

The undersigned is directed to say that the Second Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee to discuss the anomalies arising out of the implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission is scheduled to be held under the charimanship of Secretary (P) at 10.30 A.M. on Saturday, the 27th March, 2010 in Room No. 119, Norht Block, New Delhi.

It is requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.

(Dinesh Kapila)

Deputy Secretary (JCA)

Friday, March 5, 2010



A-2/95,Manishinath Bhawan,Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027
Website:www.confederationhq.blogspot.com. Email:Confederation06@Yahoo.co.in
Tel: 011-2510 5324: Mobile: 98110 48303
Conf/07/2010                                                                                                                Dated: 4.01.2010

Dear Comrades,
As intimated to you earlier (through sms) the meeting with the Health Secretary was to be held on 3rd March, 2010. Since the Health Secretary was engaged otherwise, the meeting was chaired by the Joint Secretary in charge of the affairs of the CGHS. The following staff side members attended the meeting.
1. Com. U.M. Purohit: Secretary Staff Side,
2. Com. S.K. Vyas Member, Staff Side.
3. Com. Shivgopal Misra. Member, Staff Side.
4. Com. K.K.N. Kutty Member, Staff Side,
5. Com. Guman Singh Member, Staff Side.
6. Com. M.S. Raja Member, Staff side.

At the outset the Staff Side pointed out the inordinate delay in holding the meeting. The last meeting was held on 4.08.2008. The Action taken statement( which was incomplete) on the minutes of the said meeting was only circulated at the meeting on 3rd March, 2010. The official side agreed to circulate a comprehensive action taken statement within a few days. It was also assured that the next meeting would be held within the next three months. The Official side also circulated a copy of the document containing the salient features of Central Government Employees and pensioners Health Insurance Scheme.

It was decided that Action taken statement would be discussed on the basis of the minutes of the last meeting. Accordingly the following points were discussed.

1. Computerization of the functions of CGHS dispensaries and related problems.. The official side stated that the functions of all dispensaries in Delhi have been computerized. The problems faced by the beneficiaries have been sorted out. In other cities, the work has been undertaken and is at various stages. There would be some problem in the initial stages. This would be resolved as has been done in the case of Delhi Dispensaries.

2. Plastic Cards. In the case of 60% beneficiaries the cards have been issued in Delhi. The other 40% constitute the non receipt of application or mismatch with the names and photos. The official side agreed to place in the notice board of each dispensaries, the names of those whose cards are prepared but not collected. It was also informed by the official side, that after a certain period, the CGHS would lock the operation of the cards and the beneficiaries would have to approach the CGHS authorities for getting the cards and activate the same. The Plastic cards would enable the beneficiaries to go to any dispensary and get the OPD treatment.

3. Claims adalat. The system of holding claims adalat has been commenced in Delhi. This would be extended to other CGHS cities after the trial run in Delhi. The Staff Side pointed out the inordinate delay in processing the claim in the Health Ministry where their approval is required under the rules. They also brought to the notice of the official side of the sad death of a beneficiary who did not get the advance sanctioned for getting admitted in the Hospital. They gave copies of the various representations received from different cities where the decision from the Health Ministry was pending for quite some time. The official side stated that in all such matters, the discretion of the Health Ministry has been taken out and a technical committee has been constituted to consider those claims and give a final decision within a month's time.

4. Meeting of the Local Advisory Committee in each dispensary. This is being held in each month. The Staff Side suggested that a meeting with the concerned Additional Director CGHS once in six months should be arranged so that the problems not settled in the local dispensary meeting could be addressed.

5. Recognition of Hospitals. The official side stated that the proposal to prescribe the floor minimum for in patient treatment for various diseases on the basis of the cost factor has not been found favour with the Govt. It has been decided that the rates and recognition of hospitals would be decided on the basis of the receipt of tenders. The tender for 2009 has already been floated. There would be two different types of recognized hospitals. Viz. Super-specialty hospitals and hospital for general diseases. The list of recognized hospitals in various cities and the rate structure would be furnished to each member of the Staff Side National Council.

6. The suggestion of the Staff Side to engage Specialist Doctors on contract basis till such time regular appointments are made have been accepted and acted upon. The orders are stated to be under issue of posting the specialist doctors. Their placement list would be supplied to the Staff Side.

7. The official side stated that wherever the dispensaries are computerized, instructions have been issued to the Doctors in charge to telephonically get in touch with the beneficiaries above the age of 80 years once in a month.

8. Opening Ayush Dispensaries. The official side stated that the department is exploring the possibilities.

9. Local purchase of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines. List of approved firms have been circulated to all CGHS dispensaries.

10. Credit facilities to Pensioners in private recognized hospitals. In the case of Hyderabad, the problem has arisen due to the court order in favour of the recognized hospitals. The Court is expected to give a final decision before summer vacation as directed by the Supreme Court. So this problem would be resolved soon.

11. Extension of CGHS facilities to P & T pensioners. It was informed by the Official Side that the Committee of Secretaries have agreed to take P & T Dispensaries in CGHS Cities only. The benefit of CGHS would be extended to those employees working in the CGHS cities. Unlike in the case of other CG employees, the P & T pensioners would be getting the CGHS benefit only if they retire from the CGHS citifies, since the matter is sub-judice.

12. Revision of fixed medical allowance. The proposal to revise the fixed medical allowance to Rs. 500 plus DA thereon is pending before the Department of Expenditure

13. Revision of dependency criterion at Rs.1500 p.m. to be effective from 1.1.1996. The matter has been referred to the Committee of Secretaries and the same is pending before them. The Official side agreed to expedite the matter.

14. The official side agreed to put on their website the copy of the order as and when the patient care allowance is decided to be extended beyond 31.3.2010.

15. The official side wanted some more time to finalize the demand to extend the CGHS facilities to the Divisional Accountants.

16. Dispensary in Wadi area Nagpur. It was decided that the Deputy Secretary would be deputed to visit the area and staff side has agreed to provide the contact number of the local representatives to assist him.

17. Inclusion of residents of Suburban area of Mumbai City. The official side stated that the dispensaries of Matunga would be merged with Mahim dispensary and Goregaon dispensary has been closed and Charkop has been merged with Kandivli. The staff side demanded that the doctors and staff that had become available due to the merger and closure dispensaries must be utilized for opening dispensary to cater to the requirements of beneficiaries residing in Thane and other suburban area. This was agreed to.

18. Health screening of CGHS beneficiaries. Staff Side pointed out that the orders issued in 2007 has not yet been implemented in respect of beneficiaries belonging to Group B C & D employees. The official side informed that as an experimental measure routine health check up of CGHS beneficiaries about 40 years of age has been started in south zone of CGHS Delhi with effect from 24.2.2010.

19. Placing chronic renal failure in the disability list. Not agreed to.

20. The exorbitant increase in the rate of subscription of CGHS amounting to almost 300% was raised by the Staff Side. The official side pointed out that on all previous occasions, the rate had been increased by 300%. And any discussion in the matter should be held in the National Council.

To our SMS some State Committees and others have responded. Whatever communications we have received in this regard have been gone through. The issues raised are being compiled. It has been decided to send these issues for the consideration of the Committee in the next meeting. Similarly the Staff Side has also handed over a list of items taken up by the Confederation through correspondence. These items would be discussed in the next meeting.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General