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Circular 39

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
Central Headquarters

(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DDA Flat, New Delhi – 110018
e-mail: aipaea_pao@yahoo.co.in

AIPAEA/CHQ/Cir-39/ CIRCULAR – 39 Dt.13-03-2010

Dear Comrades,
Ensure AIPAEA, to be the sole representative in PA Wing
Hope you are completely involved in the process of membership Re-verification which has befallen on us due to the wanton attitude of the Bharatia Federation; to have undue benefits without any eligibility! This fact must be brought to the knowledge of staff members who may get annoyed over repetition of this process every year. Reports of improved membership despite heavy retirements in Units are good sign of our Circle leadership rapport with grass-root membership. Similarly, lethargy on our part in some Units has been noticed and corrective measures are being taken. Our fight for Restoration of 3 years periodicity from JA cadre to SA cadre, Merger of Accounts cadres of DOT & DOP and consequential benefits to our JAO exam qualified officials, enhanced promotion under SCF category (DOT & DOP taken together), our attempts to enhance the present 10% to 20% under SCF quota, Onetime relaxation to Sr. Accountants to be promoted as AAOs to fill up those unmanned posts, allowing AAOs under SCF category to become Accounts Officer after passing a Confirmatory exam, to merge the left out cadres of PAO with Telecom Accounts cadres under the cadre control authority of Member (Finance) may be explained in detail to staff members.

Further, our relentless struggle to fill up all the vacancies in all the PAO Units, implementation of Cadre re-structuring of the cadres of LDC/DEO/Sorter in to Accounts Assistant with the Grade Pay of Rs.2400/-, JA in the G.Pay of Rs.4200/-, SA in the G.Pay of Rs.4600/- and also the imminent Mass Casual Leave program on 8th April’2010, organized under the banner of Apex JAC on these issues may be brought to the attention of entire staff members. This will have its telling effects on staff members and may be drafted to our Association. It is also our duty to expose the futility in remaining in Paper Organizations and playing in to the hands of Administration.

Mass Casual Leave on 8th April’2010 – make successful the Apex JAC Program.

As you are informed earlier, Apex JAC, after detailed deliberations, decided to observe One day Mass Casual Leave on 8th April’2010 on those JAC demands along with PAO specific demands (with minor modifications) as we mobilized our members on 21-01-2010 as Demands Day. The campaign materials for those JAC demands along with CL Format are enclosed herewith. Our PAO specific demands are self-explanatory for our members. All demands are again enclosed herewith for information and effective campaign. Apex JAC has printed Posters to be pasted/placed near your work-place to attract the attention of staff members.

Our campaign for 8th Mass Casual Leave program is complementary to our efforts to enroll more members and these twin duties may be utilized to the optimum as they happen to fall during the same period. To make this program successful, the entire Executive Committee and Activists must organize repeated meetings and inter-action with each other on these issues so that their doubts cleared first and then the membership. Campaign materials in r/o JAC demands as well as PAO specific must be read in the Committee meeting, and preferably a brief on each item may be prepared in local language and placarded in the Notice Board. Brief in local language on two/three items per day in the Notice Board is ideal instead of crowding all of them in a single day. In short, attractive presentation and creating anxiety to read our agenda items, apart from Group meetings are essential for our successful campaign. Our campaign has to start on 15th March itself and continue vigorously throughout this month. Campaign may be given a start by holding a General Body meeting and explaining the background for this program. Along with campaign, our representatives must collect Mass Casual Leave application signed by our members in the CL format appended herewith. Thus, all Units must complete these vital requirements of relentless campaign as well as collecting Mass CL Application signed by our members before 31st March’2010. Each Unit shall collect the CL applications, consolidate them and inform the CHQ over phone, the total number of CL applications collected and their total number of AIPAEA membership; to be passed on to JAC Headquarters. AWAKE, ORGANIZE and ENSURE SUCCESS of Mass CL program on 8th April’2010.

ACP Case – another positive factor

As it came to our knowledge that Hon’ble Supreme Court has given judgment in another case to the effect that up gradations given within a cadre is not Promotion, (similar to our Jr. Accountants within the cadre given the up gradation as Sr. Accountants without creation of any additional posts), we decided to take advantage of the same. On 8th March, while attending the case, we pleaded for permission to file another case and we got it. During 15/16th of this month we will file another case emphasizing the fact that the Placement/movement from JA cadre to SA cadre is not a Promotion within the meaning of the relevant judgment and hence II ACP to Promotes from LDC cadre shall be in the, then JAO cadre/scale; thereafter, consequential III up gradation under MACP in the Grade Pay of Rs.5400/-. However, we have to wait for some time to have the results we expect!

MACP – lack of uniformity in its implementation – needs review

As I have repeatedly made it clear that MACP Scheme as envisaged is going to tear apart the peace of mind of officials and Office-bearers of Association(s) for its inherent contradictions and discriminations, gets further confounded by our officialdom with its cynical interpretation? There are some Units who take reasonable stand and have implemented the Scheme without any hassle whereas certain Circles have raised innumerable queries with sinister intention to delay and if possible, to deny the benefits. CHQ has already called for details available in each Unit, the problems or the hurdles created or the positive interpretation made thereon; to appraise the DDG (PAF) accordingly; to pressurize to issue clarifications at the earliest.

G/S Visit to Units

On 8th evening I left for Jammu and on 9th morning Com. Kuldeep Singh Rana, our Finance Secretary, CHQ joined me there at Jammu. Both of us, along with Comrades from Jammu, visited another portion of PAO office housed in the Residential quarters at Roop Nagar. Most of the officials unilaterally transferred from Kapurthala/Jallandhar PAO are placed in this isolated area, without any basic facilities. We had inter-action with the staff members and held meeting. We met the CPMG and apprised him of the necessity to repatriate them to Kpt/Jlr PAO at the earliest. He agreed to give his approval for fresh recruitment in DAP office in relaxation to normal rules if warranted, provided DAP sent proposal to that effect. Also, he agreed to relieve them early, if there is other possibility of getting some officials attached to Jammu PAO and training imparted in r/o PAO works. All these developments were reported to the DAP Jammu and readily agreed to send a note as needed. Then we had a meeting at Jammu office premise.

Next day, we visited Kapurthala office at Punjab and had a lengthy meeting explaining all recent developments taking place in PAO. Then, we visited the other half of PAO housed in Jallandhar and had inter-action with members.

On 11th March, I reached Ambala at Haryana and held our General house meeting. In all the three Units, I stressed the need for strengthening AIPAEA on one hand and on the other persuaded them to make the Mass Casual Leave program on 8th April’2010 a resounding success. I will undertake similar visit to other Units, after a break – after my visit to hometown.

Training initiated to AAOs – by DOT

On 6th March, our hon’ble MOC & IT initiated the program of imparting Training to AAOs at Chennai Training Centre. Felicitation to the hon’ble Minister, Member (Finance), Advisor and General Manager, Training (Shri S.K. Mishra) were held and on behalf of AIPAEA, CHQ Com. S.Santhosh Kumar Dy. General Secretary and other Chennai comrades participated. On 15th March, Member (Finance) and G.M. Training are to initiate the process at Trivandrum Telecom Training Centre. Our comrades at Trivandrum have been requested to participate in the event and offer tumultuous welcome to the Guests.

Circle Conference

There are a few Units to complete their Circle conference. All such Units are requested to complete this process at the earliest under intimation to CHQ.

Raipur – AIPAEA branch elected

Com. R. S. Baghel, our Working President, CHQ visited Raipur on 9th March’2010 as a part of Re-verification tour and held meeting at Raipur PAO. All the staff members of PAO Raipur took their membership in AIPAEA and the General house elected new Executive Committee body of AIPAEA, Raipur PAO.

NFPE Federal Council – at New Delhi

Last Federal Council Meeting of NFPE was held in the month of October’2007 at Kolkata. As our beloved Secretary General, NFPE Com. K. Ragavendran is due for his superannuation in the month of June’2010, it has been decided in the last Federal Secretariat meeting to hold the next Federal Council meeting prior to his retirement itself. Accordingly, the said Federal Council meeting of NFPE shall be held at New Delhi on 20th to 22nd June’2010.

Remittance to CHQ

All Units are requested to send their remittance to CHQ without any further delay. Liabilities are in the increase and hence Units are requested to rise to the occasion by clearing the dues.

With revolutionary greetings,

Fraternally yours


General Secretary

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