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No. AIPAEA/CHQ/Circular/16/2019                                             Dated 28.11.2019

The Central Working Committee meeting of AIPAEA was held at Patna from 17.11.2019 to 19.11.2019. Reception committee had organized the CWC meeting in a very grand manner, within a short notice. A Galaxy of leaders attended the CWC meeting Com. Giriraj Singh, President, NFPE & GS of R-3, Com. C. Singh, G S, NFTE, Com. C. D. Singh, President COC Bihar, Com. Amresh Thakur, Ex. GS, AIPAEA, Com. T. Satyanarayana, Ex. GS, AIPAEA, Com. S. R. Mahato, Ex. Circle Secretary & CHQ office bearer, Com. U. K. Tiwari, Convener, COC NFPE, Bihar and all Circle Secretaries of NFPE, Bihar Circle attended the CWC. 17 units attended the CWC meeting.

          The meeting was started by flag hoisting.  Com. Amersh Thakur, Ex. GS, AIPAEA, hoisted National Flag, NFPE Flag was hoisted by Com. U. K. Tiwari, Convener, COC NFPE, Bihar, and Com. S. Santosh Kumar, President, AIPAEA hoisted the AIPAEA Flag. Offering of floral tributes to Martyrs followed the flag hoisting. Reception Committee felicitated all the leaders/guests by presenting mementos and garlands. Com. Umesh Prasad Singh delivered the welcome address.

Com. C. Singh, G S, NFTE inaugurated the inaugural cum open session of the CWC meeting. In his address Com. C. Singh elaborately explained the anti labour policies being adopted by this Government and about the mounting attacks on the working class. He explained the state of affairs going on in BSNL and MTNL. He appeals to the house to make the one day Strike on 08.01.2020 a grand success. He greeted the CWC a grand success and formally inaugurated the inaugural cum open session.
Com. C D Singh, President, COC, Bihar, in his speech also stressed for greater unity amongst the working class and appeal to make one day Strike a grand success. Com. U. K. Tiwari, Convener, COC NFPE, Bihar greeted the CWC a grand success and spoke in length on the adverse policies of the Government and the mounting attacks on the working class. He assured for all cooperation to the Bihar unit of AIPAEA from the NFPE co-ordination committee and appeal to get prepared for the one day National Strike. Com. S R Mahato, Ex. Circle Secretary of AIPAEA, all the Circle Secretaries of affiliates of NFPE also spoke in the inaugural cum open session.
Com. Amresh Thakur, Ex. GS, AIPAEA while delivering his speech recollected that this is the first CWC held in Patna, though AIC has been hoisted twice in Patna. He narrated how in adverse conditions and paucity of funds the Association was functioned in the initial years of its formation. In those days, almost all the work of correspondence was hand written or photocopies were used. Association has always worked for protecting the rights of its member. He also criticized the anti-Labour and anti-employees taken the Government and an introduction of the Labour code bill. He also appealed to the house to gear up for the one day token Strike of 8th January 2020 and make it a grand success.
Com. T. Satyanarayana, Ex. GS, AIPAEA, spoke in the post lunch session and elaborately explained the sacrifices made by our senior leaders like Com. Jatrana, Com. Dhaktod, Com. Amresh Thakur, Com. Rajnayagam and of course the guidance of Com. Vyasji, because of which we are in a better position. He said that there is no shortcut method to achieve our goals and continuous struggle followed by negotiations with the authorities, yields results. He suggested to short list the issues and prepared the charter of demands and go for agitational programme. He also appeal to the house that it’s not only financial demands to be pursued, but now its question of our survival and we should demand for more and more work for PAOs and prove our mettle to protect our staff strength and the PAOs.
In the post lunch delegate session, one minute silence was observed to pay homage to martyrs. Minutes of the last CWC meeting were placed by Com. Narshimhamurthy and confirmed by the house. After composition of the house General Secretary placed his report in the house for discussion and consideration of the house.

In the unit reporting all the Circle Secretaries/ Delegates reflected the issues faced in their unit, their membership, remittance of quota, participation in agitational programmes. Almost the problems faced by the units were common in nature, all the units were facing acute shortage of staff in all cadres, inadequate provision of infra-structure, lack of provision of proper training, threat of decentralization of PAO after implementation of CSI, arbitrary rejection of Associations demands in the final RR of AAO, investigation in the irregularities made in recently held AAO examination, Cadre restructure of PAO, issue of NPS, holding of confirmatory exam for JA twice in a year, building issues of PAO, Ahmadabad, Jalandhar and Trivandrum, recovery of stepped up pay in OA No. 2124/2011 in PAO, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhopal and Chennai, misuse of FR 56(J), Court cases filed by AIPAEA, Problems arising out of implementation of CSI, formation of New PAOs at Dehradun and Vijayawada and non forwarding of applications of deputation or under Rule 38 transfer cases almost by every Circle.

Delegates from Ambala, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur, Ranchi, Patna, Raipur, Cuttack, Sunder Nagar, Shillong and Trivandrum placed their views in the discussion.
In the evening, there was two hours cultural musical programme. 

On second day, delegate session continued till the lunch hours. The house honored B. Mukherjee wife of Late Com. Deepak Kumar Mukherjee, shawl and bookey was presented to her by Com. Santosh Kumar, President, AIPAEA. House also honored President of Bihar Unit Com. Umesh Prasad Singh and Com. Hira Lal Bhakta, Accounts Officer and former President of Bihar unit, who are going to retire in the month of January 2020.     
While summing up the discussion, General Secretary gave replies to the queries of the units and placed before the house, the latest updates on various issues faced by the units. He categorically said that the decentralization of PAO in any form is not acceptable to AIPAEA, he also said that AIPAEA has made its stand clear before Sr. DDG (PAF) and other officers that modifications suggested by Association should be incorporated in the RR of AAO cadre by amending process. He also told that on CSI, AIPAEA has already communicated its stand to the Directorate and would give feedback on the issues/problems faced by officials of PAOs in implementation of CSI. He also assured house that all the issues faced by the units would be taken up with the authorities with renewed vigour. He appealed the house to be cautious on the issues and assured that Association will protect interest of its member at any cost. He also informed that the authorities of PA Wing have positively assured that in near future there will be no initiation on the decentralization issue and are agreed to modify the provision of RR of AAO after taking Member (Finance) into confidence.
The General Secretary placed before the house a three Phased agitational programme on five main sectional demands, which was approved by the house.
The Charter of Demands for which the agitational programmes will be conducted are as under:-
1.   Drop the move of Decentralization of PAO in any form, strengthen the role of PAO in CSI environment and roll out all the modules related with PAO. 
2.   Modifications in the RR of AAO Cadre, incorporating the suggestion given by Association, till then grant officiating promotion to Sr. Accountants on vacant posts of AAO Cadre.
3.   Time bound investigation by an independent agency in the irregularities of various nature in LDCE held in July 2018 of AAO.
4.   Finalization of Cadre Re-structure of PAOs.
5.   Stop reopening and recovery of Stepped up pay granted in compliance of judgement in OA No 2124/2011 by PAOs/GMs (F) of Bhopal, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

          The phased programmes of agitation would be as under:-
(1) Ist Phase: Holding of three days consecutive lunch hour demonstration, passing of resolutions and sending it to Authorities from 9.12.2019 to 11.12.2019 in PAOs.
(2) IInd Phase: Post Card Campaign from 13.01.2020 to 20.01.2020.
(3) IIIrd Phase: Day long Dharna on 13.02.2020 in PAOs.

A committee was constituted to study the pros and cons of the modules rolled out in CSI and about PFMS, to form the opinion of the Association, Com. R. B. Suresh as its convener, other members being 1. Com. Kumar Rajnish, 2. Com. P. Vijayan, 3. Com. M. Sudhakar and 4. Com. Mahboob Sharif. Com. R B Suresh, Volunteered to hold a workshop to study the impact of CSI at Chennai from 19.12.2019 to 21.12.2019 which was approved by the house. President and General Secretary would also attend the workshop.
 He appealed to the house to observe all the calls of future agitational programme given by CHQ, NFPE & Confederation. General Secretary strongly appealed to the house to make the one day Nationwide Strike of 8th January 2020 a grand success. General Secretary congratulated the reception committee for successfully holding the CWC meeting. He also thanked President Com. S. Santosh Kumar, Com. T. Satyanarayana for their help, and cooperation by all delegate and visitors in making the CWC meeting successful. The house authorized the General Secretary to decide and prepare the resolution to be passed by the CWC.

General Secretary declared the next CWC meeting will held in April/May 2020 at New Delhi.

The CWC meeting was concluded by proposing vote of thanks, by Com. Kumar Rajnish, Working president (CHQ), Com. Vindhyachal Singh, Circle Secretary, Patna, Chairmen of Reception Committee also proposed vote of thanks to all the leaders & Administration for accepting their request and attending the CWC meeting.

Comradely Yours,

(S.B. Yadav)
General Secretary

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