Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Break the Silence – Join the Movement

May Day is   observed to commemorate the sacrifices of the Chicago comrades in May’1886 demanding an 8-hour working day and against the system of exploitation. On May 4th 1886 a meeting of nearly 2500 workers took place at Hay Market, Chicago, Illinois State, USA, in support of their demand for 8-hour work day. A bomb had been thrown in to the police ranks. Who threw the bomb is still a mystery. The motive or identity of the thrower never revealed. Eight comrades were charged for murder. The trial was a pretense, witnesses lied, changed their stories, contradicted each other, evidence was fabricated or suppressed. The entire trial was a sham. Four comrades were hanged on 11.11.1897 for no fault of theirs, hanged for their views and their connection with the labour movement.

Even after 129 years, the living conditions of the working class, despite rapid developments in science and technology, remain the same or even worse in some areas of the globe. Eight hour work is no more a norm.

Society is getting lumpenised, social bonds are getting weakened in a neo-liberal corporate rule. The period of high GDP growth (2004-05) witnessed a substantial increase in poverty. Muscle power of lumpenised elements is directly linked to corporate financial elite in helping the fascist system. The democracy has been subverted by the crony capital i.e. nexus between the Corporates and Political establishment. The neo-economic policies contributed to the widening of gap between the rich and poor.

In this system surplus amounts are not used for productive purposes or to increase the living standards and welfare of the people; but squandered away for unproductive purposes like military spending and luxuries by the ruling class.  “Washington Consensus” implies continues agricultural, financial, technical as well as military dependency on the US. World Bank and the IMF involve themselves in high economic policy decisions in favour of the US class interests. For the Multi-national corporations, national boundaries are irrelevant and meaningless. They squeeze every body. Capital is in a position to shift from any where to anywhere with in minutes. Labour is shackled so much that to facilitate the capital, labour laws are being amended, rights of the workers are amputated. Governments are bent upon to crush the labour movements.

The Chicago martyre, August spies shouted from the gallows “The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today” Today the silence is exploded and the entire working class world over is challenging these anti people policies consistently ,continuously and more powerfully.

As a part of the entirety of the working class and as Conscious citizens of this country the Central Government employees are also protesting against the enslavement of the common masses to the corporates and transferring the nations wealth to a few private tycoons. We are not alone in this fight for common good and collective welfare. We have joined hands with the working class of this nation.

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers always acted as a catalyst to unite the employees and build a movement on the common issues of the employees. The legitimate demands of merger of DA, grant of IR, inclusion of GDS in the purview of 7th CPC, scraping the new pension scheme, stoping the privatisation of Railways, Postal, Defence and other Government Departments etc are the core issues on which the entirety of the Central Government employees including Railways and Defence unitedly have blown the struggle bugle. On April 28, 2015 the streets of New Delhi are going to witness a great convergence of protesting Central Government employees from every nook and corner of the country. If the Government of the day fails to take note of the protest, the State has to face an indefinite strike.

Understanding the philosophy of neo-liberal economic policies heaped on the world, throwing the concept of welfare and common good to wind is the key to understand why the legitimate demands of the Central Government employees and common masses are not a priority to the Rulers, how the basic tenets of the great Indian Constitution is disregarded. This understanding is essential to fight back and establish alternative policies which are pro worker and pro people. Let’s spread this enlightenment and organise ourselves  to protect our rights and sovereignty of our nation. This is how we pay tributes to the Chicago comrades who sacrificed their lives. Future remains a closed book so long as the consciousness of the people remains imperfect, elementary or cloudy. On this day we swear that we continue that ever necessary and never ending struggle for human dignity.

The struggle for change must and will continue.

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