Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Held at Kolkata
FROM 4th MAY to 6th MAY 2013.
I.              Resolutions moved by the Presidium:
Following Resolutions was moved by the Presidium:
  1. Resolution on Food Security – moved by Com. Duraipandyan
  2. Resolution on FDI – moved by Com. Rajagopal
  3. Resolution on Price Rise – moved by Com. Nageswara Rao
  4. Resolution on Natural Resources – moved by Com. M.S. Raja
  5. Resolution on women atrocities – moved by Com. KV Sridharan
  6. Resolution on FDI in Retail – moved by Com. K . Raghvendran
  7. Resolution on Casual Laborers – moved by Com. K.K.N.Kutty
  8. Resolution on GDS – moved by Com. K. Raghvendran
  9. Resolution on uniforms & stitching charges – moved by Com. Raghavendran
  10. Resolution functioning of JCM – moved by Com. Vrighu Battacharjee
  11. Resolution on appointing 7th Central Pay Commission- moved by Com. Jayaraj KV
  12. Resolution on merger of 50% of DA for all Govt. employees – including GDS Staff – moved by Com. Jayaraj K.V
II.            Resolution moved by the Resolution Committee:
A Resolution Committee under the convener ship of Com. Jayaraj KV was appointed. The committee invited resolutions from the delegates and affiliated organizations participated in the Conference. About 136 issues were brought to the notice of the Resolution Committee by the participants. 18 Federations/organizations were submitted their proposal.
Following were the members of Resolution Committee:
     Jayaraj .K.V                       Convener        National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees
     Giriraj Singh                       Member          National Federation of Postal Employees
     Nageswara Rao                 Member          All India Audit & Accounts Assn
     Yashwant Purohit               Member          Income Tax Employees Federation
     Chourasya R.K                  Member          All India Civil Accounts Assn
       After scrutinizing the subjects, 48 resolutions proposed to adopt in the 24th all  India 
     Conference Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers. Following 
     are the resolutions moved by Com. Jayaraj K.V. Convener, Resolution Committee:
  1. Against the anomalies in MACP/ACP
  2. To upgrade the Pay Scale of LDC & UDC with Grade Pay of Rs2400 and 2800 respectively
  3. To enhance the Rate of Overtime Allowance
  4. To enhance the Rate of Night Duty Allowance and to remove the ceiling
  5. Against the closure of the Government Offices
  6. To Rationalise all Minerals of the Country
  7. To declare 1st May – MAY DAY – as National Holiday
  8. Demanding stringent action against Scam and corruption
  9. To Scrap the New Pension Scheme
  10. To ensure Five promotion in the Service Carrier
  11. For permanent negotiating machinery with All India Federations/Associations recognized under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 apart from JCM Forum
  12. To rectify the deficiencies in the existing DA pattern
  13. For parity in the pay of Secretariat Staff and filed office staff – ministerial and auxiliary staff
  14. To rectify the discrepancies in the Transport Allowance – IT Exemption, TA for field staff who are away from office on tour, etc
  15. To improve the CGHS Facilities – entitlement of wards in Hospital under CGHS based on Pay in PB + GP, Revision of packages, Empanelment of more Hospital in CGHS, etc
  16. To remove the restriction in compassionate Ground Appointment
  17. To Amend the Bonus Act on various clauses – Ensure 8.33% of the Gross salary as Bonus, Removal of ceiling on Bonus, etc
  18. To ratify the ILO conventions No 87,98, 151 & 154 to grant of all civilian and trade union rights including the right to strike for Government Employees
  19. Against downsizing, out sourcing and contracturisation
  20. To fill up all vacancies in all Central Government Establishments and remove ban on recruitment
  21. To implement the arbitration awards
  22. For improvement in the House Building Advances – To reduce the rate of interest, One more chance to avail HBA who already taken earlier to improve the existing accommodation, allowing to avail HBA for extension, renovation of exiting own accommodations, HBA for purchasing resale flats/houses
  23. To exempt Children education Allowance from Income Tax
  24. To restore the Rate of Interest on GPF to 12%
  25. To revise various Allowances such as Winter Allowances, Hill Compensatory Allowances, Tribal Allowances, etc. and to ensure the rate on par with the concerned state Governments.
  26. To revise the Gratuity equal to last drawn one month salary and to extend the gratuity to the employees joined after 01.1.2004
  27. Restore two increments or more  on acquiring additional qualifications
  28. To enhance – double the CEGIS coverage limit
  29. To remove the anomalies in the pay of Direct Recruitees and the promotees in the all cadre
  30. To allow Air fare to the employees of North Eastern Region for the purpose of LTC, TA, Travel on medical ground on referral
  31. To enhance all Allowances such as DA, HRA, Special Allowances by 25% from the date of attaining DA 50%
  32. To extend CCL to the single parent – i.e. in case of the mother expired
  33. To sanction special leave for cancer patent for treatment
  34. To extend medical re imbursement for fertility treatment at least for first sitting
  35. To treat Kalpakkam as a satellite town of Chennai and Tarapur as a satellite town of Mumbai for the purpose of HRA
  36. To give one more option to  switch over from CPF to GPF
  37. To remove the ceiling of Patient Care Allowances                                                                                                                  
  38. To place the Temporary Status employees joined before 2004 and regularized later into Statutory pension Scheme
  39. To modify the OM issued by Dept of Expenditure to fix the Pay on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibilities carrying the same grade pay by deleting the reference previous OM by the Department issued in the year 2000, i.e. prior to the implementation of 6th CPC
  40. For extending Pension to the employees of Brahmaputra Board, Assam
  41. To extend one increment to those employees retiring in between January and June
  42. To notify the Recruitment Rule/Promotion Norms for Canteen employees
  43. To Extend the payment of arrears  to all employees working in audit and accounting organizations from 01.01.1196 to 18.02.2003 as per the Supreme Court verdict pronounced in the case of Sebastian & Others Vs. Govt. of India
  44. To Extend the benefit given to Venkat Raman while implementing ACP by the Railway Board as per the Supreme Court to all other similar placed employees
  45. To stepping up the Pay Scale of Seniors on par with the juniors who are elevated on account of ACPs
  46. To abolish the license fee for the Departmental Quarters allotted to the employees since the HRA is recovering fully.
  47. To allow PF withdrawal for second or third time for similar purposes such as purchase of house Plot, Flat, construction of House, etc
  48. To vacate All Trade Union Victimisation    
  49. Resolutions at item no. 1, 43, 44 and 45 are proposed by AIPAEA.

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