Sunday, September 20, 2020

Draft Resolution to be passed on 21.09.2020

 Com. All circle secretaries are requested to hold Protest Demonstration at lunch hours today (21.09.2020) in support of our demands. Resolution is to be passed for our demand and send it to the authorities by email / post.


The General Body of this Association at ........................... held on 21.09.2020, unanimously express its deep concern and its strong protest over the reported move of the Department of Posts to decentralize the PAOs, stripping the functions of PAO and declaring the staff surplus to make the PAO into a lean organization in the post CSI environment and neglect of other long pending issues affecting the PAOs.

            In this connection it is to bring to your kind notice that in the year 1987 it was experimented by placing the Postal Accounts personnel at H.O. level. That experiment was withdrawn later as the same was not successful. The Postal Board on many occasions has assured that the Postal Accounts will not be decentralized. With the advent of modern information technology in the Department of Posts, the need for any such physical deployment of Accounts and Audit personnel is obliterated. It is also not out of place to submit that the decision to decentralize the Postal Accounts has been taken time and again at the back of the Staff Side, the major stakeholder of the organization. The Staff Side has insisted several times to spell out the role of the Postal Accounts in the CSI environment. But, the Staff Side has never been taken into confidence. Now, suddenly it is learnt that the Department is going ahead with the proposal to decentralize the Postal Accounts by deploying officers to the Head Post Offices as reflected in the minutes issued on 17.08.2020 of the meeting of restructuring committee of PAOs held on 06.08.2020. It is alarming to note that without any domain knowledge and ground level functional necessities and requirement of staff the executive side is time and again resurrecting the failed concept of deployment of PAO personnel to the HPOs. Accounts and Audit independent functioning is the first requirement to ensure the free and fair financial advice and control. Under CSI environment also this principle should not be sacrificed, the functioning under CSI environment is based on the maker and checker concept and to post both at one place would not be healthy and won’t yield desired results. The CHQ of this Association has conducted many Work Shops to strengthen the PAO functions under CSI. It is found that if all the accounting and financial functions are assigned to the PAO and it is allowed to play its full role, there will be a requirement for more staff. 

If the argument that under CSI there is no need for checks and balances is allowed then there will be no need for PA Wing itself. This Association strongly feels that PAO is the backbone of the Department and it should be strengthened. For such functional strengthening the stakeholders should be taken into confidence and their views should be respected. As a representative of those stake holders, this association decries all attempts to weaken the PAO. Already the PAOs are reeling under the staff shortage. The Committee formed on PAO restructuring should not act in haste brushing the real issues under the carpet.   This General Body strongly objects to the unilateral actions and request the Secretary (Posts) to cause action for a dialogue with the Staff Side. This General Body requests to stop all actions to decentralize the Postal Accounts and declare the staff surplus in the name of restructure.






1.     The Secretary, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi -110001.  

2.     The Member (Finance), Digital Communication Commission, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.  

3.     The AS & FA, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001.

4.     The Sr. DDG (PAF), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001.

5.     The Chief Postmaster General, …………………………………………

6.     The GM (Finance)/ DA (P), ………………………………………

7.     The Secretary General, NFPE, North Avenue, New Delhi – 110001.

8.     The General Secretary, AIPAEA, Camp at O/o GM (F), PAO, U.P. Circle, Lucknow 226024   


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