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Resolution (NFPE)

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Ref: PF/NFPE/Resolution                                                                                     Dated – 26.06.2020

The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

Sub: - Resolution on bifurcation of DAP office into Hyderabad & Vijayawada and staff management regarding.      

The below mentioned Resolution passed unanimously by the Federal Executive held on 19.06.2020 is sent herewith for taking necessary action.
“This Federal Executive Committee of National Federation of Postal Employees, in its meeting held on 19.06.2020, unanimously resolved to express its anguish, displeasure and disappointment over the unilateral Bifurcation of the combined Postal Accounts Office Hyderabad in to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana PAOs at Vijayawada and Hyderabad respectively causing irreparable damage to the lives of officials without considering the submissions and suggestions put forth by the staff side. It is highly disappointing to mention that the empowered Committee of CPMsG of both states have not considered/adopted the Bifurcation procedure/methods that were adopted at the time of formation of other Postal Accounts Offices in India or Circle Office or any other Office of Central Government in the state.
It is pertinent to mention here few relevant things, that the Bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh has necessitated the Bifurcation of Postal Circle and then the Postal Accounts Office. From the beginning, the staff side is holding that they would welcome the formation of a new Postal Accounts Office for residual Andhra Pradesh. They also reiterated that the staff of Postal Accounts Office Hyderabad would support their best for smooth running and gradual establishment of the Postal Accounts Office at Andhra Pradesh. It is also a fact that some of the staff members have already given their willingness for Vijayawada PAO and joined there for rendering their services permanently there and another team of thirty two officials have moved there for rendering their services for one year as per PA Wing’s letter dated 15.11.2019. Additionally, till date, around thirty new recruits have joined in new PAO at Vijayawada and fifty JA/LDCs are going to join in coupe of days. A part of work of PAO, Vijayawada is being dealt there and the remaining work is being handled at Hyderabad.
Notwithstanding this, the empowered Committee has done permanent Bifurcation which causes irreparable damage to the lives and families of staff of PAO Hyderabad which has to be reviewed and revamped in the interest of justice.
·         Postal Accounts Offices are centralized offices. One Postal Accounts Office is located in every Postal Circle. Before bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the Postal Accounts Office was working from Hyderabad.
·         Officials who have joined in this office did not expect any transfer in their life time as inter - state or any type of transfer is not provided as per the Service Conditions.
·         Bifurcation of State of Andhra Pradesh necessitated the Bifurcation of combined PAO Hyderabad.
·         Officials have given their OPTION to Telangana as almost all of them have put up more than twenty years of service. They have established their families in Hyderabad with a hope of no transfer until their retirement. 
·         Many Postal Accounts Offices in India have been bifurcated in the past. But nowhere the officials of parent office were sent forcibly to newly formed office against their willingness but, unfortunately, in case of bifurcation of PAO Hyderabad, the officials are forcibly allotted/sent to Vijayawada.
·         The Postal Directorate is contemplating several alternatives so as to avoid permanent physical deployment of officials of parent office. As a part of this course 32 officials were sent to Vijayawada for one year in the month of December 2019 clearly mentioning the condition; after completing one year they would be repatriated to their parent office i.e. Hyderabad. They have also put another provision that even before completion of one year, if new officials would join through direct recruitment, the process of repatriation shall start.
·         Some more number of staff would also go on the same lines if required and this process may continue till required strength is recruited at Vijayawada.
·         Now the Directorate has allotted 67 new Junior Accountants and 15 LDCs to Vijayawada additionally providing 56 Junior Accountants as a course of implementing above alternatives, out of which 32 have already joined till date.
·         But the local authorities, without considering to our requests, without studying the procedure undertaken while bifurcating the other offices, without considering the alternative provisions made by the Directorate has issued a Bifurcation Order on 6.03.2020 and permanently allotted officials to Vijayawada.
·         It is disheartening that the provision of one year deployment made during December 2019 had been ruthlessly cancelled through the Bifurcation Order of March 6th.
·         It is pertinent that the present PAO at Hyderabad is functioning with half of the sanction strength and many retirements are going to take place in coming years. In this situation it would be a good and humanitarian decision to continue the posting of officials for one year at Vijayawada on rotational basis, till the required staff strength is recruited in Vijayawada.
·         Humanitarian and sympathetic view of the issues is required in this regard rather than the technical persuasion. The same humanitarian and sympathetic view can be seen in the previous cases of bifurcation of PAOs of other Circles and also while issuing the order of 15.11.2019 for sending 32 SAs for a period of one year.
·         It is reiterated that the staff of PAO Hyderabad are ready to go to PAO Vijayawada for some more terms on Temporary Transfer/Deputation.”

Hence in this background the Federal Executive Committee of National Federation of Postal Employees urges upon the Authorities to review the entire process of Bifurcation and to cause justice to the officials by setting aside the Bifurcation Order dated 06.03.2020. It is further requested to kindly consider the bifurcation of staff, based on humanitarian approach rather than on the technical aspects, and save the staff from distress, agony and uncertainty. It is also urged to have a comprehensive dialogue with Staff side.
With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

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