Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The following message which had been posted in this blog quite often by our beloved Com TSN,  is very relevant even today.


Year after year the relevance of May Day is growing world over in general and in India in particular. The historic movement of Hey Market, Chicago in the year 1886 has become the symbol of oppression, repression, revolt, resistance, sacrifice and victory for the entire working class. The oppressive working conditions, and miserable life enslaved to the profit maximization of the ruling classes was the order of the day during the 19th century. Repression was let loose to perpetuate the exploitation. Revolt against the exploitation and resistance against the repression, sparked a desire for a better life, better future and just and equitable society. Many sacrificed their lives to attain that noble goal. The life-sacrifice of heroes of Chicago spurred the working class of the entire world. The first step at Hey Market has later become a big leap in establishing and asserting not only the rights of the working class but also the rights of deprived and displaced people across the globe.

The oppressive Hey market is replicating and repeating itself in many forms in India. The much promised heaven on earth on implementation of neo-liberal policies has remained a mirage for the marginalized people of India. The gulf between haves and have-nots increased many folds. The lop-sided economic polices denuded the national wealth and enriched only the tiny section of the society. The unholy nexus between politicians, corporates and bureaucrats is the bane of this nation. Three decades of reforms has ruptured the socio economic and cultural fabric of India. Still, the present Rulers want to tread that path with deadly speed. Ease of doing business is new mantra!  Necking out the Public Sector is the new Mission! Red carpet to FDI in every field is the NayaSwadeshi slogan! Made in India is replaced with Make in India!  The Rulers are blind to the agrarian crisis. Job less and job loss growth is swelling the ranks of unemployed. Financial Sector is crackling under unabated loot of the nationalized banks. The divisive politics on the lines of caste, creed, religion, region, and language are lashing with vengeance. Unnaos and Kathuvas are throttling the collective consciousness of this nation. The data analytics and the corporate wedded media are manufacturing the opinion and designing the democracy! Voters have been reduced to mere data. The subtle injection of one nation theory is endangering the flourishing plurality, the essence of democracy.

We are pitted against a Government, whichis insensitive to the demands of the workers. Labour Laws were amended without taking the Trade Unions into confidence. The assurance given to the Central Government employees to undo the negative recommendations of 7th CPC is not honoured. The pay revision to the 3 lakh GrameenDakSevaks in the Department of Posts is not in the horizon.  Closure of Departments has begun. Casualization of employment is the new norm.  The JCM has become an irrelevant entity, as the Government never respected the concept of negotiations. The social security of employees is tied to the bubble of Stock markets by rejecting the just demand of defined pension.
Under these circumstances, we are celebrating May Day and the relevance of May Day has become more pertinent. The imminent danger to the working class, the employees and the common masses of this country can only be warded off with the united struggles. State and Central Government employee are joining hands together to get back the defined pension to all. Central Government employees under the flag of Confederation of CCGEW are waging relentless struggles to achieve the legitimate demands of the central government employees and joining hands to safeguard the dignity of the working class.

Recent long march of Maharastra farmers from Nasik to Mumbai to demand their rights is the live example before us to prove that the struggle can defy all odds. Let the May Day kindle that spirit. Let’s imbibe that spirit: the spirit of Unity, the spirit of sacrifice and the spirit of uncompromised determination on the face of odds. We as employees and as the citizens of this great nationowe a responsibility and owe a duty to usher in change. Lets not swayed by rhetoric. Lets realize the real essence of May Day and join together to make a difference. Join hands, pervade the oneness and march ahead!

May Day Zindabad!                              Martyrs Lal Salam!!


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