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No. AIPAEA/CHQ/Circular/2017/3                                                        Dated 09.05.2017


KUDOS, to young comrades of Nagpur! Their united effort was behind the successful holding of the Central Working Committee meeting of AIPAEA from 22.03.2017 to 23.03.2017. Reception committee held the CWC meeting in a very grand manner; in fact the event was like a conference. A Galaxy of leaders attended the CWC meeting Com. M. Krishnan, S G Confederation, Com. R. N. Parashar, S. G. NFPE & G. S. of P-3, Com Giri Raj Singh President NFPE & GS R-3, Com. P. Suresh, G S of R-IV, Com. Virendra Tiwari GS AIPSBCOEA, Com. D. V. Daktod Ex. SG AIPAEA, Com. A.P. Sastry, Ex President, AIPAEA, Com. R.S.Bagel, former Working President, AIPAEA, Com. Nitesh Nasre GS COC Nagpur, Com. Ahsok Throl, Secretary of State govt. employees union and may retired comrades graced the occasion. The Director of Accounts (Postal) Nagpur and Prof. Shrinivas khandewale, an eminent economist of Nagpur University also graced the occasion.  All units except Delhi, Raipur, Kapoorthala, Ranchi and Shillong attended CWC.

Comrade M. Krishnan, Secretary General of CCGE&W inaugurated the inaugural cum open session of the CWC meeting. In his address com. Krishnan elaborately explained the developments since the appointment of 7th CPC till date and the present status of various committees constituted by the government to look into the issues of Central Government employees after implementation of 7th CPC.  

He informed that the government has backed out from the promise given to the NJCA by G.O.M. in the meeting held on 30/06/2016. All the committees are only eyewash and the genuine demands of the Central Government employees like minimum wage, increase in fitment formula, allowance including HRA & TPA, option-I of pension are not adhered to by the government. He told that the Confederation has a history of struggle and conducted a successful one-day strike on 16 March 2017 on 21-point charter of demand.  He appealed to the house to be ready for more struggle in the near future to achieve our demands.

Shri. Shrinivas khandewale, the renowned economist the main speaker in the open session, spoke at length on the issues faced by the common man of the country. He said that the root cause of all the miseries of common people lies in the adverse impact of the new economic policies being pursued by the successive governments in the country. New economic policies are responsible for jobless growth and are widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Natural resources and the wealth are controlled by the miniscule number of rich and power full corporate houses. MNCs and corporate houses are influencing & dictating terms in formulation of programmes and policies of the government. He said that the forces that once propagated and pursued the policies of globalization, liberalization are now talking of de-globalization after Donald Trump taking charge at the helm of affairs in USA. He said that the working class has to educate the other sections of society and has to wage a long battle to compel the political leadership to reverse the new economic policies.                 
Almost the problems faced by the units were common in nature; all the units were facing acute shortage of staff in all cadres, inadequate provision of infra-structure, no provision for training, threat of decentralization of PAO after implementation of CSI etc. General Secretary while summing up the discussion gave replies to the queries of the units and placed before the house, the latest updates on various issues faced by the units. He categorically said that the committee on the re-structuring of PAO after implementation of CSI, has submitted its report to Dte, and because of tough stand taken by AIPAEA, the threat of Decentralization of PAO has been thwarted/averted. He appealed to house to be cautious on the issue and assured that association will protect interest of its member at any cost. He told that repeated representations and negotiations are not yielding results, so on 5 point charter, he proposed three phased agitation programme (a) Lunch hour demonstration and sending resolutions to authorities. (b) Day long protest by wearing black ribbon/badges (c) day long Dharna. 


1.   Vacation of Victimization of staff /vindictive actions of D A (P), Cuttack against Circle Secretary /settlement of charge sheets of Staff of PAOs Chennai & Kolkata.
2.   Wrong setting of type test paper for Departmental Exam for promotion to LDC in PAOs for MTS qualified in 12th class or equivalent held in the month of August 2016 – Request for revaluation.
3.   Provide Trade Union facilities in PAOs Guwahati, Shillong etc.,by allowing informal meetings, providing notice board, Association room etc.
4.   Stop undoing of the benefits of stepping up of Pay in OA No. 2124/2011, by arbitrary reduction of the pay and pension of beneficiaries at the time of Superannuation in PAOs Lucknow, Bhopal and Cuttack.
5.   Forwarding of applications for transfer under Rule 38, relieving of officials for newly formed PAOs, full-fledged functioning of newly formed PAOs like Deharadun.

The house unanimously approved the agitation programme, proposed by the general secretary. CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to the host unit, Nagpur for its efforts to make the CWC a grand success. CHQ also thanked all the leaders of NFPE and SG COCGE & W for accepting invitation and attending the CWC meeting. CHQ especially thanked Com. T. Satyanarayana Ex. GS for guidance and support.

Legal Aid Fund

As CHQ has filled three court cases, and all have to fought up to Supreme Court funds are required for the same. It is proposed by Com. R B Suresh that (a) units having above 300 members be levied 10000, (b) above 200 members Rs 5000 and (c) remaining units Rs. 3000, towards legal fund. The House unanimously approved the proposal. Com. R.B Circle Secretary, AIPAEA, Chennai declared Rs.10000 as contribution to legal fund from Chennai unit. President, appealed to all the units to contribute towards the legal fund as decided by the House.

Post CWC Meeting Developments
After the CWC meeting, General Secretary, attended circle conference of P-4, Divisional conference of P- 3 Associations of UP. It is very heartening to inform that Com. K K Panda, Circle Secretary of Cuttack has been nominated in RJCM, Odisha Circle. PA wing of Postal Directorate had sought suggestions/comments on the draft RRs of AAO/AO cadre due for notification from the stakeholder’s. CHQ requested all the units to give the feedback/suggestions and on the basis of that, AIPAEA has sought certain modifications in the proposed draft RR, like relaxation in age limit for DE exam’s, exempting JA from Confirmatory test on getting promotion through SCF & restricting the DE exams only for Accounts stream, and has submitted a detailed letter to PA wing on 12.04.2017. Similarly, suggestion/modification were also given to Director (SPN) on the transfer policy under Rule-38. Com. S. Santosh Kumar & Com. R. B. Suresh attended the national Secretariat meeting of confederation at New Delhi on 13.04.2017.

The General Secretary visited the Kolkatta unit on 7.4.2017, and met  the GM (Finance) along with Proribut and circle secretary, and discussed on local issues, there after addressed a well attended general body meeting on 8.4.17 & on 9.4.17, attended the AIC of AIPSBCOEA association at Kolkatta. GS was in New Delhi from 18.4.2017 to 20.4.2017, and during the stay met all the authorities at Directorate, ADG (Admn.) Director, DDG (PAF), ADG (Vigilance), Member (P) and discussed on various issues like, type test case of MTS to LDC exam, Victimization of circle secretary of Cuttack pending charge sheets of Chennai, Kolkatta, Denial of Trade union facilities in Guwahati, Shillong and Many Circles, problems arising in Bangalore after CSI implementation, stepping up of pay issue, formation of new PAO at Dehradun. As per decision of the CWC a notice of three-phased agitation programme was served to all the authorities in person, along with letters on the issues in the charter of demands. Nothing concrete came out of discussion except positive assurances from the officers.
Com. S. Santosh Kumar president and General Secretary visited the Guwahati and Shillong units from 24.4.17 to 27.4.17. Regular pursuance and our functioning convinced the young comrades of rival association at Shillong, and they joined the AIPAEA in the presence of CHQ leaders. CHQ, thank all the office bearers of CHQ and Guwahati Comrades for their efforts in Shillong developments. CHQ also welcomes the young comrades of Shillong into AIPAEA. Similar, developments took place in Ranchi also, now in both the circle, there is only one association i.e. AIPAEA.

The first phase of agitation i.e., holding of demonstration on 25.4.2017 was conducted effectively in all circles and resolutions were sent to authorities. President & G S, addressed the demonstration meeting at Guwahati. By the end of April month, as per reports received from circles, many members have switched over to AIPAEA and new entrants joined the association, Patna unit being the leader, where 36 members of rival association joined AIPAEA, and became number one in the circle. President and GS visited Directorate on 5.5.2017. The impact of 1st phase of agitation was such that, PA wing invited CHQ for discussion on the issues on 12.5.2017. Second-phase of agitation was also conducted very well by units on 9.5.2017.

President, GS, Com. Vijayan, Com. Narshima Murty and Com. Sivadasan of Kerala, attended the trade union education camp held at Trivandrum on 6.5.17 & 7.5.17. M. Sudhakar and Comrades from Hyderabad & Trivandrum, attended the T. U. Camp as delegates of respective COCs. Confederation has given a call of Dharna before the  Ministry of Finance office, New Delhi on 23.5.2017, and demonstrations simultaneously at all working places in the Country. As a second phase of agitation, human chain is to be formed at all the offices on 22.6.2017, in support of 21-point charter of demands. A national convention of Confederation along with State Govt. employees’ federation will be held on 10.6.2017 at New Delhi on NPS issue.

Gear up for the upcoming calls of CCGE&W and leaders from the nearby circle of Delhi is requested to participate in Dharna on 23.5.2017. Government is reluctant to resolve our core issues of increase in minimum wage, fitment formula, grant of allowances including HRA & TPA at revised rates, option-I as pension etc. Let’s unite and fight for our genuine demands and rights.

With Greetings!

Comradely Yours,
General Secretary

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