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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarter
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018

No. AIPAEA/CHQ/ 16                                                                          Dated 13.11.2016

Shri Manish Sinha,
Dy. Director General (PAF)
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi 110001
Subject: - 7CPC Anomalies & related Issues in Postal Accounts Offices.   

Respected Sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice the following issues related to the implementation of the 7th CPC recommendations in Postal Accounts Organization. These anomalies/discrepancies have to be addressed to redress the grievances of the Postal Accounts employees. Hence, it is requested to take up these issues with the authorities concerned at appropriate level for their immediate attention and solution.

1.    Restore the Pay relativities: Due to grant of higher Level of Pay by the 7th CPC to IPO/ASPO/SPO, the historical pay relativities maintained in the Department of Posts till 6th CPC were disturbed to the disadvantage of the Postal Accounts Cadres. The following points clearly bring out the injustice.
                       I.         Sr. Accountants and IPOs: 
·      In IV CPC, the Sr. Accountants were in 1400-2600 whereas IPOs were in 1400-2300.
·      In V CPC, the Sr. Accountants were in 5500-9000 and IPOs were also in 5500-9000
·      In VI CPC, the Sr. Accountants were in PB-2 with GP of 4200 and IPOs were also in PB-2 with GP of 4200
·      Now in VII CPC Sr. Accountants are placed in Level 6 (corresponding to GP 4200) whereas IPOs are placed in higher Level 7 corresponding to GP 4600;

 Therefore, the Sr. Accountant cadre should be granted Level 7 (corresponding to GP 4600) on par with the IPOs to maintain the relativity among the Accounts and Executive cadres.
II. AAOs and ASPOs / SPOs:
·      In IV CPC, the AAOs were in 2000-3200 whereas ASPOs and SPOs were in 2000-3200 and 2000-3500.
·      In IV CPC, the AOs and Sr.AOs were 2375-3500 and 2200-4000
·      In V CPC, the AAOs were in 7450-11500 whereas ASPOs and SPOs were in 6500-10500 and 7500-12000
·      In V CPC, the AOs and Sr.AOs were 7500-12000 and 8000-13500
·      In VI CPC, the AAOs were in PB-2 with GP of 4800 whereas ASPOs and SPOs were in PB-2 with GP of 4600 and 4800 (up to 4 years)
·      In VI CPC, the AOs and Sr.AOs were PB-2 with GP 5400 and PB-3 with GP of 5400
·      But in VII CPC, IPOs are given Level 7 (corresponding to GP of 4600) higher than Sr. Accountants. ASPOs are given Level 8 equating with AAOs. SPOs / SRMs are given directly Level 9 equating with AOs from the initial stage.
This will adversely undermine the authority of these cadres vested with audit functions in the Department of Posts.
Therefore, we demand to maintain the relativity among the Accounts and Executive cadres.
1.    Level 6 (corresponding to GP 4200) for JA
2.    Level 7 (corresponding to GP 4600) for SA equating with IPOs
3.    Level 9 (corresponding to GP 5400) for AAO
4.    Level 10 (corresponding to GP 6600) for AO
5.    Level 11 (corresponding to GP 7600) for Sr.AO

2. Rectify the anomalies in Pay Matrix: The Pay Matrix itself is full of anomalies.
If the pay is fixed as per the Matrix Table in respect of officials belong to two different grades i.e. one is higher grade and the other is in lower grade and both having same basic pay – the pay of official in higher grade is fixed at lower stage and the pay of official in lower grade is fixed at higher stage which is quite unnatural and unjustified.  The following illustration proves this point:
S.No     Pay               GP      Total             Factor           Level                      Pay (Matrix)
1         22900           5400             28300           72731                9                   73400
2         22860           5400             28260           72628                9                   73400
3         23660           4600             28260           72628                7                   74300
4         23670           4800             28470           73168                8                   74300

The above table is depicting the pay fixation as per the Pay Matrix.  It is seen that a senior official in higher grade i.e. in GP 5400 with higher Basic Pay is being fixed at a lower stage when compared to the  pay of the junior person who is in lower grade with GP of Rs.4800 / Rs.4600/- and with lesser Basic Pay. Many such instances have come to the notice of this Association.  This has to be rectified by allowing next higher stage to the senior officials who is in higher grade or by amending the Pay Matrix suitably. 

3. The Pay Matrix restricts the benefit on promotion: The construction of the Matrix is done in such a way that on promotion in most of the cases the fixation falls in the same stage. Thus, the benefit on promotion works out to be mere one increment i.e. 3%.  The Staff Side demanded two increments (of 5%) in the feeder cadre.  If, minimum benefit of 2 increments is not ensured on promotion, that will act as disincentive to the employees for accepting the promotion. Hence, in case of promotion, two increments should be allowed in the lower scale and pay should be fixed at the promotion level, i.e. one notional increment and stage next above in the higher scale and not the same stage even if it is available.

4.INCREMENT: Para 5.1.21 of the report says the matrix is prepared allowing increment @ 3%. In some cases it is observed that the subsequent stages are worked out to less than the 3%, in such situation next higher stage should be allowed. (However the demand must be at least for 5%). Further,
a) The increment should be rounded to next Rs 100/- (not nearest).
b) The option to elect the DNI (1st January or 1st July) should be allowed to all existing employees in addition to those who got promotion/MACP or appointed during the periods i.e. between 01-01-2016 to 25-07-2016  as mentioned in the PARA, as ONE TIME BENEFIT. Here also it was not mentioned the stage to be fixed from the date of option to date of next increment, if opted to next increment in the lower post.

5. Option under FR 22(I)(a)(1): There is an ambiguity in application of this rule for any official who got promotion should be allowed to exercise the option, to have his pay fixed in higher scale on the date of promotion or on the date of next increment in revised pay structure.

6. BENCH MARK: Benchmark system should be removed in MACP up-gradations as it is financial up-gradation and not a promotion involving higher responsibilities.

7.REGULAR PROMOTION AFTER MACP: After MACP, employee gets his/her regular promotion pay should be fixed in accordance with Rule 13 of RP Rule 2016.

8. MACP should be in the promotional hierarchy instead of level hierarchy (Grade Pay hierarchy).

9. Air Travel Facility should be allowed to all the GR- B Officials.

10. Merge the Levels: In the pay matrix, there are similar pay stages at various Levels, such as Level 2&3, Level 7&8 etc, and resulting nominal/no benefit in case of promotion. At these Levels the rate of increment works out even less than 3%, Hence, such Levels where the stages are same should be merged.
11.While promoting the Sr. Accountants drawing GP of 5400 (under MACP) to the AAO Post which is carrying higher responsibility, the pay of such officials should be given the benefit of fixation under FR 22 as it is already enforced in the case of Level 6,7 and 8.

12. Option to switch over to 7th CPC may be kept open till one month after finalization of Allowances. Till such time, all are to be allowed to revise their options, if it is beneficiary to them, if already exercised.
With Regards,
(S. B. Yadav)
General Secretary

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