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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association

Central Headquarter
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018

AIPAEA/CHQ/22nd A.I.C./16                                            Dated: 22-09-2016

The Reception Committee extended a warm welcome to all the delegates and visitors to the 22nd AIC held at Chennai from 20-09-16 to 22-09-16 and made excellent arrangements for the successful conduct of the Conference.

19 Circles, 62 delegates and 54 visitors attended the AIC apart from the sizable number of comrades from the host unit. It can be said that this AIC is the one which is attended by all most all the branches of AIPAEA baring Shillong and Jammu.

The AIC started with the flag hoisting.  Com. AVV, veteran leader of Postal Accounts from Chennai hoisted the national flag, Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE hoisted the NFPE flag and Com. S. Santoshkumar, President AIPAEA hoisted the flag of AIPAEA. Rich floral tributes are paid to Com. S.K. Vyasji and other martyrs of the working class. The meeting hall is named after Late Com. S.K.Vyasji, the friend, Philosopher and guide of AIPAEA.

Com. Durai Pandyan, Chairman Reception Committee welcomed the delegates and visitors. In his welcome addressed Com. Durai Pandyan explained the pernicious effects of the implementation of the neo-liberal policies for the past 25 years. He exhorted one and all to put up a united fight against these policies. General Secretary, AIPAEA welcomed the gathering and all the leaders. He emphasized the importance of the AIC and requested all to cooperate to conduct the proceedings in a meaningful way. Com. S. Santoshkumar, President in his presidential remarks welcomed all the guests, delegates and visitors.

Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers inaugurated the 22nd Biennial All India Conference of AIPAEA. In his inaugural address on the topic of “History of Confederation and future struggles” Com. Krishnan vividly explained the formation of the Confederation and the struggles it has undertaken for the cause of the Central Government employees. The historical strikes of 1960 and 1968 and the repressive role of the Ruling Classes have been explained at length. How the Confederation leadership played a visionary role on the formulation of the demand for bonus to the central government employees and the role of the Confederation in setting up of the Pay Commissions right up to 7th CPC was explained in detail. Com. Krishnan detailed the the formation of 7th CPC, its recommendations, unilateral decision of the Central Cabinet to implement them, the protest actions of the Central Government employees including the indefinite strike call under the aegis of NJCA, negotiations, assurances of the Group of Ministers and the developments after the deferment of the strike. Com. Krishnan reiterated the decisions taken in the AIC of the Confederation to continue the efforts to strengthen the unity and struggle to achieve the demands of the Central Government employees.

Com. Brigu Bhattacharya, Secretary General of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association in his address traced the role of the JAC in articulating the demands of the Accounts and Audit employees. He stressed the need for continuing the JAC and activating the local JACs. He extolled the role of the AIPAEA in the JAC. Com.

In the after noon session Dr. Venkitesh Atreya, noted economist addressed the AIC. Deliberating on the given topic of “Development a Myth or Mirth”, Dr. Venkitesh Atreya raised the core issue of: Development for whom? He went on explaining the growth of GDP and its relevance to the poor and common man. He explained the fall out of the implementation of neo-liberal policies for the past 25 years in the country. The gap between the rich and poor expanded; A few rich people cornered more than 50% of the wealth of the nation; The attempts to control the mind set of the people, imposition of cultural and social dos and don’ts on the people; is going to be a threat to the democracy of the country. Dr. Venkitesh Atreya said that the mammoth participation of the workers, employees and common people in the historical nation wide strike on 2nd September 2016 has given hope that the attack on the rights of the people and workers can be countered with unity.

Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretary General of NFPE has spoken at length on the issues and developments in the Department of Posts. Narrating in detailed Com. Parashar mirrored the movements conducted by the National Federation of Postal Employees in safeguarding the interests of the Postal employees in particular and the interests of the working class including the CG employees in general. He assured to ensure the cadre restructuring of PAOs and settle the other demands of the Postal Accounts employees. He has particularly mentioned the struggles undertaken by the Chennai  and Cuttack AIPAEA comrades against the tyranny of the authorities. He assured to make all out efforts to undo the punishment given to the Circle Secretary, AIPAEA Cuttack. Secretary General appreciated the active role of the AIPAEA in the functioning of the NFPE. He reiterated the decisions of the Federal Council of the NFPE held at Guwahati to go on strike on the call of the Confederation to achieve the pending demands of the CG employees.

Com. Giriraj Singh, President NFPE in his forceful speech castigated the policies of the present Government, which are against the common men, employees and workers. He has given a call to all employees to participate in the future struggles to counter these policies.
Com. KVS, former General Secretary P-III addressed the gathering and stressed the role of the PAO in safeguarding the financial interests of the Department of Posts. He advised to strengthen the role as auditor and financial advisor. Other leaders of NFPE also addressed the AIC and greeted the House.

The Reception Committee honoured all the leaders of the Confederation and Postal who have worked for the success of the AIC. The cultural program organized by the Reception Committee showcased the talent of the Postal Accounts employees and their family members. It has enthralled all the delegates, visitors and guests.

On the second day General Secretary placed the report and accounts for the period 2014-15 and 2015-16 after the composition of the House. Com. S.B. Yadav, Deputy General Secretary read out the minutes of the 21st AIC held at Bangalore. Com. S. Santoshkumar and Com. N.Veeresh, conducted the proceedings.

Com. Amresh Thakur, former General Secretary, AIPAEA, recalled the struggles of the yester years. Recollecting the 19-11-1968 strike action and the sacrifices made by the former leaders, advised one and all to imbibe the spirit of that struggle and continue the future struggles.

Com. P. Ranjanayagam addressing on a specific topic of “Future of Postal Accounts and AIPAEA” recollected the past history of the AIPAEA and advised the steps to be taken to prepare the organization for the future in the light of the technological developments. He advised the house to think about taking the PORMS Accountants into our fold to expand the Postal Accounts activities. Concluding his speech Com. P. Rajanayagam, suggested to follow the developments and changes in the present day functioning of the Postal Accounts and adopt accordingly.

Com. A.P.Sastry, former President of AIPAEA and Com. P.Rajanayagam, former General Secretary of AIPAEA addressed the AIC and fondly remembered the efforts of the AIPAEA in achieving the demands of the Postal Accounts employees. He stressed on the importance of the struggle and advised to follow that path to achieve the demands.

Com. K.Raghavendran, former Secretary General of NFPE and presently heading the All India Postal and RMS Pensioners Association addressed the AIC. He emphasized the need to do away with the NPS. He assured to be in fore front in all future struggles to be undertaken by the Confederation, NJCA on the demands of the CG employees.

President invited the units to initiate the discussion on the Agenda. All the Units participated in the discussion. Majority of the Units introduced written reports in the House. The House elaborately discussed the agenda items. The delegates took active part in the discussion. The issues of Cadre restructuring, CSI, Recruitment, Rule-38 transfers, forwarding of applications, Departmental Buildings, Pay Protection, JAC demands, Local Recruitment, 2nd September 2016 strike, 7th CPC anomalies, victimization, merger of Sorter quota, Training, All India gradation list of SA, Child care leave, functioning of CHQ and Units, AAO RRs, Review of results of SC/ST candidates, Bhankars case, Post Bank, interaction with the members and other activities and Membership verification etc, were discussed in the House.
The General Secretary responded with elaborated reply on all the issues. The General Secretary thanked all the leaders and members of the Postal Accounts requested them to unite and march forward.

The House formed the following Committees:
  1. Committee on Core System Integration:
      Com. N.Veeresh (Convenor) Com. Dominic, Com. Prakash, Com. M. Sudhakar,   
       Com. Krishna Rao, Com. JK Chauhan.

2. Postal Accounts Specific Issues: Com. Ojah (Convenor), Com. Vijayan,
      Com. Parikar, Com. Rajnish, Com. Sripathi Kamle, Com. Venkateswarlu.
3. 7th CPC related issues: Com. Krishna Rao (Convenor), Com. K.S. Chalapati Rao,             Com. Ramesh Meena, Com. Santosh Choudhary, Com.Vaibhav Anand,
4. Central Government employees General demands: Com. Vindhyachal Singh(Convenor), Com. Vipul, Com. Verma, Com.Subhajeet Com. Rakesh Kumar, Com. Ananda Kumar.
5. Resolutions: Com. Nandakishore Das(Convenor), Com. Hiralal Baktha, Com. KK Panda, Com. SMH Zaidi, Com. Pradeep Kr Bareek, Com. Shyam Sunder Dey.

These Committees discussed and submitted reports to the House. It is decided to take up all these issues at appropriate levels. The house adopted Resolutions on various issues. The House approved the General Secretary Report and Accounts for the period 2014-15 and 2015-16.

The Reception Committee honoured the retired Circle Secretaries and Presidents of various Circles. The host unit and all the units honoured the General Secretary in a grand scale. The General Secretary thanked all the AIPAEA leaders for their moving gesture and assured to be with AIPAEA always.

The Reception Committee honoured all the workers and volunteers for their untiring work to make the AIC a memorable. Com. R.B.Suresh, the man behind the successful hosting of the AIC is profusely hounoured.

The House elected the following Office Bearers for the period 2016-17 and

PRESIDENT:                                 COM. SANTOSHKUMAR ,                                                                                     CHENNAI
WORKING PRESIDENT               COM. N. VEERESH,                                                                                         BANGALORE
VICE-PRESIDENT:                       COM. A.B.PAWAR,                                                                                                   NAGPUR
                                                      COM. J.S.RAJPUT, BHOPAL
                                                  COM. VINDHYACHALSINGH,                                                                                            PATNA
GENERAL SECRETARY:               COM. S.B.YADAV,                                                                                                  LUCKNOW
DY.GENERAL SECRETARY:  COM.NANDA KISHORE DAS,                                                                                      CUTTACK
ASST. GENL. SECRETARY:           COM. D.S. CHAUHAN,                                                                                                DELHI
                                                      COM.SRIRAM OJHA,                                                                                                   KOLKATA
                                                      COM.M.P.VIJAYAN,                                                                                            TRIVANDRUM
                                                      COM.R.C.MEENA, JAIPUR
                                                      COM. J.K.CHOHAN,                                                                                             AHMEDABAD
FINANCE SECRETARY              COM. K.S. RANA,                                                                                           SUNDERNAGAR
ORG. SECRETARY            COM. D. NARASIMHA MURTHY,                                                                                HYDERABAD
                                                      COM. K.S. DEEPA,                                                                 JALLANDHAR & KAPURTHALA
AUDITOR                                      COM. K. KRISHNA RAO,                                                                                              RAIPUR.

The outgoing General Secretary thanked all the members and leaders of the AIPAEA, Confederation and NFPE for their love and affection showered on him. He assured to be at the beck and call of the organization at any time. He wished the new Executive Committee and members of AIPAEA a bright future. The Conference concluded with vote of thanks by Com. R.B.Suresh.

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