Saturday, April 30, 2016


Be the Catalyst for Change!
 May Day Zindabad!!

Every year the entire working class celebrates the May Day, the day from which we try to draw inspiration to fight the injustice, to question the authoritarian rule and lopsided economic policies, which marginalized the large sections of the population across the globe.

Fight against the oppressive working hours and repressive regime of the Ruling Class marked the beginning of the struggle for emancipation of the working class. The blood bath on the streets of Chicago ignited the struggles across the world and paved way for achieving the eight-hour working day. The strangulated voice of the Chicago martyrs, today resounding in the fighting fists of crores of disadvantaged and displaced sections of the society. The fight started for eight-hour working day soon evolved into a bigger fight for equality and justice not only for the organized labour but also for the common mass of people. May Day reflects the dreams of multitudes for a better tomorrow, for a better and humane society, where all can live with dignity, equal opportunities and tolerance.

Since 1990s there is a quick transformation in the character of the big capitalists. They follow the structural adjustment programmes and the IMF, World Bank prescriptions in letter and spirit. It matters little whether “X” party “Y” party holds power at the Centre so long as they accede to the demands of finance capital.  Because, India hugged these policies, the country continued to remain in the vortex of globalized disintegration.

In the past two decades, the successive Governments in the name of neo-economic policies destroyed the socio, economic and cultural fabric of Indian society. Education, Health, indigenous Industry, Agriculture has become the causality of these policies. The yawning gap between the rich and poor is ever expanding. World Bank and IMF driven-policies struck a deathblow to Public Sector and public employment in this country. The degradation of forests, the loot let loose by the crony capital on the nations natural resources is having a direct link to the present day climate catastrophe. The neo-economic policies kept the doors wide open to the private greed and the result is to be seen in  every sphere of socio economic life of this great nation. 

Nationalism is not a new concept nor alien to our culture. The paradox is that, it is being used to distract people from the real problems of poverty, illiteracy, ill health and unemployment with consequent misery of millions. When there is a crisis in the economy, politics will take the route of instigation, intolerance and polarization. It is a part of strategy to divert the attention of the people from real issues. 
The Central Government employees are amidst of fight for the 7th CPC related and other justified demands. These demands can be achieved only if we unite and fight with determination. The assaults on the wages, on our job security can only be warded off with our collective might and sustained struggles.

This May Day is knocking at our conscience to open our eyes to these realities. This May Day is goading each one of us to act and be the catalyst of change. This May Day is prompting us to realize that, without joining the fight of the masses, we cannot win our own battles. This May Day is showing us the shining path of the Karnataka Textile workers united revolt against the retrograde order on EPF withdrawals. Let’s invoke the spirit of sacrifice of the heroes of the May Day and strive hard to realize that great dream of better and humane society besides, protecting our Rights.

Red Salutes to the May Day Martyrs!

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