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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarter
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018

AIPAEA/CHQ Circular 85                                                             Date: 02-12-2015

Dear Comrades,


You are all aware, how the recommendations of the 7th CPC are retrograde in nature and attempted to snatch away the facilities already in existence. Accounts and Audit employees are worst affected. No demand of the Organized Accounts found favour with the Commission. The Memorandum of the CAG submitted to the 7th CPC is given scant respect. The reactions of AIPAEA have already been published in our blog. Protest call given by the National Joint Council Action has been received with spontaneous response and the Central Government employees including Railway, Defence employees, have lodged the massive protest throughout the country. All the units of AIPAEA have participated in the protest.

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers held the review meeting at Delhi on 27th November 2015. On the same day Joint Action Committee of the Accounts and Audit employees met and discussed the ramifications of the recommendations of the CPC on the demands of the Accounts and Audit employees. Confederation has decided to demand modification of certain recommendations and dropping of the negative recommendations of the CPC. It is decided to prepare for a united action. Confederation will participate in the NJCA meeting on 08-12-15 and prepare for the future course of action.

JAC of Accounts employees has decided to issue immediate letter to the Head of the Department concerned by the Constituent Organizations and a common letter will be sent to Finance Minister. These negative recommendations have to be fought tooth and nail. We have to put up united fight. It is our duty to prepare the AIPAEA membership for such fight.


The Government is moving swiftly by constituting an implementation cell. The Postal Department has asked all the Unions to submit their views on the 7th CPC Report by 7th December 2015. The letter is published in our Blog. All the Circle Secretaries are requested to discuss the Report and furnish their views on the common issues as well as cadre related recommendations. These views should reach the CHQ by email on 5th December 2015. Com. Vaibhav Anand, Deputy Circle Secretary,AIPAEA Guwahati has sent me his views on the CPC recommendations. I have also received observations from Com. Nanda Kishore Das, Asst. Gen. Secretary (Cuttack) Com. Krishna Rao, Organizing Secretary (Raipur). CHQ appreciate them for their quick reactions.  CHQ is in the process of preparing the views for submission to the Department on 07-12-15. Department has arranged a meeting at short notice with Staff Side on 08-12-15 at New Delhi to discuss the CPC report and share the views. General Secretary, AIPAEA is attending the meeting.

It is also decided to organize a National Convention of Accounts and Audit Employees Organizations at Hyderabad from 09-01-2016 to 10-01-2016. This Convention will discuss the raw deal received from the 7th CPC and the future course of action to achieve our demands. AIPAEA, All India Audit and Accounts Association, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, Defence and Railway Accounts Employees Association and Accounts Officers Association will be participating in the Convention.

CHQ has already issued notification for National Executive Committee meeting (Published in the Blog). It is suggested that all the CHQ office bearers should attend the convention without fail and it should be ensured that one representation (Circle Secretary) from each unit should represent. Due to accommodation and expenditure constraints it is requested that not more than one delegate should attend the meeting and convention. Your itinerary may please be informed in advance.


In a review meeting held in the NFPE Head Quarters on 26-11-15 it is decided to defer the Postal Strike scheduled from 01-12-15 to 02-12-15. The strike call is given demanding the inclusion of GDS in the 7th CPC, implementing the Cadre Restructuring in the Department of Posts, filling up all vacancies and stopping all kinds of victimization. The Department held meeting with the NFPE leaders and the minutes of that meeting is given here with for your information.

It is recorded in the minutes that the Cadre restructuring in Postal Accounts has not moved further because one Association has not submitted its views to the Department. AIPAEA has submitted its views to the Department in the month of August 2015. The Department under the pretext that the BPAOEA has not submitted its views, kept the file under cold storage. It is not a tenable reason. On such important issue merely on the ground that no reply is received from one Association, how the Department can ignore the interests of the employees of the Postal Accounts. This matter is discussed with the DDG (PAF) and it is assured that a meeting will be convened shortly on cadre restructuring. (Visit our Blog for minutes)

ONE DAY FAST ON 11-12-2015

To register the protest to the Department of Post on the above discussed demands, it is decided to call upon all the Circle and Divisional unions of NFPE should sit on fast for one day on 11-12-15. All the units of AIPAEA should participate in the protest programme along with the NFPE unions.


It is heartening to inform that 415 JA and 50 LDC dossiers have been received in the Directorate. Candidates have been addressed to give their option of place of posting. It is expected that in the month of January 2016 newly recruited JA and LDC will join duty. It is informed that except Ahmadabad and Bangalore PAOs all PAOs have reported the vacancies. It is the consistent efforts of the AIPAEA to alert the administration through our Circle Secretaries to report the vacancies in time resulted in success. All our units should constantly pay attention to this aspect.


The Hon’ble Tribunal has closed the Contempt Petition with the observation that the judgment has been substantially implemented. After taking the legal opinion into account, it has been decided to file another OA on Gr.D/Sorter entry grade in Pr. CAT, Delhi. In respect of the officials who joined from other wings/department and members who joined AIPAEA after the date of judgment, the matter has been taken up with the Department by letters and it is expected that a positive response will come from the Department. Ambala clarification is under the examination of the PA Wing.  Cuttack specific issue will be taken before the Court of Law. All the related issues will be decided in consultation with the Cuttack comrades. Extract of the letters dated 26-11-2015 a/t DDG (PAF) is given below:

Sub:- Stepping up of pay of the Senior Accountants, who entered the Postal
           Accounts Offices as LDCs, in terms of the judgment in the OA 2124/11 –
           Request – Regarding.
Ref: - This Association letter dated 26-07-2015.
            PA Wing Clarification vide the F.No. 33(03)2010/PA Admn.I/213-235
            Dated 08-07-2015.

I would like to bring it to your kind notice that the benefit of stepping up in terms of the judgment in OA 2124/11 (AIPAEA) is not being extended by some PAOs to the Senior Accountants who joined the PAO as LDC from the other wings of Postal / other Departments of Central Government.

The entry grade of those employees is LDC and they were given the benefit of financial up-gradation under MACP by treating LDC as their entry grade.

After the issue of clarification by PA wing vide the letter under reference, PAO Bengaluru has corrected its stand on this matter and extended the benefit of the judgment to the LDC who came from the Postal Wing. But, other PAOs like Cuttack, Chennai, Kolkata etc. have not taken the clarification in the right spirit and they are refusing to give the benefit to such Senior Accountants.

 Hence, I request you to kindly cause to issue specific instruction on this matter, so that the eligible employees will not be kept out of the purview of the benefit of the judgment.

Sub:- Stepping up of pay of the Senior Accountants, who are the members of the AIPAEA after the date of judgment, in terms of the judgment in the OA 
            2124/11 – Request – Regarding.
Ref: - This Association letter dated 26-07-2015.


There are some left out members of this Association for whom the benefit of stepping up is not extended, though all of them are eligible for stepping up as laid down in the judgment of the Hon’ble Tribunal in the OA 2124/11 (AIPAEA). The reason for not considering their cases is that they became members of this Association after 01-02-13 i.e. the date of judgment.

In this regard I submit that the recognition of the service rules permit the employees to shift their membership in the month of April every year. This causes the floatation of members from one Association to another. As the judgment is extended to the members of the two recognized Associations in the Postal Accounts, I request you to kindly reconsider the earlier clarification in this regard issued by PA Wing, so that the left out members (very small in number) may also get the benefit of stepping up.


This long pending issue is still awaiting a response from the DOP&T. General Secretary has discussed thoroughly the issued with the DDG (PAF) and drawn his attention to the letter dated 05-10-15 written by CHQ. DDG (PAF) assured to meet the authorities at DOP&T soon on this issue. 


It is informed that the RR file has moved and DOP&T is expected to send back the file. PA Wing is following up the file. Let’s hope soon this long pending file gets approval of the DOP&T.


AIPAEA has taken up this issue and persuaded the PA Wing to agree for converting the vacancies in Sorter Quota to MTS for promotion to LDC. Since then whenever the proposals are received from the field units, the same were approved. Similarly it is also agreed to allow the operation of the vacancies in the higher cadre i.e. SA in the feeder cadre i.e. JA for giving promotions to the awaiting officials. It is also agreed to permit one time conversion of SA vacancies to JA DR Quota for filling up through SSC. Many units have taken the advantage of such relaxation. Still there are some units, which are not aware of such relaxation, and there are some authorities not inclined to send such proposals. Circle Secretaries should insist the DAPs for sending such proposal to the PA Wing. CHQ may be updated on such issues.


Due to the relentless efforts of AIPAEA this issue has been settled and scores of graduate MTS appeared the exam. In some Circles like Hyderabad results have come and promotions also effected. All the passed candidates in the panel could not be promoted due to non-availability of vacancies in LDC; a proposal for conversion of vacancies in the Sorter Quota may be mooted to PA Wing immediately. The panel will last up to the end of December 2015. Any such proposal sent may be intimated to the CHQ for follow up.


Due to the efforts made by the AIPAEA the Secretary Posts has directed to make all the newly formed PAOs functional. PAOs at Raipur, Ranchi has become functional. The PAO at Dehradun has not yet started functioning. Accommodation issues are being sorted out. Hyderabad and Chennai PAOs forwarded the applications to Ranchi and the Circle authorities have approved the same. AIPAEA is making all out efforts to send the remaining volunteers from other PAOs. CHQ has discussed this issue with DDG (PAF) on 27-11-15 in detail. It is assured that as soon as the new candidates join the PAOs (By January 16 the new candidates are expected to join), the DAPs will be instructed to relieve all the volunteers. The issue is under active persuasion of the CHQ.

Comrades, AIPAEA is endeavoring to protect the interests of the Postal Accounts employees. Be it be the decentralization issue, recruitment, promotions or countering the autocratic authority, the timely reaction of the AIPAEA yielded the desired results. Our association and affiliation with Joint Action Committee of the Accounts and Audit employees and Officers Organizations, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, National Joint Council of Action (JCM constituent organizations) and National Federation of Postal Employees is strengthening our cause. These unified forces will effectively challenge the anti-employee policies. Associating with the united action retaining our independent status will enhance our confidence as a fighting force and will augur well to the organization. In coming days we have to prepare ourselves to jump into united movement to reverse the retrograde recommendations of the 7th CPC. Be prepared for the D-Day!

With Greetings,
Comradely yours

General Secretary

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