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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarter
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AIPAEA/CHQ Circular 84                                                                    Date: 05-10-2015

Dear Comrades,

Hyderabad hosting the National Women’s Workshop

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers is holding a National Women’s Workshop at Hyderabad from 09-10-15 to 10-10-15. Hyderabad COC is making full efforts to make the even a grand success. Women comrades from AIPAEA should also participate in that event. Circle leaders should contact their local COCs and try to include our comrade as delegates. The posters related to the Work Shop have been sent by post and also published in our Blog. Please get the posters from your local Confederation and give wide publicity.

Postal JCA protest
The PJCA has launched a phased programme of protest action demanding the 1. Include GDS in the purview of 7th CPC. 2. Implementing the Cadre restructuring, including the Postal Accounts 3. Filling up all vacancies belonging to all the cadres in the Department of Posts including the Postal Accounts. As a part of the third phase of the protest all the General Secretaries along with other comrades from Delhi sat in Dharna at Jantarmantar on 22-09-2015. AIPAEA General Secretary along with Com. Rana and Com. Jasbir participated in the Dharna. Department has called the Secretary Generals for discussion and requested not to go ahead with the Dharna. But, PJCA has decided to continue the protest, as there is no progress on the issues. PJCA has decided to launch indefinite strike from 23-11-2015 on the above stated demands.
Membership verification
In spite of attempts to derail the process of verification, Postal Accounts employees have overwhelmingly given the authorization forms in favour of the AIPAEA. The subscription will be deducted from the Pay of the month of October 2015 and final figures will be intimated to the Circle Office and Circle Office in turn to the Postal Directorate. As cautioned earlier all the Circle Secretaries of AIPAEA should be vigilant and see that there is no wrong reporting at any level. The irregularities noticed by the CHQ have already been brought to the attention of the higher authorities and will be pursued till rectified.
Cadre restructure of Postal Accounts
The Department has given a reply that, “Regarding restructuring of Sorter, LDC and DEO cadre in PAO’s, views of both the Associations viz. AIPAEA, BPAOEA have been called for vide letter dated 29th June, 2015. It would be processed further on receipt of necessary inputs from them.” But the fact is that AIPAEA has already given the reply and the other Association has not yet given the reply. The letter addressed by this Association is already published in our Blog.

Review of the AAO exam 2012 results
You are all aware that the AIPAEA has taken up in the Departmental Council the issue of review of the AAO exam results of SC/ST candidates. The Department has asked the opinion of the Department of Legal Affairs. Now the DOLA has sent back the file and asked the Department to send the file to the nodal Ministry DOP&T. The file has been sent to the DOP&T. There is no progress in implementation of the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Bhanker case. It is still under examination. AIPAEA will follow up both these issue with the DOP&T.

AAO Recruitment Rules
It is informed that the Department has cleared all the objections of the DOP&T. Director (PA Admin) has personally gone to the DOP&T and cleared all the doubts. This Association is told that the RRS will soon be cleared.

7th CPC Report
By this time it would have been clearly understood that the reports in the Media that the Commission has submitted its recommendations is false. It is going to be delayed. As per the understanding of the JCM leaders the delay is an engineered one. The JCM leaders met and discussed all the developments and decided to launch protest action in this regard. However, the indefinite strike by JCM constituents from 23-11-2015 has been postponed. The Confederation Secretariat is going to meet at Hyderabad on 09-10-2015 and further details will be intimated after the meeting of the Secretariat.

Stepping up Case
All the issues related to the Stepping up case have been discussed with the Advocate. The Department is preparing the replies in the Contempt case as directed by Hon’ble Tribunal. PAOs like Hyderabad and Bangalore have started disposing the pending cases after receipt of DO letter from DDG (PAF).Non-implementation of the stepping up judgment at Cuttack PAO and Ambala PAO has been explained in detail to our Advocate. We are trying to get relief in respect of entry grade; newly joined members and benefit to senior irrespective of the channel of promotion (DE/DR).

Forwarding of Applications
DDG(PAF) has been appraised of the reluctance of the DAPs to follow the directions of the PA wing. Only Hyderabad PAO has forwarded the Applications to the newly formed PAOs. DDG assured to follow up the issue with the PAOs. Ranchi PAO is functioning with 10 officials who have been transferred from Patna PAO. The new PAO wants further more strength to cope up with the work transferred. It is expected that the SSC is going to send the dossiers in r/o Junior Accountants soon to the Directorate. This will ease the shortage to some extent.

Correspondence with the Authorities
CHQ has pursued the following issues with the DDG (PAF) and Secretary Posts. Please download these letters. There are some more issues like Sorter quota diversion etc., which will be taken up as agenda for discussion in the formal meeting. CHQ would like to alert all the Circle Secretaries to take up the conversion of the vacancies in SA cadre to JA and Sorter vacancies to MTS with the DAPs for a proposal to the PA Wing.
Dear Comrades, September 2nd strike in Postal Accounts is a tremendous success in some units. Other Units where the strike is not up to the mark should review and introspect. Efforts should be stepped up to gear up the membership for the coming struggles. Without struggle nothing is going to be achieved. Be prepared for the struggle.  Struggle to safe guard the existing Rights – Struggle to Achieve.

With Greetings
General Secretary

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