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(M) G.S. 09912348500                                                                        (M): Office: 9868451466

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association

Central Headquarter
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
(Camp at: O/o D.A. (P), Hyderabad-500001)

AIPAEA/CHQ/15                                                                                Dated: 11-05-2015

Ms. Kavery Benerjee,
Secretary (Posts) & Chairman PS Board,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan,
New Delhi-110 001.

Sub:- Restructuring of Sorter, LDC and DEO cadres in PAOs – Regarding.
Ref:- 1. PA Wing Lr.no. 2(5)/09/PA-Admn.I/356 to 362 dated 10-11-2010
          2. Restructuring Committee Report.
          3. PA Wing Lr.no. 2(5)/09/PA-Admn.I/497/dated 18-07-2014 calling 
              for the views on DOP&T objections
          4. This Association reply dated 19-08-2014.
          5. PA Wing letter a/d to Staff Side no. 251(1)/14/PA-Admn I/958-959
              dated 09-02-2015 but handed over  to this Association only
               on 30-04-2015.
          6. Minutes of the PJCA meeting held on 05-02-2015 (item no.9) and 
              subsequent meeting minutes held on 30-04-2015.

Respected Madam,

 I would like to humbly submit that the PA Wing has conveyed to this Association vide the letter under reference 5 that the Cadre Restructuring proposal “cannot be considered again on the grounds that the clarification, as sought therein with regard to live posts of DEO and Sorter cadre cannot be accommodated since the sorter cadre has since been declared defunct and DEO cadre pertains to PAO Chennai only.” It is unfortunate that the recommendations of the Committee headed by DDG (PAF) concurred by the JS&FA and approved by the Secretary (P) has been negated instead of strongly justifying the grounds on which the proposal has been sent to DOP&T. It is stranger that the minutes issued to the PJCA conveyed a different impression all the time. The letter (u/r 5) has never reached this Association until the DDG (PAF) is kind enough to hand over a copy on
30-04-2015 during the PJCA meeting.

I strongly urge your good-self to cause immediate action to initiate necessary action to fully justify the recommendations of the Department of Posts on the Cadre Restructuring of the PAOs and pursue the issue at DOP&T.

With Regards,

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

Copy to:
1.    DDG (PAF) with a request to hold the meeting of the Cadre restructuring Committee at the earliest to discuss the letter u/r no.5 and to take urgent remedial measurers to expedite the approval of the Cadre Restructuring as assured in the PJCA meeting.
2.    Director (SR & Legal) for information and necessary action.
3.    Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi for information and taking immediate necessary action.
4.    Convener, PJCA for information and necessary action.

 (M) G.S. 09912348500                                                                        (M): Office: 9868451466

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association

Central Headquarter
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
(Camp at: O/o D.A. (P), Hyderabad-500001)

AIPAEA/CHQ/14                                                                                 Dated: 19-08-2014

Shri. Rajnish Kumar,
Dy. Director General (PAF),
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 001

Sub:- Restructuring of Sorter, LDC and DEO cadres in PAOs –
Ref:-     No. 2(5)/09/PA-Admn.I / 497 / PA Wing dated 18-07-2014.


The views of this Association on the points raised by the nodal Ministry are furnished below. Before answering the specific points, I would like to emphasis the point that for the decades together no cadre restructuring or review in the Postal Accounts has been undertaken. The 6th Central Pay Commission has left this task to Ministries and Departments concerned. As this important aspect is overlooked for such a long time, an element of stagnation, a gap in the skill levels required and a general sense of alienation from the Organization have crept in among the lower cadres. To remedy this and make the cadres relevant to the present and future functional requirements, this cadre review has been mooted. 

Point (i): The Cadre restructuring proposals are formulated with the participation of the Service Association. While drafting the proposals the parameters like expected changes in the Organization’s activities, proposed automation, changes in the business activities of the Department of Posts, future recruitment requirements, the need to plug the existing gaps in the skills required, stagnation and career progression and financial implications are taken into account. It is proposed to amalgamate the existing cadres of Sorter, LDC and DEO and create a new grade with the nomenclature of Accounts Assistant with the Grade Pay of Rs.2400. In fact, the DEO cadre with GP of Rs. 2400 exists in all the Organized Accounts Departments. In the Postal Accounts the DEO cadre exists in Chennai PAO only. The proposed grade is not new in the sense that it already exists in the Organized Accounts and the same was proposed with the change in the nomenclature keeping in view the duties involved in the Organization.

Point (ii): Financial implications are the matter of calculations. The Department can work on that.

Point (iii): Department can take the required approvals.

Point (iv):  DEO cadre exists only in Chennai PAO. The background for creation of this cadre may be impressed. Same Recruitment Rules in other Organized Accounts can be adopted with the change in the nomenclature.

Point (v): Desired information may please be furnished.

Point (vi): The post proposed is in PB-I, G.P. of Rs. 2400 (equal to DEO ) nomenclature as Accounts Assistant. The promotional hierarchy is Junior Accountant and Senior Accountant as per the existing Recruitment Rules. Accounts Assistant is the feeder cadre to Junior Accountant. Mode of Recruitment is through Department Examination and Staff Selection Commission.

Point (vii): Discrepancies can be corrected.

Point (viii): Para 4 & Para 5 of Memorandum on Cadre restructuring amplifies the point. Functional justification in view of the CSI, CBS and other ongoing modernization projects in the Department of Posts including the switching over to the Accrual Accounts has to be reiterated by providing latest inputs in this regard.

Point (viii) (b): The existing hierarchy of Sorter, LDC and DEO may be provided.

Point (viii)©: It is to intimate that similar restructuring is being proposed by the Departments in the Organized Accounts and IA&AD.

Point (viii)(d): The DEOs in Chennai are functioning in ex-cadre posts. They are being treated, as LDCs. Hence there will be no problem in integration. Otherwise also the DEOs would be integrated in the restructured Accounts Assistant on the basis of their date of joining the posts as would apply also for LDCs and Sorters and therefore, it shall not pose any adverse impact. There is such precedence in the Postal Department regarding merger of LDC and UDC s of Circle and SBICO offices into Postal Assistant Cadres.

In view of above submissions, I request you to cause immediate action to get the approval of Cadre restructuring proposals by the nodal Ministry. For this purpose, as suggested in UO dated 18-03-2014 a senior officer may please be deputed to thrash out the contentious issues.

With Regards, 
Yours faithfully,
General Secretary

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