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(M) G.S. 09912348500                                                                                     (M): Office: 9868451466
All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarter
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
 (Camp at: O/o DA (P), Hyderabad-500001)

AIPAEA/CHQ Circular 74/14                                                                                          Date: 28-04-14

Dear Comrades,

May Day Greetings to you all. AIPAEA salute all those comrades who sacrificed their “Todays” for our “Tomorrows”. Hoist the May Day flag on 01-05-14 and pay homage to the Martyrs. Hold lunch-hour meetings and explain the significance of the May Day and its relevance in the present circumstances. A note on May Day is published in our Blog separately. That can be used for circulation.

AIPAEA Chennai on Agitation path: Due to the autocratic attitude of the GM (Finance) Postal Accounts, Chennai, the congenial atmosphere in the office has been vitiated. Her penchant for unilateral decisions and least respect for democratic norms and dialogue have led to the present situation. This is not for the first time it is happening. Her earlier stints as DA(P) Chennai and Bangalore was also turbulent and forced employees to go on agitation. Now, about 100 employees of Chennai PAO are served with Rule-16 Charge Sheets on flimsy ground. Our comrades at Chennai started massive demonstrations against the GM. CHQ already dashed letters to the Member Finance, Advisor Finance and DDG (PAF) for immediate intervention. For the letters written by CHQ on this issue, please visit our Blog.
CHQ directs all units of AIPAEA to send Saving Grams by 02-05-14 by speed post protesting against the highhandedness of GM (Finance) Postal Accounts Chennai. The Saving Gram should be addressed to:
1. Ms. Annie Moraes,
    Member Finance,
    Department of Tele Communications,
    Sanchar Bhavan,
    New Delhi-110 001
2. Shri. Rajnish Kumar
     Dy. Director General, (PAF),
     Department of Posts,
     Dak Bhavan,
     Parliament Street,
     New Delhi – 110 001.
AIPAEA ……………………(Name of the Circle) express its anguish over the shocking act of issuance of charge sheets to 100 officials en masse by G.M (Finance) Postal Accounts, Chennai. This Association condemns this act of highhandedness and gross misuse of powers. This is not the first time for her to resort to such anti-employee actions. Her aversion to dialogue with Staff Side is well known. Her actions as Director in her previous stint at Bangalore and Chennai PAOs forced the employees to launch strong protest agitations resulting in the intervention from the Highest Authority. This Association strongly protests the arbitrary actions of GM Finance, Postal Accounts, Chennai and request your kind immediate intervention in favour of the employees to undo the injustice and restore the congenial atmosphere in PAO Chennai.
(Circle Secretary)

Campaign for Membership enrollment: I congratulate all the Circle leadership for their earnest campaign for enrollment of the members and efforts to strengthen the AIPAEA. Very encouraging reports received from Kapurthala and Lucknow. Now, only a couple of days are left for submission of the Authorization Letters to the DA (P)’s concerned. Ensure to take special interest in this regard and inform developments to the CHQ.

Stepping up Case: The clarifications issued by the Directorate on 09-04-2014 have to be complied by all the PAOs without any further doubts. Clarifications are very clear.  The contempt case is coming up for hearing on 06-05-2014. Implementation process is going on in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and Nagpur. Reports are being received from other units that the DA(P)’s concerned are not taking proper steps to start the process of payment in this regard. Election schedule may be one of the reasons for this. However, Circle Secretaries should take up the matter with the Authorities and see that the payment is made by 06-05-2014.
Immediately inform the CHQ by SMS the following information so as to enable to feed our Advocate:
1.    Whether the process of stepping up of pay started and beneficiaries identified as per the revised clarifications issued by the PA Wing?
2.    Whether Payments made?
3.    To how many officials payments are made?

Senior Accountants who entered the Department as Gr.D /Sorter: The clarification issued by the PA wing is not in tune with the spirit of the judgment. The matter has already been taken up and CHQ will ensure that these comrades will get the benefit of stepping up judgment. CHQ has prepared the draft representation to be submitted by the individuals and sent to the units by email for necessary action. I am publishing such representation separately in our Blog. It should be ensured that all affected comrades submit the representations. Some vested interests are spreading rumors against AIPAEA in this regard. AIPAEA will never compromise on the interests of the employees. We have taken all such steps to protect the interest of such comrades.

Cadre Restructuring: The file  was received back from DOP&T with some queries. PA Wing is answering those doubts and will send back the file to the DOP&T.

SA JA promotion case: The case is coming up for hearing on 29-04-2014. Let’s hope for positive results.

7th CPC issues: The questioner issued by the 7th CPC has been published in the website of the Confederation. Please go through and give suggestions and your opinions. CHQ will submit its viewpoints in due course.

NFPE Federal Executive meeting: NFPE is holding Federal Executive meeting on 01-06-2014 at New Delhi to review and to take future course of action. G.S. will attend the said meeting.

Confederation Executive meeting: Confederation is holding its Executive meeting on 30-05-14 to discuss the 7th CPC issues and to take further course of action. G.S. will be at Delhi to attend the meeting.

With Greetings,


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