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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
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AIPAEA/CHQ Circular 67                                                                                             Date: 08-03-2013

Dear Comrades,

AIPAEA has successfully held its CWC at Jaipur from 27-02-13 to 01-03-13. Delegates and Observers from 14 Circles attended the CWC. Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, Com. I.S.Dabas, General Secretary, P-4 and Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R-3 attended and addressed the CWC. AIPAEA is privileged to get the CWC inaugurated by Com. S.K.Vyasji, the senior leader and President of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers.
CWC  commenced with the flag hoisting by Com. A.P.Sastry, former President of AIPAEA(National flag), Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE (NFPE flag) and Com.S.Santosh Kumar, President AIPAEA (AIPAEA flag). Rich tributes were paid to Late Com. O.P.Gupta and other martyres. The inaugural session was graced by Sri.Dinesh Jainy, D.A(P), Jaipur and wished that the CWC a great success. Comrade S.K.Vyasji in his detailed inaugural speech explained the genesis of each demand of the Central Government employees and the struggles waged to achieve those demands.  He exhorted one and all to take the movement forward by total support and participation in future struggles. Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, congratulated all the Postal Accounts employees for their participation in the 48 hours strike from 20-21 Feb.2013. In his inspiring speech he narrated the sacrifices of our great leaders Com. Babu Tarapada, Com.Dada Gosh, Com.Adi and Com. N.J.Iyer, on whose sacrifices the NFPE has been built. It is the duty of each member to emulate these great leaders. Com. Krishnan elaborated the movements launched against the privatization and out-sourcing policies of the Central Government. The way the entire working class of Kerala stood by the two dismissed employees by raising 24 lakhs of rupees in a single day to defend the cases and to support the families of those dismissed employees is a shining example of the unity of the working class. This was possible only through sustained efforts of the leaders to organize the employees and workers. Com. Krishnan explained the sweeping changes that are going to come in the Postal Department because of the induction of large scale technology. Department is delaying the Cadre restructuring and NFPE extends full support to AIPAEA to get its Cadre restructuring proposal implemented. Secretary General advised the CWC to discuss the changes and challenges and get prepared to protect the employees. Com. I.S.Dabas explored the pre-and post 1991 scenario in the working class movement. He said that the working class and common man of this country needs…” Bheek nahin adhikar chahiye. Anudan nahin Rojgaar chahiye”  and inspired the delegates to fight for rights by strengthening the organizations through live interaction with the membership. Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R-3 advised the CWC to thoroughly review the strike participation and take measures to strengthen the Association. He wished all success to AIPAEA. Com. Changania, Advisor CoC Rajasthan also addressed the meeting.
All the senior leaders of AIPAEA, Rajasthan attended the CWC. Though they retired from service they are still active in the trade union movement. Com. Nagarji, Com. Hari Om Sharmaji, Com. Rambabu Vermaji, Com. Kumavathji, Com. Sharmaji and many more not only  participated in the Open Session but they have become part of our CWC proceedings in all the three days. CHQ conveys its regards to all these comrades.
Com. A.P.Sastry, former President AIPAEA and Com. R.S.Bagel, former Working President, AIPAEA enriched the CWC with their presence. Com.A.P.Sastry is going to retire from service on 31-03-2013. He rendered great service to our Organisation. His continuous association with AIPAEA for more than 30 years and his efforts to build the AIPAEA brick by brick can never be forgotten. CWC and Jaipur Comrades honoured com.A.P.Sastry befittingly in the Open Session. CWC also conveyed its best wishes to com. Mahato, Circle President, AIPAEA, Patna, who retired from service on 28-02-2013. His valuable services to AIPAEA will ever be remembered.
The CWC has made thorough review of the 12-12-12 and 20-21Feb. 2013 strike and discussed the steps to plug the weaknesses. The demand of the 7th CPC and 50% D.A. merger has now caught the imagination of the Railway and Defense Unions. Very soon a joint action will be initiated to achieve these demands.

The CWC has discussed among other issues 1. Recruitment in PAOs   2. Cadre re-structuring   3. Grant of CCL and attitude of Authorities in this regard   4. CCL to male widower employees,   5. Issues relating to preparation of SWR by suppressing the data by PAOs and its consequences,   6. Non-forwarding of applications to write examinations/appointment in other organizations for career betterment,   7. Filling up of back-log vacancies and non-following of Roaster in AAO officiating promotions,     8. Amendment to LDC and JA Recruitment Rules,    9. Formal meetings at the Directorate level and non-seriousness in implementing the assurances,   10. AAO Recruitment Rules,   11. Merger of Gr.C of Postal Accounts and DOT,  
 12. Diversion of S.A. vacancies and implementation at unit level.   13. non-recovery of subscription of AIPAEA by Delhi PAO, 14. Stepping up case,   15. Compassionate Appointment cases of PAOs,   16. Accommodation to AIPAEA at Circle level,   17. Contributory negligence cases of Hyderabad and Kolkata,   18. Caste validation case of Nagpur,  19. General Demands of enhancement of Advances and other Allowances,  20. G.D. and Sorter anomalies,  21. Departmental buildings to PAOs at Hyderabad, Trivendrum and Ahmedabad,  22. In-service training to PAO officials,  23. Implementation of technology in various PAOs,    24. Coordination with NFPE,   25. Revival of local Joint Action Committees of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers Organizations,   26. Nomination of AIPAEA to the Sports and Welfare Committees,   27. Strengthening of the AIPAEA units and 28. Strengthening of the CHQ.

All the delegates participated in the discussions and ventilated the problems faced by the employees at the unit level. CWC has decided to unanimously pass resolutions on the below mentioned issues and demand immediate settlement. It has also been decided to back up these resolutions with agitation program of action.
1.      Cadre restructuring
2.      Recruitment of MTS, LDC and J.A. in PAOs.
3.      Gr.D and Sorter anomalies
4.      Amendment to Recruitment Rules of LDC and Junior Accountants to restore the education qualification to Seniority cum Fitness promotion and one year residency period to graduate MTS to write LDC exam.
5.      Filling up of all back log vacancies and Roaster maintenance in Officiating AAO promotions
6.      Implementing the Stepping up judgment given by the Hon. Principal CAT, Delhi.
7.      Forwarding of applications and lifting blanket ban.
8.      Providing accommodation to AIPAEA branches in all PAOs.
9.      Protest against non-recovery of AIPAEA subscription by PAO Delhi.
10.  Providing in-service training to PAO officials
11.  Compassionate appointments to wards of diseased PAO officials
12.  Transfer of work related to Shillong PAO from W.B. Circle.

The entire proceedings of CWC were conducted in a disciplined way and the excellent arrangements made by Jaipur comrades under the leadership of Com. R.S.Gujar and Com.S.R.Meena  provided good environment for deliberations. The cultural programmes on the Open Session mesmerized all. The important thing to be noted is the involvement of all the activists, women members and the Managing Committee members of Jaipur unit in organizing this CWC meetings. Jaipur comrades should make a review in the Executive Committee meeting and make efforts to keep up this tempo forever.  CHQ and on behalf of all the delegates I convey my sincere thanks to Jaipur unit for making this event a memorable one.

General Secretary, AIPAEA summed up the entire proceedings of CWC on the final day of the meeting. The focus of this CWC is to build the AIPAEA from grass root level up to CHQ. All the Circle leaders are requested to take follow up action on the suggestions to strengthen the Association and to involve the entirety of membership in the union activities.  Let’s strive hard to take the AIPAEA to the new heights.
The CHQ will forward all the Resolutions to the Authorities. The Resolutions are not mere formality. We will back up these resolutions with appropriate programme of action. CHQ soon will chalk out the programme and intimate the units for implementation.

CHQ has filed the Caveat in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. CHQ also requesting the Department to implement the stepping up judgment without further  litigation. The case filed in the CAT Chennai will come up for hearing in this month. CHQ will inform the further developments in this case.
You are all aware that the Railway Accounts Association has won the case of payment of arrears from 01-01-1996 to 18-03-2003 in the parity matter. CHQ is keenly watching the progress in this matter. Appropriate action will be taken by the CHQ. In the CWC it has been decided to raise funds from the members to
fight the cases in the Court of law. I request all the units to rise up to the occasion.

Finally, order has been issued by the PA wing and the same order could have been issued by the PA wing two years back. AIPAEA has provided all the material and orders to the Department, but of no avail due to the negative stand taken by some officers. I convey my sincere thanks to all the Authorities for taking a favourable decision in this regard.

Now the issue has reached the final stage. I thank Com. S.K.Vyasji for his efforts in this case. It is expected that the file will be signed and sent to DOP soon.

Still the stay order issued by Hon’ble CAT Patna is in force. The next date of hearing in this case is on 20-03-13. Only after the vacation of the stay order the Department can declare the results.

March 8th is International Women’s Day. My greetings to all our women comrades on this day.  AIPAEA will always remember the contribution of our lady members in strengthening our Organisation. They are the cause of success of many movements launched by AIPAEA and NFPE. There is every need to strengthen the participation of women employees in the activities of AIPAEA. It is our duty to ensure that the funds in the  gender budget at the Circle level is properly utilized.  At all Circles the AIPAEA leadership should take up the issues of providing ladies room and other amenities to our lady comrades.  Involve the lady comrades and get their needs represented through AIPAEA to spend funds from the gender budget. Celebrate the International Women’s Day by organising meetings by inviting eminent personalities form outside. These meetings can be organized in the next week i.e. 11-03-13 to 15-03-13. CHQ may please be informed of such meetings and send photographs of those meetings so that same can be placed in our blog.
All India Conference of P-3 with 4000 delegates and guests is going to take place at Trivendrum from 10-03-13 to 12-03-13. Though I have been invited, I could not participate due to my ill-health. I am forced to cancel my tickets. AIPAEA wishes the AIC a grand success.

NFPE is organizing East Zone Study Camp at Guwahati  from 27-04-2013 to 28-04-2013. AIPAEA units from Kolkata, Cuttack and Guwahati should participate in the Study Camp. Circle Secretary and another delegate from each of these units should participate in the Study Camp. General Secretary will also join the study camp. Travel arrangements should be made in advance. Circle Secretary, Kolkata should make efforts to invite two activists from Shillong to the Study Camp.

Comrades, the next CWC will be held at Lucknow after six months. Let’s work hard. Let’s implement all the decisions and suggestions emerged at Jaipur and strengthen our AIPAEA.

With Struggle Greetings,
Comradely Yours,
General Secretary


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    Kotresh HB
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