Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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AIPAEA/CHQ/ Circular 44/                                                                                    Dated 02-11-2010 

Dear comrades,

Happy Depavali! Let the festival of lights drive away the darkness in the hearts and minds!!

I came to Delhi 0n 22-10-10 to attend the Departmental programme at Ghajiabad Postal Training Centre on Technology Development in the Department of Posts. But the programme was deferred for the reasons not known to us. To avail this opportunity I have also asked our President Com. S. Santhosh Kumar and Com. P. Rajanayagam, former Secretary General to come to Head Quarters with a view to finalize the Charter of Demands, Resolutions and preparing the Accounts and handing over of records. They have come.
Meeting with Member (Finance)
                As decided in our AIC the following resolutions were handed over to the Member. 1) Local officiating / ad-hoc arrangement in AAO cadre in DOT. 2) All India Seniority list of S.As. 3) Revised Recruitment Rules of AAO cadre and enhancing the SCF quota. 4) Holding of AAO (earlier called JAO) examination at the earliest 5) Issuance of Transfer policy guidelines and 6) Merger of left out Accounts cadres of DOP and DOT. A very positive reaction and assurance from the Member on the resolutions and various issues discussed is heartening. Besides Member we have met DDG(FEB),Director(SEA),and Sri. S.K. Mishra (GM Finance,NICF and requested them to expedite the issues related to us.
Meeting with JS&FA
Various issues affecting the functioning of PAOs have been discussed. JS&FA has agreed to give further impetus to training to the PAO staff. It is a good interaction and such meetings will be helpful to make the authorities understand the field realities and find amicable solutions.
                                                           Resolutions on various issues adopted in the AIC
The following resolutions which were adopted by the 19th All India Conference at New Delhi were given to JS&FA, DDG (PAF).
1.       Harassing attitude of DA(P), Cuttack for imposing punishment to the AIPAEA functionaries
2.       Exorbitant rate of out-turn for Data Entry of discharged Cash Certificates at DA(P) Jaipur.
3.       Extension of date of submission of Circle Abstract
4.       Vindictive punishment to 23 officials working in CC section at the DA(P) office of Lucknow
5.       Induction and Refresher Training to the PAO Staff.
6.       Problem of Raipur PAO
7.       Kolkata building issue
8.       Punishments to officials working in PAO in the name of contributory negligence.
9.       Waive recovery of over payment to DEOs at PAO Chennai.
As directed by the AIC a letter has also been addressed to the DDG (PAF) to repatriate Com. D.K. Mukharjee to his parent office Patna at the earliest. The discussion held in this regard is positive and soon repatriation may take place. Hard copies of the above stated resolutions and  the letters  are enclosed with this circular.
Conversion of vacancies in LDC cadre under Sorter Quota to Gr. D to LDC quota
There are many posts lying vacant in the LDC cadre under Sorter quota (D.E & SCF) because of the non availability of the eligible Sorter officials for  promotion and at the same time there may be eligible Gr.Ds who passed 8th class/who passed Departmental Exam for promotion to LDC, awaiting promotion. The issue was taken up with the
DDG PAF) and it was agreed to covert the quota if specific proposal is received from the units. Hence, I request you to ask the DA (P)s wherever promotion awaiting Gr.Ds are there, to send the proposal for conversion stating 1) how many vacancies are there in LDC under Sorter quota 2) How many eligible Gr.Ds are awaiting promotion to LDC cadre 3)specific request to convert such vacancies. Already such proposal from Hyderabad has been received and file is under process.
Clarification on MACP entry grade
This matter was taken up with the PA Wing and already clarification was issued. Wherever an official joined office as Gr.D/Sorter and afterwards appeared for LDC exam and appointed as LDC against the Direct Recruitment vacancy, the entry grade will be LDC and not Sorter/Gr.D  for counting the number of promotions.  This will enable them to get 3rd promotion under MACP. Such type of cases may be there in older PAOs. To determine the entry grade for counting the service and number of promotions for the purpose of MACP is whether the promotion is against Direct Recruitment vacancy or not.
Accrual based Accounting system in the Department of Posts
Department is getting ready to switchover to Accrual Accounting system from the present actual cash system. Two H.Os at Delhi are under pilot project for this. The necessary technical support and software is being given by Accenture. The Committee appointed for this purpose under the chairperson of the CPMG Orissa has completed its report and it is under submission to the Secretary Posts. It is learnt that the committee has recommended Division as the basic accounting unit. Some authorities are favouring  Region as accounting unit for accrual accounting. By default the Postal Accounts set up will get affected. For some time two streams of accounting systems will continue but after the pilot study and stabilization the Department will switch over to the new system. In another development the DOT has entrusted the Centre for Good Governance to study the Integrated Finance Advise system in the Department of Posts with specific reference to the cadre restructuring of P&T Accounts and Finance Service. This will also by default effect the structure of PAO and other cadres. Hence, we have to carefully study the developments and react. There may be a need to convene the CWC. I request you to be prepared for journey at short notice.
Cadre Review of Postal Accounts
You all know that long back we have submitted our proposal for the cadre review and demanded for constituting a Committee at the earliest. Now the PA wing has processed the file and order may be issued next week. The Committee will be under the chairmanship of DDG (PAF) with Director (Admn), Director(IA) and Staff Side members including President and General Secretary of AIPAEA. The Committee may be asked to complete the process within a short period.
LDC Recruitment Rules
LDC recruitment Rules have been finalized and sent for notification. Hereafter +two will be the required qualification for Direct Recruitment. There will be no change in r/o eligibility for D.E. and SCF. After release of the notification examination will be held.
MTS Recruitment Rules
The Department of Posts is about to finalize the Recruitment Rules for MTS and the same will be applicable for PAO also.
Holding of JAO/AAO examination
We are trying our level best to get the examination held at the earliest. We have discussed the matter with the PA wing authorities as well as Member (Finance). The delay is due to non-finalization of Recruitment Rules by the DOT. This cannot infinitely delay the holding of exams and the exams can be held as per the existing R.Rs. This may find acceptance with the authorities and a decision may be taken in this regard soon.
Finalization of R.Rs and notification of Seniority list of Senior Accountant
The need to expedite these two issues has been brought to the notice of the Member (Finance) and the Member has assured to get these issues settled at the earliest. The matter has also been discussed with Shri. S.K. Mishra and sought his help in this regard.
Problems of newly formed PAOs
Due to the stand taken by DG (Posts) for review of the functional necessity of newly formed PAOs, a peculiar situation has arisen and newly formed PAOs are facing severe functional difficulties in terms of accommodation and staff strength. At Ranchi a new building was hired in the month of December ‘2009 but that was not handed over to the PAO and now the Postal authorities are mooting an idea to utilize that building for other purpose. This has been stiffly opposed. The problems of newly formed PAOs including Raipur, Ranchi, etc. have been discussed with the authorities. NFPE has been requested to take up the matter.  A letter in this regard has been addressed to the Secretary Posts. The PAOs are reeling under acute staff shortage. Authorities should understand how the functions can be carried out under these circumstances. 
Gr. B status to the Senior Accountants
The DOP&T has issued notification classifying the officials drawing Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 as Gr. B (non-Gazetted) and the Department of Posts and DOT issued orders to that extant. Still the PA wing has not issued any orders for the recovery of Group Insurance at the new rates from these officials. The issue has been discussed with the authorities and a letter was also addressed in this regard bringing out all our arguments. It is hoped that the issues will be settled favourably.
Charter of Demands
As decided in the 19th All India Conference the committee appointed under the convenorship of
 Com. Veeresh, Circle Secretary, Bangalore has sent the Departmental Demands and out of those demands a priority charter has been prepared. This priority charter of demands has been submitted to the Secretary, Department of Posts, New Delhi for favourable settlement. The achievement of these demands is very much essential and important. Hence, there is every need to popularize these demands among the employees of Postal Accounts, unite them and agitate. Unless a strong agitation is not backed no charter will succeed. All the Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries should shoulder the responsibility to make this charter a reality. The charter and the programme of action are given below. The programme chalked out should be implemented by the units in letter and spirit. The report of implementation should be sent to the CHQ.

1.       Expedite Recruitment in all cadres in all PAOs.
2.       Implement the cadre restructuring proposals in the PAOs. Constitute cadre re-structuring committee with due representation of AIPAEA.
3.                 3    A) Expedite the notification of All India seniority list of Senior Accountants causing the filling up of    
                 AAO vacancies in PAO & CCA offices. B) Conduct Part II & Part I JAO/AAO exam 
4.                 4.   Restore the post of Member (Finance) in the Postal Services Board and strengthen the Postal 
                 Accounts Wing by bringing all the streams of accounts cadres under him.
5.               5.     A) Construct Departmental buildings to PAOs like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jammu, Trivandrum, 
                Patna  etc. B) Retain the British India Road building at Kolkata or accommodate entire PAO at 
                Yogayog Bhawan at Kolkata.
6.              6.      Ensure full pledged functioning of newly formed PAOs in all the Postal Circles by providing required 
                staff  strength and proper accommodation. B) Repatriate all the officials of Kapurthala PAO who are
                posted in Jammu against their willingness.
7.             7.   A) Stop victimization of PAO staff in the name of contributory negligence and withdraw the charge 
               sheets  given to the PAO Staff at Hyderabad and Kolkata for C.C frauds that took place at Postoffices.
               B) Withdraw the charge sheets given to the PAO staff/AIPAEA Office Bearers at Lucknow, Cuttack  
              & Patna on flimsy grounds due to the vindictive attitude of authorities.
8.      8.      Provide induction and periodical refresher training to Junior/Senior Accountants and AAOs.
9.            9.      Ensure specified role to PAO as stipulated by the Ministry of Finance in all Business Development
              /Financial activities of the Postal Department.
10       10.  Restore the residency period of 3years in r/o Junior Accountant to Senior Accountant promotion
              retrospectively with effect from 13-12-2006.
11    11.  Rectify the anomaly caused due to promotion of junior Gr.D officials to LDC cadre after 2006 in PAOs
             where as a senior GrD official promoted earlier remaining in Sorter cadre/becoming junior in LDC cadre.
12   12.   Ensure post offices to send the Cash Account Returns to PAO in time in complete form to enable the  
             PAO to submit the Circle Abstract in time.
Programme of Action
Campaign week should be organized from 22-11-2010 to 26-11-2010. During this week handbills should be published, Postering should be done, group meetings should be held to popularize the charter of demands. On the final day i.e. on 26-11-2010 General Body meetings should be held and the Charter should be submitted to the Head of the Office in mass deputation with a request to forward the Charter to the Secretary, Department of Posts and DDG (PAF). Implementation of the programme should be intimated to CHQ by each and every unit.
JAC meeting
The JAC meeting of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers Organizations was held on 28-10-10 & 29-10-10 and reviewed the developments. The Convenor Com.Brigu reported that with the intervention of com. Basudeva Acharya, M.P. the tabling of the resolution against the implementation of the Award on Parity in the Parliament did not take place in the last session. But it is expected that the Government may table the resolution in the coming Winter Session. The JAC delegation met Smt. Sushma Swaraj, M.P. and also other leaders in the Parliament and requested them to oppose the introduction of the resolution. It is also intimated that the JAC leaders are going to meet the leaders Shri.Satya Prakash Chatruvedi, and Shri. Murali Manohar Joshi, in this connection. Implementation of the award is very much essential to uphold the principle and to safeguard the parity in the coming days. It is felt that the fire should be kindled once again among the leaders and the membership to build the movement not only to achieve the parity but also the other demands In the JAC charter, like cadre restructuring in the organized accounts. It is proposed to hold a Joint extended Committee meeting of the Constituent organizations in the near future.
National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers
The Circular of the Confederation has already been placed in the Blogspot of aipaea. The meeting reviewed the 7th September Strike and felt the need for improved participation in such calls. The National Council meeting will be held at Bombay on 01-12-10 and charter of demands will be finalized in the said Council. In pursuance of those demands a protest march will be organized to Parliament most probably in the month of March ‘2011. It is strongly felt that the present anomaly committee meetings may not fetch much to the employees and wage revision for every five years should be demanded.
Federal Executive of NFPE
Hyderabad is going to host the Federal Executive meeting of the NFPE on 10-12-10. I am extending hearty welcome to all our NFPE leaders to Hyderabad and wish successful deliberations.
All India Conference of SBCO & Civil Wing employees
The first All India conference of “All India SBCO Employees Association” & “All India Postal Civil Wing Employees Association” is going to take place at Hyderabad on 11th and 12th December’2010. Welcome to all the delegates! I wish all the success.
Strengthen the CHQ
Strengthen the CHQ financially and also by sharing your opinions and ideas. In the last Circular CHQ has given a call to contribute Rs.100/-per member as a special fund from bonus contributions. CHQ is in need of funds. Please remit the special fund as well as monthly quota immediately. Don’t forget to send the copy of bank pay-in-slip so as to enable to identify the unit which send the money.
Respond timely …. Make the AIPAEA Vibrant!
Comrades, it is your response which keeps the organization vibrant. Respond immediately to the call of the CHQ. Respond immediately and send the information required. Visit our Blogspot and Respond. Build the Communication and bridge the gaps. Lets’ March forward together.

With Greetings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Comradely Yours
General Secretary


  1. Sir,

    I am anxiously waiting for AAO Exams , could you please oblige to tell me the when the same is going to be held. My e-mail id is ashishkrghosh@gmail.com

  2. I'm a postal staff,want to know about AAO exam.
    When and how this exam to be held , please inform me.Is there any probasion in postal department for the same exam.If yes then kindly sent me the nessery information.My e-mail id is given below...


    with best regards

    Debabrata Biswas

  3. I'm a postal staff,want to know about AAO exam.
    When and how this exam to be held , please inform me.Is there any probasion in postal department for the same exam.If yes then kindly sent me the nessery information.My e-mail id is given below...

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