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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
Central Headquarters
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DDA Flat, New Delhi – 110018
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AIPAEA/CHQ/Cir-41/ Dt.07-07-2010

Dear Comrades,

Federal Council Meeting of NFPE – 20th to 22nd June’2010

     The national council of the mighty Postal Organization, NFPE’s VIII Federal Council Meeting was held at New Delhi w.e.f 20th June to 22nd June’2010. As the VII Federal Council Meeting was held at Kolkata during October’2007, the F/C Meeting becomes due only after October’2010. Since Com. K. Ragavendran, Secretary General, NFPE is due for superannuation on 30th June’2010, Federal Secretariat concurred with his desire to pre-pone the Federal Council Meeting and held accordingly. The inaugural session was enriched by Dr. M.K. Pandhe, National Vice-President, CITU at Muktadhara Auditorium, Banga Sanskriti Bhawan, New Delhi on 20-06-2010. Many leaders from C.G/P&T movement participated in the session. Ninety five Federal Councilors representing six affiliates of NFPE and near equal number of Observers/fraternal delegates attended the meeting. On behalf of AIPAEA, a total of seven comrades attended the meeting.

     Detailed deliberations on various issues affecting the future of DOP as well as career prospects of employees were held. Further, the attitudes of the authorities were criticized by many Councilors. It was decided to strengthen our organization to safe-guard our interests as well as Department’s; strengthen through struggle; to struggle vigorously! To carry forward our aims of decent living in DOP, Councilors endorsed the call for Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 13th July’ 2010 – synchronizing with the observance of 50th Anniversary of historic Strike of 1960.

     For the tenure of 2010 to 2013, a new team of NFPE office-bearers under the Secretary Generalship of veteran Postal leader, Com. M. Krishnan from Kerala has been unanimously elected. On behalf of AIPAEA, Com. D. S. Chouhan, Circle Secretary, Delhi Circle and AGS of AIPAEA, CHQ has been elected as one of the Vice-Presidents of NFPE.

     Felicitation to out-going Secretary General, Com. K.R. (as he is popularly known) was done in a befitting manner. Each and every one from far and near appreciated his long service in the Postal organization in various capacity; in depth knowledge in respect of demands/issues raised; lucid presentation of issues; smooth and nice co-ordination among leaders of all stature; his role in taking NFPE to technological leap far ahead of other organizations, both in terms of Trade Unions and Departments! AIPAEA salutes Com. K. R. for his undeniable contribution made to Postal comrades. CHQ had requested him to grace our next AIC at New Delhi w.e.f. 14th to 17th August’2010. As I am relinquishing the post of General Secretary, AIPAEA in the ensuing AIC of ours, I was also given felicitation by the Federal Council, NFPE.

13th July Indefinite Strike by Postal JCA

      As you are aware, DOP is bent upon implementing various measures in the name of reducing expenditure/increasing profitability without bothering Staff side; ignoring their genuine concern as well as their pivotal role in executing any scheme proposed in the Department. Our staff fora to settle/negotiate our grievances are not put to proper use and our various proposals are not given any thought; instead many decisions taken and implemented arbitrarily! Various Multi-national Consultants/Committees have been appointed: 1) Multi-national Consultant McKinsey appointed for Structural Re-organization of Postal Services, 2) Appointment of ‘Accenture’ a MNC Technology Consultant with its telling impact on Staff and Services, 3) Appointment of another Committee consisting of Charted Accountants, overtly to introduce Accrual based Accounting system in DOP facilitating Core banking Solution in DOP, covertly for Corporatization of DOP and also to marginalize Postal Accounts. To sensitize our authorities and to settle our genuine issues/demands, there is no other way than going for Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 13th July’2010. Without agitation, without struggle, authorities may not come for any reasonable settlement on our core issues. Let us mobilize and be ready for action to have our rights restored; our voice heard.

DOP has issued instructions to all HOCs to deal with the Strike. Further, the Action Taken Report issued by DOP is not at all in consonance with our requirement. There is no other alternative to serious struggle as decided.

Postal JCA is to meet on 11th evening in the Federation Office and review the position in its entirety.

19th All India Conference of AIPAEA

As I have informed earlier, because of my domestic compulsion as well as Promotion to the cadre of AAO, I have to, per se relinquish the post of General Secretary, AIPAEA. Hence our AIC due after September’2010 is advanced to the month of August, viz, our All India Conference shall be held from 14-08-2010 to 17-08-2010 at Garhwal Bhawan, near Jhandenwala Metro Railway Station, New Delhi. All CHQ Office-bearers and Delegates (one delegate for every 50 paid up membership) / Observers may reach the venue before 9.00 am (as CWC Meeting shall commence at 10 am) on 14th August and shall depart the venue only on 17th night. Notifications are being issued immediately. Tickets and personal programs may be arranged accordingly.

You are aware that our 18th AIC (during 2008) held at Trivandrum initiated the process of conducting Seminar by Associations/Unions amongst the affiliates of NFPE; followed by Symposium in the CWC Meeting held at Bhopal in the month of November’2009. This 19th AIC to be held at New Delhi shall have intermingling of relevant Topics to our staff, presented by experts; from among Leaders/Professionals/Officers along with our agenda.

     Further, CHQ desires to felicitate our leaders: all our former President/General Secretary, all prominent leaders of NFPE and Confederation. CHQ feels it as our bounden duty to honour some Officials/Officers who did yeoman service in the process of Merger of Accounts cadres of DOP and DOT. CHQ shall bear their TA/DA (Third A.C. train fare) and Unit may help them in accompanying and reaching the venue.

    As you are aware, to host our AIC and conduct the entire event in a befitting manner requires sufficient money. CHQ is not that much financially sound. You have always nurtured and helped the CHQ in the past to overcome all difficulties it faced. I earnestly hope and thus request all Units and our membership including our erstwhile comrades to contribute liberally to show it again that AIPAEA can do things better, far ahead of its colleagues. All Units are requested to ensure contribution of Rs.20/- per member to CHQ as Special Fund for Conference and Units may go for Special collection of Rs.100/- for this purpose/expenditure involved.
                 Officiating Order – AAO cadre

To facilitate posting of qualified AAOs in their home-circles, particularly in Chennai and Trivandrum, authorities withdrew the earlier order of Officiating promotion issued by PA Wing dated 07-07-2006. This caused reversion to many Sr. Accountants who were officiating as JAO/AAO. Subsequently, there was a move to do away with the monopoly of officiating promotion by Sr. Accountants as AAOs. CHQ took up the issue and ensured no tampering with the existing facility and demanded to expand the scope and purview of PA Wing letter dated 07-07-2006 to include the vacancies arising in Telecom Accounts also. On this issue I had repeated meetings with the Member (Finance), Advisor, DDG (FEB) and Group leader for Merger (from DOT) apart from authorities in PA Wing. They have agreed to restore and retain the monopoly of Sr. Accountants’ in the officiating/ad hoc promotion as AAO and to extend this arrangement to Telecom Accounts too. As this involves two departments, this should be dealt as ad hoc promotion instead of existing officiating promotion. This may take some more time, and hence, acceding to our request, the new DDG (PAF) Shri P. K. Sinha caused issuance of this order of officiating promotion to AAO cadre in PA Wing from our Sr. Accountants alone until comprehensive order for ad hoc promotion is issued by DOT. Amendments to the Recruitment Rules of AAO/ AO/Sr. AO cadres are being processed and CHQ is in continuous touch with it.

Group-C cadres – DOT

DOT held its (CCAs) meeting last week at Ghaziabad in order to finalize the list of candidates for absorption; to be completed before our proposed Indefinite Strike w.e.f 13th July as one of the demands being ‘Amalgamation of Group-C Accounts cadres’. As DOP is totally against the proposal of Merger, DOT wants absorption from other Departments at the earliest. But this may create problem in respect of JAs/SAs as they are common cadres of Organized Accounts depts.

ACP case

      You are aware that the ACP Scheme of 1999 forbids equal treatment to Promote officials on par with Direct Recruited officials. Through our continued struggle PA Wing accepted our stand for equal treatment to Promotes & DR officials. Citing the Supreme Court’ judgment in r/o Haryana State Govt. employees, they recommended Equal treatment to Promotes, but the Dept of Per. & Trg. did not accept them. Thus, it was decided in our last All India Conference held at Trivandrum to seek legal remedy at Pr. CAT, Delhi. Accordingly, AIPAEA CHQ had filed two cases, (1) for Stepping up the pay of Seniors on par with Juniors who got higher pay scale and (2) to declare Up gradation of Sr. Accountant from Jr. Accountant cadre is not a Promotion for the purpose of granting ACP 1999 scheme.

     In the meantime, some comrades from Nagpur PAO had approached the CAT there. The CAT there had given judgment in favour of our stand based on the judgment of hon’ble Supreme Court. It is to be seen the next move of DOP and D.O.P&T towards its implementation.

 MACP - Anomalies

        The sub-committee constituted to address those innumerable anomalies emanating from MACP has met once on 25-05-2010 and declared to meet soon, without specifying any date. The items submitted for discussions and the minutes of the items discussed are enclosed herewith. Units may inform CHQ in writing, to take up any (new) justified items to be included for future discussions.

Ahmedabad PAO – issue

CHQ is happy to inform all branches that settlement of Accounts relating to previous years and Headquarter quota dues have been amicably resolved. CHQ deputed Coms. Santosh Kumar, Dy. General Secretary and K. S Rana, Finance Secretary to Ahmedabad PAO to settle the issue amicably. They have done it with much ease. Comrades H. P. Mehta, Thomas, J. K. Chouhan and committee members at Ahmedabad have co-operated with the delegation. Kudos to all involved in arriving settlement! CHQ desires and invites all these three comrades along with other delegates/ observers to attend our AIC at New Delhi, next month without fail.

Circle Conference

It is reported that Jallandhar/Kapurthala Unit is getting ready for holding next biennial Conference soon; within July. Conference should not be limited to holding of Election. The Report, Accounts, issues taken up with the authorities, settled and pending issues and any other matter having relevance are to be discussed. On confirmation of date, CHQ shall depute one Office-bearer there.

Remittances to CHQ

All units are requested to clear their dues and remit them in to the CHQ Bank Account to avoid carrying them all the way to New Delhi. CHQ is yours and if you strengthen it financially, you are strengthening yourself and your Unit. All Units must ensure their participation, particularly small/younger offices like Guwahati, Jammu, Chhatisgargh, Ambala, Ahmedabad etc.

With revolutionary greetings,

Fraternally yours


General Secretary

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