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AIPAEA/CHQ/Cir-13/575 Dt.: 25-03-2007

All Circle Secretaries,
Office Bearers of CHQ and All Members

Dear Comrades,

I. PAO demands - Dharna on 20.02.2007 & aftermath

Hope the day long Dharna focusing 3 items affecting PAO staff has been observed in your unit on 20.02.2007. Reports from some units are yet to be received at CHQ. However this had a telling effect on authorities: (1) regarding Restoration of 3 years period from Jr. Acctt. to Sr. Acctt. Cadre, PA Wing has written letter to all other Organized Accounts Offices to ensure whether the provision of 3 year period is still continuing (2) regarding upgradation /merger of Sorter cadre with LDC cadre, JS & FA has written D.O. reminder while DDG (PAF) has agreed to have a personal meeting with the concerned authorities at Department of Finance.

Regarding CC fraud, it is learnt, now CBI is scanning the case of Raniganj (West Bengal) and Amalapuram (Andhra Pradesh) and may go further. It has been communicated to our authorities that innocent officials from PAOs due to any peripheral lapses should not be implicated. Kolkata comrades working in CC section have prepared a note pointing out the non-confirming / following of rules and procedures as per the Postal Accounts manuals in r/o CC works which has ultimately lead to non-detection of frauds.

It is also learnt that Department is moving ahead with the plan to outsource the Issue item of CC work in order to clear the huge backlog arrears and empowering the circle heads to proceed in this respect. CHQ is ascertaining the correct information in this regard and then to have a discussion on this count.

On 22.03.2007 G/s AIPAEA alongwith S/G NFPE, G/s P3 & G/s. GDS met DDG (PAF) and discussed the serious problems affecting Kolkata and Hyderabad Comrades in r/o. CC related problems and punishment under rule 16 of Kolkata comrades. AIPAEA stressed for amicable settlement at the earliest.

II. Postal JCA – Dharna on 23.02.2007 & aftermath

As communicated earlier mass Dharna was held on 23.02.2007 inside the campus of Dak Bhawan. Massive participation of members, more than one thousand, was noticed and the decision to go on Indefinite strike was announced.

On 20.03.2007 Postal JCA met and reviewed the developments and decided to go on Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 24.04.2007 and to issue strike notice on 09.04.2007. Campaign tour program has been finalized (Postal JCA Circular and Tour Program copy enclosed). All units are requested to have effective laison with other affiliates of NFPE and co-ordinate with Postal JCA for effective mobilization and implementation of the Central Call. Our item of Restoration of 3 years period for promotion of Jr. Acctts to Sr. Acctts cadre has been incorporated in the strike charter of demands.

III. Oral deposition before VI CPC at Chennai.

Similar to other affiliates of Federations Postal Accounts and Circle office organizations had joint oral deposition at Chennai on 06.03.2007 (G/s and President CHQ represented AIPAEA). As pay scales and cadre structure has already been discussed on 25.01.2007, we mainly focused on two issues (i) Regular scale and regularization of Data Entry Operators of Chennai PAO & (ii) to Review ACP scheme. As the case of Data Entry Operator is sub-judice, Chairman declined to have his recommendations.

In respect of ACP scheme, a lively discussion took place and we had a chance to pour our views effectively and forcefully; Chairman went through the Supreme Court judgment in r/o ACP scheme directing to treat Promotes on a par with DR officials. On this issue we focused four items for their consideration and acceptance:

(1) ACP upgradation for every eight years period.
(2) Four upgradation under ACP scheme, 8th, 16th, 24th and 32nd years.
(3) To do away with discrimination to promotes and treat them on par with DR officials in granting upgradations under ACP scheme.
(4) To make applicable the FR/SR provision of stepping up of pay to seniors in case junior is drawing higher pay.

Other developments relating to ACP scheme

As communicated earlier, DOP had sent a strongly recommended letter to D.O. Per. & Trg based on AIPAEA letter (citing Supreme Court Judgement) to treat the Promotes on par with DR officials and grant ACP upgradation to all. Now, D.O. Per & Trg has asked for certified copy of the S.C. Judgement and the same is being provided soon. Another judgement of Supreme Court dating back to 1999 has also been brought to the notice of DDG (PAF). Thus this issue is pushed with all possible pressures/methods. If further delay/hurdle takes place, then CHQ will opt for litigation early.

IV. Unit visit by G/S.

After oral deposition at Chennai on 06.03.2007, G/s visited Cuttack on 12.03.2007. Cuttack unit is housed in a compact departmental building. G.B. meeting was held in the spacious R. Club and members participated enthusiastically; all recent developments were shared with members.

On 13.03.2007, G/s reached Kolkata and attended the inaguaral session of R IV AIC and reached our office at Yogayog Bhawan in the evening. Apart from this departmental building another rented building houses the other half of staff members. On 14.03.2007, we had Committee meeting and during evening hours General house meeting was held which lasted upto 7 p.m. The serious problems of punishment under Rule 16, Suspension of PAO officials for non-detecting CC frauds and possible escalation of such victimization were mainly raised and debated. Comrades working in CC section had taken pains to prepare a note establishing the failure of PAO authorities in not following the required procedures as enunciated in Postal Accounts Manuals which had ultimately lead to non-detection of CC frauds and consequent suspension of PAO officials.

On 15.03.2007 alongwith circle leaders, G/s AIPAEA and S/G NFPE met G.M. Finance and discussed; stressed to revoke punishment under Rule 16 and suspension of officials. Hope for positive results early.

On 16.03.2007 G/s reached Patna. Our unit is housed in three different rented buildings, new departmental building is under construction. Lunch hour meeting was arranged; Organising Secretary, Confederation, Com. Jaganath Singh, Circle Secretaries P3 and P4 addressed the meeting; described the attacks faced by Central employees in general and postal employees in particular. G/s explained the problems faced by Postal Accounts employees, pending demands and issues related to VI CPC, IR, Pay Parity etc.

In a nutshell, the visit of these three units is a grand success; interaction and enthusiasm of the leaders and members alike are certainly praiseworthy!

During evening hours G/s went to Com. Amaresh Thakur’s residence and stayed there. Now, he is relieved off his worry; last daughter’s marriage has taken place; except a portion of leave-encashment all the entitlements have been received. On 17.03.2007 G/s left Patna and reached CHQ on 18.03.2007.

V. Apex JAC (Accounts & Audit)

Apex JAC held its meeting on 13.03.2007 and decided that 3rd April shall be observed as Wake up Call Day by holding lunch hour demonstration explaining the developments relating to Arbitration Award of Pay Parity (JAC circular enclosed).

VI. DoT & PAO amalgamation

Association have been asked to give their views / suggestions on the tentative terms of reference proposed by the Committee on or before 26.03.2007. Another meeting of Inter-departmental Committee is slated to be held on 29.03.2007.

VII. Items Proposed for Departmental JCM:

All affiliates of Federation are asked to give items for departmental JCM and AIPAEA proposed the following & items;

1. Restoration of 3 year period for promotion from JA Cadre to Sr. Acctt. Cadre.
2. Imparting induction training to Jr. Acctts. & JAOs; Refresher courses as well as work related computer training to PAO staff; establishing zonal training centres in PAOs.
3. For functioning of new PAOs avoid delay in hiring of buildings to new PAOs and also to take immediate action to fill up the posts / vacancies in new PAOs for effective functioning; also to safeguard them from abolition.
4. Better utilization of JAO qualified officials in the process of modernization of PAOs as done in IA & AD; to introduce Adhoc JAO scheme as done in IA & AD
5. Restore Adhoc promotions in PAO exceeding the period of 180 days.

AIPAEA’s proposal to operate the vacant posts of Sr. Acctts. Cadre in Jr. Acctt. Cadre (similar to AAO posts in JAO cadre) is being processed positively at Directorate and relevant direction may be issued soon!

VIII Confederation Meet on 09-04-2007 at Nagpur

Confederation is scheduled to meet on 09.04.2007 at Nagpur to revive or form COCs in the states concerned.

It is understood that three Committees have been formed to go through the matters affecting future of Central Govt. Employees as supplement to the functioning of VI CPC. They are supposed to study and recommend the ways and means by which the existing system of Time Scale, Annual Increment, Promotion based on Seniority etc. to be replaced with Performance Related Pay to Officials / team of Officials; to quantify the existing fringe benefits to officials and thereby the Govt. to wriggle out from the provisions of existing job security and other facilities; to revise or replace the existing defined terminal benefits both to the Pensioners and the serving employees with the intent to minimize the liability on Govt ! Serious attacks are on the way!!

IX. Biennial Conference and election at units

Many units have already started the process of conducting Biennial Conference and election and the remaining units are asked to follow suit soon, under intimation to CHQ.

X. Enroll Membership

As you are aware, April is the month to take stock of our performance and our acceptability. We have to ensure maximum number of our staff enrolled in AIPAEA and restore its monopoly in PAO. For the purpose of CHQ record, all units are requested to forward a copy of list of members as on the month of January 2007 as obtaining from the cashier. Details requested by CHQ in the previous circulars may be complied at once.

XI. Remittances

Remittances of monthly quota and Bonus collection @ Rs. 50/- per member may be ensured, without any further delay. At present, CHQ Fund has depleted to the bottom; NFPE quota for 3 year has to be cleared soon. CHQ repeats its requests to clear all the dues and also to donate additional one month quota to clear at least a part of NFPE quota and one year Confederation quota. CHQ accounts statements are being sent soon.

With revolutionary greetings

Fraternally Yours

(P. Rajanayagam)
General Secretary

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