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AIPAEA/CHQ/Cir-35/ Dt.15-12-2009
Dear Comrades,

CWC Meeting held at BHOPAL – 12th to 14th November
I convey my regrets for delay in reporting the decisions taken in our CWC Meeting held at Bhopal as I was expecting some good results to be informed to you all, which is still eluding; also due to the advice to take into account the decisions to be arrived at in the larger bodies like Confederation, Federal Executive and Apex JAC meetings!

At the outset I, congratulate the host unit, Bhopal under the leadership of Com. R.S. Baghel & team, for their excellent and elaborate arrangements. The Symposium arranged at the behest of CHQ was educative and informative as far as Accounts personnel are concerned; attentive audience till the end of symposium is definitely inspiring! AIPAEA as a militant organization has again proved that it has the vitality and initiative to move ahead of others and charting right direction for future too.

On 12th November, the CWC Meeting was inaugurated by Com. K. Ragavendran, Secretary General, NFPE under the chairmanship of Com. A.P. Sasthry. With his usual lucidity, dwelt at length the things at store for Central Govt. Employees for their complacency on account of ‘feel good’ factor – numbing the officials to move forward in protecting their own interests even! As regards issues in respect of DOP, the delay in forming Screening committee for implementation of MACP with required modifications, unwilling to discuss on cadre re-structuring proposal submitted earlier, partial settlement of GDS demands, attack against RMS & MMS, Project Arrow with the target of Corporate Plan of the DOP – prelude to Corporatization, the unethical moves to gain cadre control of Group-B Accounts cadres endangering the career prospects of DOP officials at large and also the need for changed but strengthened Accounts cadres under the environment of technological advancement/networking etc. Comrades Ishwar Singh Dabas, G/S P IV, Giri Raj Singh, G/SR III, P. Suresh, G/S R IV and M.P.Singh, Vice President, GDS spoke and greeted the delegates.

Symposium held on12th evening
During our 18th AIC held at Trivandrum, we organized a Seminar on a very relevant topic: “The Role & Relevance of Organized Accounts & Audit functions in the Globalized/Modernized Era” of common interest to the entirety of Accounts & Audit fraternity in particular and also to all right thinking citizen in general. Accordingly, dignitaries and luminaries enriched our consciousness – worth to be carried farther.

Similarly, in the changed backdrop of Merger, the topic of our interest and concern has to be discussed and given thought in the light of mounting attacks from within Department and therefore, another meaningful symposium organized: “The Relevance of P &T Accounts & Finance cadres in the changed scenario”. Colourful felicitation to dignitaries and veterans preceded the Symposium. Com. G.S.Asiwal veteran leader of NFPE/ Confederation and Chairman Reception Committee welcomed all and applauded AIPAEA for organizing Symposium to give required directions for future guidance instead of merely confining to economical demands!

Shri S.K. Mishra G.M. Trg. DOT/Former DDG (PAF) initiated discussion on the topic. He dwelt at length the relevance and the indispensability of Accounts in any organization, ups and downs in the long process of Merger, the fact that cadre controlling always vested with Member (Finance) which got delegated to the DDG (PAF) – subsequently got diluted by executives of DOP, need to rectify manpower shortage in Accounts cadres, to have effective Internal Auditing system, imparting training to develop professionalism and exhorted P &T Accounts Personnel to regain the past glory – to be on par with world class Accountants/professionals! Ms.Aprajita Atique, the DAP, Bhopal greeted the delegates and wished for the success of Symposium. Shri V.Perumal, Former President of Group-B Officer’s Association, Com. K. Ragavendran, S/G, NFPE, Com. Prohit, COC Chairman, Madhya Pradesh, Shri S.N. Jogi, G/S, Group-B Officer’s Association, contributed abundantly to the success of Symposium. As G/S of AIPAEA, I too participated in the deliberations. Com. R.P. Sharma, former President of AIPAEA, Bhopal summed up the event with his vote of thanks.

CWC Meeting continued on 13th & 14th Nov.
Next two days, CWC Meeting extensively deliberated on issues affecting the future career of our members like Merger including Group-C cadres, 10% SCF Promotion in AAO Cadre, filling up of all vacancies in all cadres, cadre Re-structuring in Accounts cadres, full-fledged functioning of all new PAOs without sending any official against his willingness as happened in Kapurthala PAO to Jammu PAO, strengthening of PA Wing as against the attempts of DOP to undo it under the garb of Modernization/Re-engineering of Postal functions, attack against AIPAEA functionaries, implicating PAO officials in C.C frauds and imposing penalty in the name of contributory negligence and many other unit-specific issues. It was unanimously decided to go for sustained campaigns educating the entire rank and file (leaders and members) and involving them totally in our agitation programs. Further, CWC Meet authorized the CHQ to take appropriate action; chalk out agitation program including Mass Dharna in front of Dak Bhawan culminating into Strike action if warranted!

CWC Meeting also endorsed the call of Solidarity with RMS comrades and decided to go on one day Strike on 17-12-2009 in support of them if their Indefinite Strike continues. (This Strike decision has been deferred consequent to agreement with the Secretary,(P).

G/S attends Circle Conference held at Lucknow
Comrades at Luckow held their Circle Conference on 18th November. The conference was worth mentioning for its arrangements as well as contents. Lucknow unit has become one of our emerging centre of activities and CHQ is confident of much more from it.

Central Secretariat Assistants Grade Pay Upgraded
On reaching New Delhi, I was confronted with the order dated 13th & 16th November, granting higher Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to Assistants of CSS. The matter was taken up with utmost seriousness by the Apex JAC. Under the active guidance of Com. S.K. Vyas ji, detail note in respect of past parity/disparity and subsequent rectification has been prepared for approval/deliberation at Apex JAC Meeting scheduled to be held on 08-12-2009. Further course of action will be finalized there. Let us be clear that unless and until we are not ready to wrest our due share, nothing will come out. If we have the might to fight, then alone our right recognized.

ACP Case
Our case at hon’ble Pr. CAT in r/o ACP Scheme 1999 was due for its final hearing on 27-11-2009. But, Govt. Pleader has taken further time, may be for preparation, and hence the hearing has been postponed to 19-01-2010.

MACP Scheme
Many units reported the problem of non-availability of Officers with required Grade Pay and thus the constitution of Screening Committees getting delayed. Officers from Postal side or from A.G.’ office may be tried for this purpose. (Now, this is settled).

Formal meeting with DDG (PAF)
DDG (PAF) has consented to have a formal meeting with AIPAEA on the remaining items of Charter of demands with specific reference to Promotional avenues to JA/SA cadres, Cadre Re-structuring proposal and also to vacate victimization against AIPAEA functionaries/implicating PAO officials under contributory negligence in C.C. frauds on 04-12-2009 F.N. The meeting was held under cordial atmosphere and lasted up to one and half hour. The issue of cadre Re-structuring as per our proposal was explained and after required inter-actions, DDG (PAF) assured to make further scrutiny and also recommend to the concerned authorities in tandem with other Organized Accounts Departments within the month of February’2010. As far as victimization in Patna PAO, she has assured to call for details immediately facilitating early settlement there. As the 1st item is largely connected with the aftermath of implementation Merger, further developments are awaited. Copy of the minutes shall be circulated at the earliest.

National Council of Confederation (Conference)
National council of Confederation was held w/e/f 04-12-2009 to 06-12-2009 at New Delhi to deliberate all issues affecting C.G. Employees & Workers including Anomalies on a/c of 6th CPC. (Confederation circular enclosed herewith).

NFPE Federal Executive
NFPE Federal Executive meeting was held on 07-12-2009 to review the developments taking place in DOP and appropriate decision thereof. (Circular enclosed for details).

Apex JAC
Apex JAC Meeting was held on 08-12-2009 to inter-act in the light of Upgrading the Grade Pay to Assistants of CSS and also on other vital issues like cadre Re-structuring etc. (Circular enclosed for details and future programs).

Remittance to CHQ
As described in the earlier circulars, CHQ has to clear huge dues to Federation/ Confederation/Apex JAC. General Secretary has to be paid his dues and also cleared off his Leave Salary Contribution to the department. Many Units are found to be at de fault of their monthly CHQ quota, Special Collections from the arrears of 6th CPC implementation and also on account of Bonus payments. Units may realize the difficulties of CHQ and the necessity to comply with their responsibilities, especially in r/o Finance to CHQ. Accounts statements of CHQ and also the remittance made by each Unit are under preparation. Ahmedabad Unit has not yet settled its Accounts and has not intimated the developments to CHQ and the Unit is requested to take this issue of financial propriety seriously.

New website launched for AIPAEA
Our Chennai comrades under the initiative of Com. V.RAVIKUMAR have launched the following new website: www.aipaea09.blogspot.com and CHQ will be in a position to operate it soon to the advantage of entire P & T Account personnel. The name of this website may be given wide publicity to the extent possible so that entirety of staff members benefited of update news.


You are all aware, CHQ submitted the Revised (updated) Charter of demands to be pursued in the light of implementation of 6th CPC to the Dy. Director General (PAF) on 17-07-2009, for negotiation and settlement. Thereafter, CHQ had its first formal meet with the DDG (PAF) on 31-08-2009 and the next on 04-12-2009. Though both of these meetings were conducted smoothly, it has been proved historically that unless there is sufficient pressure built at grass-root the expected result during negotiation hardly comes to our fullest satisfaction. Hence it is imperative on our part to get ready for sustained struggle to wrest our justified demands. The cited Revised (updated) Charter of demands dated 17th July’09 had already been sent to all circles along with Circular no: 31 dated 10-08-2009. The JAC Charter of demands is also available with all Units. CHQ is confident that Units might have discussed these Charters in detail in their Committee, at least.

As authorized by the CWC Meet of ours and also decision taken in the Apex JAC Meeting, CHQ announces the following programs for mobilization of the entirety of PAO staff under the banner of JAC of Accounts & Audit Employees & Officers Organizations for serious struggle in the near future including Strike action, may be around the middle of March’2010:

1.Revival of local JACs and energizing our Units
Our Unit level meeting and also Chief Executives meeting of all constituents shall meet at the earliest on receipt of this circular to energize our Unit and re-activate local JAC.

2.Campaign week from 04th to 08th January’2010
Posters containing our Charter of demands (titles only) shall be displayed full-week, from 4th to 8th prominently.
On 4th Executive Committee meeting shall be held to refresh among our Circle leadership.
On 5thActivists meeting to be held to inter-act on these Charter of demands.
On 6th to 8th membership shall be mobilized through various programs like Gate meeting, Lunch hour meeting, Group meeting etc.

3.Demands Day on 21-01-2010
On 21st January’2010, Massive demonstration during lunch hour explaining our demands and handing over of Charter of demands in triplicate to Head of the Office with written request to forward one copy each to the Secretary (Posts), DDG (PAF) and Member (Finance) – if possible, with the participation of one CHQ office-bearer or Circle Secretary from nearby unit.

Further programs shall be communicated after reviewing conduct of these programs and the reaction from the authorities concerned.

It is cautioned that each program should be preceded with holding of Executive and Activists meetings so as to ensure total mobilization and participation of entire membership. Each program needs review as also immediate appraisal to CHQ for further action. Ensure success, comrades.

With revolutionary greetings, Fraternally Yours,

General Secretary

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    Congrats Com.P.R. It is heartening to see the promotion orders to AAO cadre.Your efforts paid of.But I think still there may be hurdles ahead.
    Congrats to Com.Bhagel for successful CWC.
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