Sunday, July 25, 2010

19th All India Bi-ennial Conference

(M): Office: 9868451466

All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
Central Headquarters
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
9-A, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DDA Flat, New Delhi – 110018

AIPAEA/CHQ/18TH A.I.C./1134 to 1193 Dt.: 13-07-2010


     As provided under Article 13 of Part II of the Constitution of AIPAEA (CHQ) New Delhi, it is hereby, notified that the 18th All India Bi-ennial Conference of All India Postal Accounts Employees Association shall be held at Garhwal Bhawan, near Jhandenwala Metro Railway Station, New Delhi from 14th August’2010 to 17th August.2010 preceded by CWC meeting on 14th August at 10.00 am

     Subject to modifications proposed (if any) by CWC, the following shall be the agenda for transaction in the conference:

1. Composition of the House.

2. Homage to the Martyrs and other departed leaders & comrades.

3. Confirmation of the proceedings of the last A.I.C. held at Trivandrum, Kerala from 23rd to 25th September 2008

4. Presentation of General Secretary Report for the period 26th September’2008 to 13th August’2010 & statement of CHQ quota, Bonus quota, special fund for NFPE and CHQ received from Units.

5. Audited Accounts for the Financial Year 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and monthly Accounts from April 2010 to July 2010 for their adoption by the House.

6. Organizational Review:
a) Functioning of Central Head Quarter (CHQ)
b) Functioning of Units and their coordination with NFPE / Confederation / JAC of A/cs & Audit organizations and observing their calls and, participation in the common movements of working class of the country with regards to L.P.G. policies of the Central Govt.)
c) Nomination of AIPAEA in the RJCM
d) Reverification of membership during 2010
e) Formal/Periodical meetings with authorities – items for discussion.

7. VI CPC Report as accepted & its impact on:

a) CG Employees (b) Postal Employees and (c) Organized Accounts & Audit Employees with special reference to PAO, viz. Gr.D, Sorter, LDC, DEO, JA /SA, JAO / AAO and AO/Sr. A.O. and anamoly therein & need for Rationalization/Re-structuring.

8. Litigation in respect of (a) ACP to promotee officials and (b) Four increments (on passing departmental / confirmatory exam from LDC to JA cadres).

9. Review the progress and reframing of charter of demands in the light of 6th CPC.

(a) 12 points of Priority charter of demands formulated in the 16th A.I.C.
(b) Charter of demands submitted to the Secretary (Posts) by each affiliate of NFPE
(c) Charter of demands formulated by Apex JAC. & other new demands.
(d) Anaomaly of Jr. Gr.D officials promoted as LDCs whereas Sr. Gr.D remain as Sorters.

10. Severe depletion of Officials in PAO cadres like Group D/Sorter/LDC and Jr. Accountant -appointments completely avoided in old and newly formed PAOs alike.

11. a. Opening of new PAOs- Transferring unwilling officials – pending repatriation in respect of Jammu vs Kapurthala PAOs.
b. Opening of new PAOs at Dehradun, and Ranch and their continued non-functioning.
c. Full-fledged functioning of Raipur PAO.

12. Arbitrary increase of 25% outturn in CC, M.O., AC Sections and outsourcing of PAO functions in the name of clearing arrears.

13. Victimization of Association functionary: Compulsory transfer under Rule-37 imposed on Com. D.K. Mukherjee, Circle President of Patna PAO and also office bearer of CHQ.

14. Victimization of PAO officials in C/w CC frauds (Kolkata and Hyderabad)

15. Punishment imposed on officials at Kolkata PAO under Rule-16.

16. To ensure holding of DPC and empanel the eligible officials in the preceding year itself and thus avoid causing continous loss in career advancement to officials in PAOs.

17. Decentralization of PAOs: dismantling PAO as an autonomous entity.

Downgrading the status and special role envisaged of PAOs – Immediate necessity for Restoration of Member (Finance) in the Postal Services Board as stipulated in the report of the Inter Departmental Group 1976 and to bring all Accounting streams within DOP under his direct control.

18. Proposed introduction of accrual based Accounting system vs Core banking solutions and also overhauling the existing system in PAOs.

19. Urgent need for comprehensive and mandatory induction training to Jr./Sr. Accountants and AAOs and strengthening Internal Auditing.

20. P.O. amendment bill, Franchisee outlet, Postal Banking, PLI / RPLI, BD and GDS Issues

21. Career Advancement to PAO Officials:

a. Merger of Accounts cadres of DOP and DOT and its logical completion – Transfer & Posting Policy w/r/to both SCF and DE quotos of AAO Cadre, Due share of SC/ST Quoto (per centage reservation) to be earmarked in each Circle, drafting and diverting more AAO posts to DOP viz, to be deployed in B.D. Cells, PLI/RPLI sections and MMS units.

b. All officials of Department of Posts including PAO to compete in the PSS Group B exam similar to JAO exam.
c. Provision to JA/SA, JAO/AAO to negotiate JTS exam (through LDCExams).
Procuring business to Dept and avail incentives.

e. Date of passing JAO (AAO) Pt II exam and their past services rendered as Jr./Sr. Acctt. be given due weight for acquiring eligibility for future (adhoc) promotions (s).

f. Immediate holding of JAO (AAO) exam as nearly 200 SC/ST vacancies remain unfilled and also many circles continue to suffer without qualified officials for years.

22. Publication of Journal and Revision of monthly subscription rate.

23. Amendment to the Constitution, if any, proposed by Circle & CHQ and also the committee appointed for this purpose.

24. Election of the office bearers for the next tenure & nomination of Auditor

25. Estimated Budget proposals for the year 2010-2011 & 2011-2012.

26. Venue of next conference.

27. Any other item with the permission of the chair and, vote of Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

(P. Rajanayagam)

General Secretary

Copy for information to:-

6. Com. A.P. Shastri, President, AIPAEA, at O/o Director of Accounts (Postal) Hyderabad – 500 001.

7. All circle secretaries and office bearers of CHQ, AIPAEA.

8. The G.M.s / Directors of Accounts (Postal) with a request to grant special casual leave to the participants of the 18th AIC.

9. The J.S. & F.A. / Dy. Director General (PAF) / Deptt. of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi – 110001.

10. The Director (SR & Legal), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 001

11. The Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi – 110 001.

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