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No. AIPAEA/CHQ/Circular/9/2018                                                     Dated 19-09-2018

Dear Comrades,
      Festive and seasonal greetings to all Comrades, as you are aware that several changes are undergoing in the Department in the name of modernization and digitalization. Department is pursuing its own agenda and policies vigorously without assessing the ground reality. Sudden changing of draft RR of AAO Cadre which was placed on the Official website in March 2017 with the approval by DOP&T, and thereby snatching away the already existing component of SCF Promotions, hasty implementation of CSI without proper training and basic infrastructure in almost all circles, launching of India Post Payment Bank are some of the examples. Demands and issues of staff have been given a go bye, by the Departments. Baring the month of May in which I had an accident almost every week, I visited Directorate and took up the issues of staff & problems faced by various PAOs. Department moved ahead ignoring our genuine demand for modifications in RR of AAO Cadre and conducted the AAO examination for 1010 posts. General Secretary along with President S.Santosh Kumar and Finance Secretary K.S. Rana, met Sr. DDG (PAF), Advisor, DDG (Finance), Director, and ADG (Admn); and discussed on modifications sought by AIPAEA on the RR of AAO Cadre.

Issues like forwarding of applications for transfer under Rules 38, local recruitment, non sanction of Medical advance at Nagpur PAO, problems faced by PAO staff in CSI, reversal of stepping up of pay by reopening already settled cases at PAOs Bhopal and Hyderabad etc were also taken up vigorously by CHQ through discussions. Many letters were also written by the General Secretary on these issues.

The General Secretary also participated in the following programmes and organizational activities.
I)       General Secretary attended the federal executive meeting of NFPE held on 16.05.2018.
II)     Attended the AIC of R3 Union at Ghaziabad from 23.05.2018 to 25.05.2018.
III)   NPS convention at Hyderabad on 10.06.2018 by Confederation, 6 delegates from CHQ attended the NPS convention.
IV)  Federal Secretariat meeting of NFPE, held at New Delhi on 30.08.2018.

National Executive Committee meeting of AIPAEA:-
     It was held at Bangalore on 19.07.2018, and on the following day i.e. 20.07.2018, a grand farewell was accorded to Con. N. Veeresh, Working President, CHQ who was to retire on 31.07.2018. Meeting was well organized by Bangalore units. Chennai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Patna, Lucknow, Kapurthala units attended the meeting. Our Ex General Secretaries - Com. P. Rajanayagam & Com. T. Satyanarayana; former Working Presidents Com. R.S. Baghel & Com Shivanna; all former Circle Secretaries/Office bearers/leaders from Bangalore attended the programme. In the National Executive meeting discussions were mainly focused on modification sought in RR of AAO Cadre, CSI implementation and problems faced there off, Cadre-restructure, Rule-38 transfers. Ex General Secretaries Com. TSN and Com. Rajanaygam, placed their views elaborately and gave suggestive measures to be taken up along with agitational programmes. Com R.S. Baghel assured his full support to AIPAEA in future struggles.
Com. Veeresh, Com. Dominic, Com. R.B.Suresh, Com. D. Narshima Murthi, spoke on CSI related issues/problems faced in their Circles. Other Circle Secretaries/ Office bearers also placed their view points on various issues/problems faced in their Circles.

Updates on Various Issues:-
1)   AAO Examination was held in July 2018. Results are to be declared only after vacation of stay by the CAT Hyderabad. Though the case initially filed at CAT Kolkatta has since been transferred to PrCAT Delhi and stands disposed off with directions, the stay ordered by CAT Hyderabad is not yet vacated.
2)   Cadre Restructuring: The Authorities are trying to put the issue on hold by citing the reason that the other Union has not given their response on the queries raised by the Finance Ministry.
3)   New transfer policy guidelines have been issued in which residency period for transfer under Rule-38 has been reduced to 2 years from 5 years.
4)   Formation of PAO at Dehradun has been cleared by the CPMG, Uttrarakhand and the new PAO is expected to be opened in a couple of months. The process of identifying accomodation is underway for opening of PAO at Vijayawada also. 
5)    Status of Court Cases:
a)   Sorter/ Group ‘D’ stepping up case is posted on 28.09.2018 for hearing/arguments.
b)  Arrears case has been posted on 12.11.2018,
c)   JA to SA promotion case, W.P. is posted on 24.09.2018 at Supreme Court.
d)  Transfer petition of Hyderabad case on RR of AAO has been posted on 28.09.2018.

In the matter of recovery of pay due to reversal of stepping up of pay by reopening already settled cases at PAOs Bhopal and Hyderabad, the concerned Authorities called to the Directorate on 03.08.2018 and were suitably instructed to abide by the clarifications issued by the PA Wing. But these PAOs are still defying the instructions given by Directorate. Though the GM Hyderabad was again called to Directorate on 17.09.2018 for resolving the issue in our presence, nobody turned up.
Periodical meeting of Association with Sr DDG was held on 17.09.2018. In addition to the 7 old pending items, the following 3 new agenda items were discussed:-
1.   Problems faced by PAO on implementation of CSI
2.   Modifications in the RR of AAO and
3.   Formation of New PAOs at Dehradun and Vijayawada.

Shocking news came on 30.08.2018 that our legendary leader and former Secretary General of AIPAEA, Com. D.V. Dhaktod ji is no more, it come as a big blow to the Postal Accounts Comrades.  He was a shining link with our glorious legacy of P&T Audit and Accounts Association, a militant wing of the Indian Audit and Accounts movement. He played a pivotal role as Secretary General in the formative period, and was instrumental in forming of JAC of Audit and Accounts along with Com. S. K. Vyas ji. Till now, he attended CWC and A.I.C. of our Association and guided us. He was instrumental in formation of Postal Accounts Pensioners Association (PAPA). His demise is a great loss to all of us. Condolences were held in all PAOs on 31.08.2018. CHQ, dips its banner in honor of our great leader, and expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members.
March to Parliament:
On 05.09.2018, there was a massive march to parliament on the call of Confederation and Central trade Unions. About 20 Comrades of AIPAEA from 6 Circles participated in the march.

23rd A.I.C. of AIPAEA:
The 23rd AIC of our Association will be held at Kolkatta from 27.11.2018 to 29.11.2018. Host unit has, formed the Reception committee and are working hard to hold in an efficient manner. They have already booked the venue and accommodation. All the units are requested to book their tickets to and fro Kolkatta and inform the number delegates/observers from their Unit & their travel itinerary to Kolkatta Comrades.

Remittance of CHQ Quota:
All the Circles are requested to remit their due Quota for CHQ, prior to the All India Conference and also the legal fund as was decided in Nagpur CWC.

 We have to be prepared for agitational programme’s in the coming days, as new schemes and policies are being implemented by the Department without providing adequate basic infra structure and training. Gear up to make the one day Nationwide Strike on 15.11.2018 in support of scrapping of NPS and 9 other Charter of Demands a grand success.

Comradely Yours,
(S.B. Yadav)
General Secretary

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