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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association
(Central Headquarters)
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, DAO Flats, New Delhi – 110018
S. Santosh Kumar                                                                                          S. B. Yadav
President                                                                                                      General Secretary

No. AIPAEA/CHQ/Circular/7/2017                                                     Dated 05-12-2017

The Central Working Committee meeting of AIPAEA was held at Guwahati from 15.11.2017 to 16.11.2017. Reception committee held the CWC meeting in a very grand manner, within a short notice. A Galaxy of leaders attended the CWC meeting Com. M. Krishnan, S G Confederation, Com. R. N. Parashar S. G. NFPE & G. S. of P-3, Com Giri Raj Singh President NFPE & GS R-3, Com. T. Satyanarayana Ex. GS, AIPAEA, Com. A.P. Sastry Ex President AIPAEA and all Circle Secretaries of NFPE Assam circle attended the CWC. The Director of Accounts (Postal) Guwahati also graced the occasion. All units except Ambala, Bhopal, Cuttack, Delhi, Jammu and Kapoorthala attended the CWC meeting. Three delegates from the youngest unit Shillong also attended the CWC.

          The meeting was started by flag hoisting. Com. D.K. Debnath, Chairmen of the reception committee, hoisted national flag, NFPE Flag was hoisted by president Com. Giri Raj Singh, President NFPE and Com. A. P. Sastry, Ex-President of AIPAEA hoisted the AIPAEA flag. Offering of floral tributes to Martyrs followed the flag hoisting. Reception Committee felicitated all the leaders/guests by presenting bougets & moments. Chairman of the reception Committee, Com. D. K. Debnath delivered the welcome address.

Comrade M. Krishnan, Secretary General of CCGE&W inaugurated the inaugural cum open session of the CWC meeting. In his address com. Krishnan elaborately explained the developments since the appointment of 7th CPC till date and the present status of the seven committee’s constituted by the government to look into the issues of Central Government employees after implementation of 7th CPC. He told that the government has backed out from the promise given to the NJCA by G.O.M. in the meeting held on 30.06.2016 & 06.07.2016. All the committees are only an eye-wash and the genuine demands of the Central Government employees, like minimum wage, increase in fitment formula, option-I of pension, removal of Benchmark of MACPs, etc are not adhered to by the government. Even the employees have been deprived of their due arrears on account of allowances for 18 months as the allowances at revised rates were implemented from 01.07.2017. He told that the Confederation has a history of struggles and conducted a series of agitational programme’s after a day’s strike of 16.03.2017 on 21 point charter of demands, latest being ‘Mahapadao’ in front of Parliament from 09.11.2017 to 11.11.2017, along-with 10 Central Trade Unions. He appealed to the house to be ready for more struggles in near future to achieve our demands.

Com Giri Raj Singh, President NFPE & GS R-III extended his warm greetings to the CWC and assured every help from the Federation. He said that NFPE is a militant organization and will be in frontline of any struggle in fact, is leading the Confederation’s agitational calls/struggles. He commanded the functioning of the AIPAEA and assured all corporation from his organization, he praised the reception committee for their good arrangements.
Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary General, NFPE & GS P-III in his address lauded the reception committee for their very good arrangements. He extended warm Greetings on behalf of his organization as well as personal behalf to the CWC and wished that CWC be a grand success. He informed the house that one day’s strike on 23.08.2017 by NFPE was successful and on 15 point charter of demand, NFPE has given a three phased programme of agitation purely on the departmental issues (1) Two days relay fast at Divisional level on 28.11.2017 & 29.11.2017 (2) One day Dharna at Circle level on 20.12.2017 & (3) five days Dharna at New Delhi from 12.02.2018 to 16.02.2018, He appealed to the house to make the agitational programmes of NFPE a grand success.

Dr. Jane Prasad, Director of Accounts (Postal), Guwahati and Shillong, addressed the house and threw light on the prospective changes that are going to come in the department after digitalization and implementation of CSI and appealed every individual official to give the best of his capacity. She told that the employees should not only be fast workers, but also smart workers. She assured all co-operation from administration and wished the CWC to be a grand success.
          In the post lunch session, the delegate session wads commenced, Com. T. S. N. Ex. General Secretary AIPAEA, inaugurated the delegate session. In his address, he spoke at length on the issue of victimization, specially trade union victimization, he told that Com. Panda’s victimization is not a personal case, but it is a direct attack on trade union functioning and should be resisted with all might. We should co-ordinate with NFPE and Confederation. As NFPE is a mighty organization should carry along all the smaller units with it. He cautioned the house to be vigilant on our issues like CSI, RR of AAO cadre and cadre-re-structuring. He praised the reception committee and thanked them for holding the CWC in such a splendid manner. He extended his best wishes for the success of the CWC meeting.   

Com. A. P. Sastry, Ex. President of AIPAEA also addressed the august house. He extended his best wishes for the success of the CWC and assured his continued full support to the Association in future also. He thanked the reception committee for their hospitality and fine arrangement. He recalled the formation years of AIPAEA and told how due to continued struggles; we have achieved many of our demands, and appealed to the house to be ready for the same in future also. One minute’s silence was observed to pay homage to martyrs. The General Secretary placed his report in the house for discussion, deliberation and approval of the house. The report was an exhaustive report covering national and international issues, activities of the association during last seven months and its future course of action.
          In the unit reporting all the Circle Secretaries reflected the issues faced in their unit, their membership, remittance of quota, participation in 23th August strike. Almost the problems faced by the units were common in nature, all the units were facing acute shortage of staff in all cadres, inadequate provision of infra-structure, provision of training, threat of decentralization of PAO after implementation of CSI, finalization of RR of AAO with 40% SCF cadre-restructure and execution of Rule 38 transfer cases. Bengaluru, Nagpur, Guwahati & Hyderabad raised the issue of implementation of CSI in their office and other problems. Hyderabad, Patna, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad raised the issue of provision of adequate buildings/space. Guwahati, Shillong, Trivandrum & Lucknow units raised the issue of Rule 38 transfers. These three units requested to go for special recruitment for the Assam, NE & Trivandrum Circles to fill the vacant posts as a onetime measure. As reported by the units the August 23 strike was an average strike, and all units assured that in future there would be improvement. Resolution on Rule 38 transfer, finalization of RR of AAO, grant of trade union facilities, sorter/Group-D seniority issue, and to exempt + 2 passed JAs promoted under SCF quota who have attained 45 years age from departmental Confirmatory

          The house decided to prepare a document on functioning of CSI at PAOs and the problems faced there of. It was decided that the Bangalore, Hyderabad and Nagpur unit’s Circle Secretaries will meet under the leadership of Com. N. Veeresh and prepare the shortcomings on CSI to be conveyed to the PA Wing. CHQ will bear the expenses of this meeting. Com N. Veeresh will convene the above meeting.

          General Secretary while summing up the discussion gave replies to the queries of the units and placed before the house, the latest updates on various issues faced by the units. He categorically said that the Decentralization of PAO in any form is not acceptable to AIPAEA, he also said that AIPAEA has made its stand clear before Sr. DDG (PAF) and other officers that SCF Quota of 40% should be restored at any cost in the RR of AAO cadre and DE should be restricted to officials of Accounts stream of DOP and DOT only. He appealed the house to be cautious on the issues and assured that association will protect interest of its member at any cost. He appealed to the house to observe the three phases of agitation of NFPE successfully and be ready for future agitational programmes of Confederation.

          The house approved with voice and authorized the General Secretary to prepare the charter of demands and resolutions if any. General Secretary thanked President S. Santosh Kumar for conducting the meeting efficiently, the delegates for co-operating and reception committee for its wonderful arrangements. He also thanked all the leaders of NFPE and SG CCGE&W for accepting his request and attending the CWC meeting. He especially thanked Com. T. Satya narayana and A. P. Sastry, Ex. GS & president for guiding and supporting the CHQ.

          Com. M. Krishnan, S G Confederation suggested that  history of AIPAEA should be compiled and the Job was entrusted to Com.TSN, who readily accepted it.

          The CWC meeting was concluded with vote of thanks, proposed by Com. Subhajit Das, Circle secretary, Guwahati and also General Secretary Reception Committee, he thanked all the Central leaders of NFPE, Confederation and co-ordination committee of Assam, NFPE for accepting his request and attending the CWC meeting.

Comradely Yours,
(S.B. Yadav)
General Secretary

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