Thursday, June 9, 2011


vHold Demonstrations on 14.06.2011 & Serve Strike notice
vPrint the enclosed phamplet in hundreds and distribute to public in the name of JCA
vIntensify the campaign for ensuring 100% strike from 05.07.2011
vAttend All India Convention at Chennai on 19.06.2011 and make it success
Dear Friends and Comrades,
14.06.2011. Demonstration & Serving Strike notice
The draft copy of the Strike notice & Charter of Demands is furnished in the following link.
All Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries are requested to download the above and submit the same to the divisional/Circle administration after holding a massive demonstration on 14.06.2011. Report about the programme may please be communicated to the respective CHQ Head Quarters without fail.
Distribute Phamplets to Public & Customers
Another draft copy of the Phamplet to be printed on behalf of JCA for distribution to public and Customer is furnished in the following link.
Specific cases relating to your own Circle/division may also be added for information of public. Please download and print the same for distribution. Similarly it may please be translated into your regional language and the same may also please be printed and distributed.
Please approach all the important personalities including MPs/MLAs/Local representatives etc requesting their good offices to save the Postal service by dropping the current move of optimization. The copy of the notice issued by the divisions must be reached the respective CHQ within ten days.
19.06.2011 All India Convention
The venue of the All India Convention at Chennai will be at Sree Padmam Kalyana Mandapam, No. 6/2, Radhakrishnan Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 600017, (Near Pondy Bazar Bus Stop & T. Nagar, HPO, Chennai – 600017.
From Chennai Central, plenty of Bus Services are available (NOs ….. 11A, 11G, M11A)
From Chennai Egmore, Bus Route No. 9, 10A Buses are available. T. Nagar is just within to Five to Six Kilometers from Central & Egmore). From Egmore, Suburban trains are available to ‘Mambalam’ which is the nearby railway station to T. Nagar & venue.
For any assistance, all are requested to contact the following comrades who are available at Chennai.
Com. D. Theyagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO                 -           09444841440
Com. S. Raghupathy, Asst. Secretary General, NFPE                       -           09444454518
Com. N. Gopalakrishnan, Working President, P3, NFPE      -           09444059259
Com. A. Veeramani, Asst. General Secretary, P3, NFPE      -           09444208159
Com. M. Kannaiyan, Circle Secretary, R3, NFPE                 -           09444113586
Com. G. P. Muthukrishnan, Asst. General Secretary,P3,FNPO-       09443302607
Com. P. Kumar, Circle Secretary, R3, FNPO                                    -           09444257979
Com. K. Gunasekaran, Circle Secretary, P4, FNPO              -           09444245466
Accommodation will be provided from 18/6/2011 evening. Food including Break fast will be provided only on 19/6/2011. Delegate fee will be Rs. 500/-
Let us make the All India Convention a grand success.
With struggle greetings,
Central JCA (Postal)
Head Quarters
New Delhi


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