Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Comrades,
The Circular issued by NFPE is given below. The Department is going ahead with its disastrous policies. If we allow them, all of us will sink. No one will go unaffected with those policies. One wing after one is coming under  the scanner of the multinational consultancy Mckinsey.  Decentralization  threat is not yet over. They want to change the Accounting Unit. Division or Region ? Still dilemma is going on.. Hence, no one will be safe with these policies. If the Department is saved we will all be saved. To save the Department, unite under the banner of JCA and organize, mobilize and make the July strike a grand success.
With Struggle Greetings,
General Secretary

urgent circular

get ready for immediate strike if situation warrants
Strike date will be advanced if Department go ahead with
implementation of  Mckinsey reforms
Five lakhs postal employees of India Post
in one voice declare:
· No more closure and merger of post offices
· no more closure and merger of sorting sections and rms offices
· no more curtailment of deliveries and postmen beats
· no more first class mail hubs and delivery hubs
· no more franchise (private) post offices and post shoppe.
· no more outsourcing and contractorisation of postal functions
and also we demand
ô immediate settlement of long pending sectional demands of all cadres of postal and rms employees including gramin dak sevaks and casual labourers.
indefinite strike from 2011 July 5th
Ø in 1946 july entire p&t employees went on indefinite strike against the British imperialism
Ø in 2011 july entire postal employees are going ahead for another indefinite strike against the imperialist globalization policies and the us-based mckinsey reforms in india post

  •         we don’t want the foreign consultant to decide our fate
  •         mckinsey is for privatization of india post
  •         we shall oppose it lock stock and barrel
  •         we are ready to sacrifice to save india post
  •         prepare for a determined and uncompromising struggle
  •         make the may 25th dharna programme a grand success.
  •         organise circle level joint conventions of nfpe & fnpo
  •        participate in the june 19th all india joint convention at chennai.

Dear Comrades,
               We are in receipt of encouraging reports from various circles and Divisions about the mobilization by grass root level workers and leaders for the total participation of employees in the indefinite strike from 5th July 2011 as per the call of Central Joint Council of Action (NFPE, FNPO & GDS Unions)
               Department’s move for implementing the Mckinsey Consultancy’s disastrous recommendations has resulted in all round protest and stiff resistance from employees especially in Chennai and Hyderabad. Chennai Postmen staff has went on three day’s strike and successfully resisted the Mckinsey reforms and halted it. Andhra comrades are conducting continuous agitational and campaign programmes throughout the Circle against the unilateral implementation of Mckinsey reforms. “Mckinsey Go Back” has become the slogan of the fighting comrades.
               Postal Board is trying to go ahead with the Mckinsey reforms. Speed post hubs have resulted in erosion of public faith in the efficiency of this premium services. Now the department wants to implement hubs for first class ordinary mails and registered articles. Total number of sorting offices will be reduced to 77. Further Chief PMGs have already sent proposals to Directorate for closure / merger of thousands of Post offices in urban areas. Privatization and contractorisation of the Mail Motor Service (MMS) is also on the anvil. Opening of Franchise Post offices (Private Post offices) in a new name called “Post Shoppe” and outsourcing of many other postal functions are also under serious consideration. Orders are already issued abolishing the sorting postman cadre altogether.
               Gramin Dak Sevaks are facing the worst attack they have ever faced after independence of the country. Bonus has been reduced. Norms for cash handling and stamp sale drastically reduced. Norms for calculating the workload and allowances of Branch Postmasters have been curtailed resulting in reduction of allowances. Compassionate appointments limited to 10%. 25% of the Postmen vacancies are given to outsiders. And as a last blow, the GDS Conduct and Employment Rules has been changed and instead of “Employment” the word “Engagement” has been substituted. “Appointing authority” is changed as “Recruiting Authority”, thus permanently blocking the chances of GDS to be treated as Civil Servants. All the adverse recommendations of Nataraja Moorthy Committee are implemented one by one. The revision of wages of casual labours w.e.f. 01.01.2006 is still pending and the orders for outsourcing their work is not yet withdrawn.

          Many sectional demands listed in the 25 point charter of demands are yet to be settled. Cadre restructuring of all cadres, Decentralization of PLI and RPLI, Filling up of vacancies, Revision of OSA and OTA rates, Non implementation of JCM (Departmental Council) assurances, Non-settlement of demands raised in the Postman Committee, issues of MTS, parity in pay-scale and promotion to MMS Drivers, SBCO and Civil Wing issues, problems of Postal Accounts Staff, counting of services of ex-RTP staff, Discrimination towards PO and RMS Accountants Cadre, MACP anomalies, review of Postmaster cadre orders etc. are agitating the minds of the employees for the last more than one year.      
               Comrades, the very existence of Postal Department as a Government Services and its five lakhs employees is under threat from the Government. This is a question of “DO or DIE”. We have to face the challenge. We shall fight it out with all forces at our command. We are confident that we can stop this onslaught.
               Let us prepare ourselves for a massive breakdown from 5th July 2011, which alone can compel the Government to come forward and settle the genuine demands of the Postal workers.
Will greetings,
          Fraternally yours,
          Secretary General, NFPE
          Mob: 09447068125
          Email: nfpehq@gmail.com

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