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AIPAEA/CHQ/Circular47                                                                                                                 Date: 12-03-2011

Dear Comrades,
On the persistent efforts of AIPAEA the recruitment has started in PAOs, though in trickle! Efforts are on to get all the vacancies in all cadres in all the PAOs to be filled up.  In PAOs like Kolkata, Jaipur, Nagpur etc., new recruits have joined. On behalf of the CHQ I heartily welcome all those new comrades to the family of Postal Accounts and All INDIA POSTAL ACCOUNTS EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION!!
The cry for ending the discrimination continues…all over the world. One hundred years back the valiant fight started by the women textile mill workers of New York, USA has grown into a big struggle around the world along with the workers movements and achieved voting right for women in many countries and the fight for dignity and equality is still continuing. AIPAEA salutes all those valiant women comrades for their sacrifices. I convey my congratulations and best wishes to all women members of our organization. Branches may Email the Report and pictures of Women’s Day celebrations to the CHQ, so that the same can be placed in the AIPAEA blog.
The Central Working Committee of AIPAEA which met at Thekkady , Kerala from 13 to 15th Feb.2011 reviewed the Priority Charter of Demands submitted to the Department. The revised Priority Charter is given here under. As the Department has not so far initiated any discussion to settle the demands, it has been decided to launch the second phase of programme and  implement the same  with all seriousness by all units.
Programme of Action
1.       Hold lunch hour demonstration on 23-03-2011 and fax the Resolution to the 1) Secretary, Department of Posts, New Delhi – 110 001 2) JS & FA, Department of Posts, New Delhi-110 001 3) DDG (PAF), New Delhi – 110 001 and copy by post to the  Secretary General , NFPE, North Avenue Post Office, New Delhi-110 001 and General Secretary, AIPAEA, New Delhi.

2.       Start Post Card Campaign from 28-03-2011 to 01-04-2011. Address the Post Card to the DDG (PAF), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001 and inform the General Secretary about the number of cards sent by each unit. Post the cards every day during the campaign week.
The Text of the Resolution and Post Card Campaign is given here under.
The Meeting of the All India Postal Accounts Employees Association, ------------------Circle held on 23-03-2011 expressed its anguish for not taking note of the Priority Charter of Demands submitted, and not initiating any action for settling those demands even after the lapse of four months.  Hence, it is unanimously resolved to request the authorities to hold discussion with AIPAEA and settle the demands without further loss of time. It is also unanimously resolved to submit the revised charter of demands as decided in the Central Working Committee Meeting of this Association. 


1.       Expedite Recruitment in all cadres in all PAOs.
2.       Expedite the cadre restructuring in the PAOs.
3.       Enhance the SCF quota for Senior Accountants for the promotion to the AAO Cadre and drop the proposal for Direct Recruitment in AAO cadre.
4.             4.   Expedite the notification of All India seniority list of Senior Accountants causing the filling up of          
           regular and ad-hoc vacancies in the cadre of AAO in PAO & CCA offices.  B) Conduct Part II 
          & Prt I JAO/AAO exams.
5.                5.   Drop the proposal of decentralization of PAOs in any form.
6.                6.  Restore the post of Member (Finance) in the Postal Services Board and strengthen the Postal 
         Accounts    Wing by bringing all streams of accounts cadres under Member(Finance).
7.              7.  A)  Construct Departmental buildings to PAOs like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jammu, Trivandrum,
       Patna etc. B) Retain the British India Road building at Kolkata or accommodate entire PAO at Yogayog
       Bhawan at Kolkata.
8.             8.  Ensure full pledged functioning of newly formed PAOs in all the Postal Circles by providing required 
       staff strength and proper accommodation. B) Repatriate all the officials of Kapurthala PAO who are
       posted in Jammu against their willingness.
9.          9. Stop victimization of PAO staff in the name of contributory negligence and withdraw the charge sheets 
     given to the PAO Staff at Hyderabad and Kolkata for C.C frauds that took place at Post offices. B)
     Withdraw the charge sheets given to the PAO staff/AIPAEA Office Bearers at Lucknow, Cuttack &Patna
     on flimsy grounds due to the vindictive attitude of authorities.
10        10.  Provide induction and periodical refresher training to Junior/Senior Accountants and AAOs.
11    11Ensure specified role to PAO as stipulated by the Ministry of Finance in all Business Development 
     /Financial activities of the Postal Department.
12   12.  Restore the residency period of 3years in r/o Junior Accountant to Senior Accountant promotion 
     retrospectively with effect from 13-12-2006.
13   13. Rectify the anomaly caused due to promotion of junior Gr.D officials to LDC cadre after 2006 in PAOs 
     where as a senior Gr. D official promoted earlier remaining in Sorter cadre/becoming junior in LDC cadre.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sd/-,                                                                                                                                                      PRESIDENT
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­TEXT OF THE POST CARD CAMPAIGN
Hold discussions with AIPAEA on the Priority Charter and settle the demands.
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
(Name & Designation)

 As the Department failed to implement the judgment given by the Hon’ble Principal CAT, New Delhi, a contempt petition was filed by us and the Department too filed a Miscellaneous Application requesting to set aside the judgment. The case has come up for hearing on 08-03-2011 and the Department was ordered to consider the case of the petitioners and decide the same by passing a speaking order within a week’s time. As usual the Department passed a speaking order rejecting our case. I am going to consult our Advocate soon and in all probability we may file another O.A. challenging the speaking order passed by the Department.  Please visit our blog for the copy of the speaking order.
In the second case i.e. JA and SA should be treated as one promotion, the Department has rejected our representation. We have filed fresh O.A. challenging the rejection. That may come up for hearing any time. In this connection all the Circle Secretaries are requested to remit the money as decided earlier to fight the case.  
The Department has issued orders to close/merge/relocate about 9797 Post Offices in the urban areas. NFPE Federal Secretariat met and discussed this issue and also other policy offensives by the Department. It is decided to go for a programme of action by formulating a Charter. AIPAEA has requested the Federation to include the demand ‘stop any move to decentralize the Postal Accounts’ in the charter. Full details will be circulated after the finalization by the Federation. We have already submitted our views on the proposed Reorganization of Postal Accounts. The copy of the letter has already been placed in the blog. We have to be ready for any organizational action opposing the decentralization of PAO in any form.

CHQ congratulates the newly elected Office Bearers and members of the Executive Committee of AIPAEA, Patna Circle. Com. Mahato, has been elected President, Com. Gopal Krishna sharma is the new Circle Secretary, Com. Santosh Kumar Chowdari  is the newly elected Finance Secretary.  Great responsibility lies on the shoulders of the new body to bring back the past glory of the Patna branch. On the occasion of the branch conference I convey my best wishes to all the comrades of Patna Circle.

C & AG has issued orders on 10-02-2011 granting four advance increments to the JAs who have passed the Departmental Confirmatory Test between the periods from 01-01-1973 to 31-05-1981. CHQ has addressed a letter to the DDG (PAF) to extend the similar benefit to the Staff of Postal Accounts. Let’s hope PA wing will issue orders soon.

It is noticed that many times Circle PAOs are not responding to send the required information to the PA wing on the Staff matters.  This is creating problems and delaying the things. For example, even now the information called for by the PA wing on the All India Seniority list has not yet been sent by all the PAOs. This is delaying the notification of the list. Similarly many PAOs have not send the panel of Sr. Accountants to the PA wing even though; the vacancies exist in 10% SCF quota for effecting regular promotions.  In this connection, I plead with all our Circle Secretaries to promptly act and pressurize the local Administration to do the needful without causing delay.  Adopt proactive approach and interact with the Administration on regular basis through correspondence as well as informal meetings. Bi-monthly and 4-monthly meetings are not regularly being held at many Circles. Insist the authorities concerned to hold these meetings regularly.
General Secretary will be at New Delhi from 22-03-2011 to 01-04-2011. It is also planned to visit Jallandhar and Kapurthala units during this period.

Month of April is the month of enrollment. In some branches for various reasons some of our friends have chosen to be outside of AIPAEA. Now this is the time to welcome them back home. Talk to them. Convince them. Iron out the differences.  Take them into the fold of AIPAEA.

 For change of membership from one Association to another, the member should withdraw the existing membership by writing to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer and submit a new form to become member in another Association. The form used at the time of verification can be used now also for enrolling the membership. The subscription of such member will be recovered from the month of July. Membership form should be submitted in the month of April.

The newly recruited employees can be enrolled immediately without waiting for April. From the date of submission of the membership form, the newly recruited employee will become member of the Association and the subscription will be recovered from the same month.
I request all our Circle Secretaries to make all out efforts to enroll the new members’ i.e. new recruits and also to bring back the existing employees into our Association.

Comrades, the proposal for re-organization of Postal Accounts, the inaction of the Department on the Cadre re-structuring,  the draft Recruitment Rules of AAOs, slow pace of recruitment and silence on the charter of demands …..etc. are the issues bothering the employees of Postal Accounts. Let’s unite, organize, agitate and make our voice heard in the echelons of Dak Bhawan.

With Struggle Greetings!!

General Secretary

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