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All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
Central Headquarters
(Affiliated to National Federation of Postal Employees)
13-B, New Mahavir Nagar, Type-IV, DAO Flat, New Delhi – 110018
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AIPAEA/CHQ/Cir-42/ Dt.19-08-2010


Dear Comrades,

19th All India Conference of AIPAEA

     19th All India Conference of our Association which has been held at New Delhi from 14th August’2010 is successfully concluded on 17th August with all jubilation. It has recharged the AIPAEA with new confidence to march ahead. The Conference was inaugurated by our beloved leader Com. M. Krishnan, the newly elected Secretary General of mighty NFPE.

     The Conference was attended by all our units except Kapurtala & Jallandhar, Jammu and Guwahati. In his inaugural speech, Com. M. Krishnan spoke extensively on the policy offensive of the Government against the employees and workers with particular reference to the Central Government employees. He probed the root causes of the present day onslaughts on the employees and the long term ramifications of such policies on the employees. He exhorted the delegates to unite and fight against such policies keeping an eye on their long term effects and make the protest more strong by becoming the part of the 7th September one day nationwide strike by all the Trade Unions. Com. K V Sridharan, General Secretary P-3, Com. Iswar Dabas, General Secretary P-4, Giriraj Singh, General Secretary R-3, Com. P. Suresh, General Secretary R-4, Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary Admn.Union, Com. S.S. Mahadevaiah, General Secretary GDS Union, addressed the delegates and assured to stand with the AIPAEA in all its troubles and tribulations. Com. R.N. Parashar, ASG, NFPE and Com. Rajkumar, Finance Secretary, NFPE attended the inaugural session. Com. C.C.Pillai, former Secretary General of NFPE (& at present the Member of national executive of CITU), Com. Des Raj Sharma, former Deputy Secretary General of NFPE and Com. M.S. Raja, Secretary General Audit & Accounts Employees Association shared their views and greeted the Conference. All our veteran leaders and source of eternal inspiration of AIPAEA Com. A.V.Venkatraman, Com. Daktod, Com. C. Gopinathan, Com. Amresh Thakur and Com. P.K.Murkesan graced the Conference.
     On 15th August Com. S.K. Vyas, President of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers and also the most revered leader of Audit & Account employees spoke on the topic of 6th CPC Anomalies and remedial measures. He made it clear that unless negotiations and discussions are backed up by the united struggle, nothing can be achieved. In the evening session on the same day Com. Vrigu Bhattacharaya, Secretary General of Civil Accounts Employees Association and Convener of apex JAC addressed the conference bringing out all the latest developments on the JAC demands.

     On 16th August a seminar was held in which our DDG (PAF) and DDG (Finance) S/Shri. P.K. Sinha and Rajnish Kumar respectively participated in the forenoon session; S.K. Mishra, then DDG (PAF), V. Perumal, Former President of Officers Association & at present the Dy. CCA Chennai and also Mahesh Kumar, Asstt. General Secretary of Officers Association participated during afternoon session; spoke on the Accrual based accounting system and various technological developments taking place in the Postal Department. Shri. S.K.Mishra extensively spoke on the long tradition of the P&T Accounts and he appealed all the leaders and delegates to supply him the old photos, documents and articles relating to the Postal Accounts and P&T Audit & Accounts so that the endeavor to bring out a book next year on the history of P&T Audit on the eve of the commemorative year of 150 years of P&T Accounts will be successful.

     All these distinguished top brass officers of P&T Accounts & Finance were duly conveyed of our gratitude. Further, the leading figures in the Officers Association (though three of them could not participate in our felicitation due to their domestic constraints) who worked hard to achieve the Merger of Group-B Accounts cadres was congratulated and our delegates in unison recognized their yeoman services in this regard.

Amalgamation of DOT and DOP – Recognition of efforts

The Conference appreciated the efforts of all the officers of DOP & DOT in making the merger a reality. All delegates placed on record the relentless efforts of Com. P. Rajanayagam, our beloved leader and out-going General Secretary to shape the events with necessary interventions in the course of long drawn journey of merger. The Yeomen service of Shri. S.K. Mishra for the cause of amalgamation of Accounts cadres of DOP and DOT was applauded.

Delegate Sessions - Interactive Exercise

      Meaningful discussions took place in all the sessions. The house was composed with 85 Delegates and observers. With the participation of all the units, this Conference became the most represented Conference. All the units reported the functioning of their units, brought out the problems they are facing. Sub-Committees were formed under the Convener ship of Com. S.B. Yadav (General Demands), Com. Veeresh (Departmental Demands), and Com. Balasubramanyam (Resolutions), completed their task and many issues were projected for taking up with the authorities. A Committee on C.C. works and Procedures were nominated by the Conference under the Convener ship of Com. S.B. Yadav (Lucknow) to look into the various aspects of C.C. works in all the units. The organizational problems relating to Kapurthala and Jallandar units were discussed and it was decided to depute some office bearers to assess the situation and suggest necessary amendments to the constitution to resolve the issue.

Out-going Stalwarts of AIPAEA

Com. A.P.Sastry, who is the President of our CHQ for record times successively, has now relinquished the post. He has led our Association with vision and strengthened our unity with his guidance.Com. R.S. Bhagel, our Working President is going to retire from service on 31-08-10. He is our most precious force endowed with organizational skills. Com. P. Rajanayagam, our beloved General Secretary, a genius and gem of our organization who is committed to the cause of AIPAEA has relinquished his post. He is going to join the AAO post shortly. His tenure as General Secretary witnessed many glorious events which contributed to the strengthening of Postal Accounts and thereby our organization. Our relationship with our Federation and other organizations has become stronger and stronger during his tenure. We place the services of all these leaders who are very dear to the heart of AIPAEA on record and cherish them for ever . The conference honoured all these comrades in a befitting manner.

AIPAEA veterans honoured

     The veteran founder leaders of our organization, with the rich traditions of Audit & Accounts employees Association, were honoured in the conference. Com. A.V. Venkatraman, former General Secretary of AIPAEA, Com. S.K.Vyas, former Secretary General of Audit & Accounts employees Association, present member of NJCM standing Committee and President of Confederation, Com. Daktod, former General Secretary of AIPAEA, Com. Amresh Thakur, former General Secretary of AIPAEA, despite their advanced age attended the Conference and inspired the delegates. Com. C. Gopinathan, former Secretary General of AIPAEA and Com. P.K. Murukesan, former Additional Secretary General of AIPAEA also graced the AIC. All these veterans were honoured in the Conference.

Newly elected body

The Conference has elected the following Office bearers unanimously for the years 2010 to 2012. This team is very balanced and represented by all the units:

1. President : Com. S. Santosh Kumar, Chennai

2. Working President : Com. G.S.Pawade, Nagpur

3. Vice-Presients : Com. D.K.Shivanna , Bangalore

: Com. J.S.Rajput, Bhopal

4. General Secretary : Com. T.Satyanarayana, Hyderabad

5. Deputy General Sec : Com. S.B.Yadav, Lucknow

6. Assistant Gen. Sec : Com. D.S. Chauhan, Delhi

: Com.P.K.Dasgupta, Kolkatta

: Com.SiyaRam Mehto, Patna

: Com.P.S.Gujjar, Jaipur

: Com.C.Mhohanan Nair, Thiruvananthapuram

7. Finance Secretary : Com. Kuldeep Singh Rana, Sunder Nagar

8. Assistance Finance Sec. : Com. J.K.Chauhan, Ahmadabad

9. Organizining Sec. : Com. Nand Kishor Das, Cuttack

: Com. Ravi Reddy, Raipur

10. Auditor : Com. Jasbir Singh, Ambala

Most concerned issues of PAO

      Conference has taken note of the most important issues which were not given attention by the authorities in spite of taking up them many times by the CHQ. Due to ban on recruitment in Sorter cadre, the Gr.D comrades who have passed the Sorter exam could not get the promotion neither as Sorter or LDC due to block of promotional channel created by the above said ban. The anomalies caused because of the promotion under Seniority cum fitness quota to the junior Gr.D officials direct to the LDC cadre leaving the senior most Sorters in the lurch are creating serious heart-burn. The much sought after cadre re-structuring has not got the attention of the higher ups. With the agreement of 13th July strike the demand was conceded and a committee constituted with a time frame for the postal cadres. We have demanded the constitution of the similar committee by our PA wing for which the DDG (PAF) agreed. CHQ will be paying utmost attention to this aspect and use its all sources to get promotional avenues as well as higher pay scale to our Sorter, LDCs and DEOs through this cadre restructuring. Conference passed resolutions to this effect. Copies of the same will be made available to you soon.

     AIPAEA has taken a stand and addressed a letter to the authorities requesting them to ensure to maintain reservation quota at Circle level for SC/ST employees for promotion to the AAO cadre both in PAO and DOT; not by pooling reserved vacancies at central level. Otherwise justice will not be done and many comrades will be deprived of their chance at circle level. This issue will be pursued.

     The issue of amalgamation of Group-C cadres with DOT, restoration of Member (Finance) post in the Postal Board and bringing all streams of accounting cadres under him will be high on our agenda.

Regularization of mass casual leave on 8th April’ 2010 was taken up with DDG (PAF) and the same was agreed. Orders are expected soon. Sorter promotion anomalies, diversion of vacancies to Group-D promotional quota, implementation of Group-B status to Sr. Accountants were also discussed with the DDG (PAF) and favourable orders are expected.

     A provisional list of All India Seniority of Senior Accountants has been prepared to enable to implement the AAO promotion under SCF quota on regular basis. Many discrepancies are noticed in the list and rectification of the same requested. Circle Secretaries are requested to bring the above said list to the notice of all our members; any discrepancies, if found, may be pointed out.

     All the PAOs are reeling under the acute staff shortage. There is an urgent need to go for immediate recruitment. CHQ has taken up this issue with the DDG (PAF). All the Circle Secretaries should monitor the accuracy of the vacancies arrived by the Administration.

   Award on parity taken to the Parliament for rejection

      The award on parity has been taken to the parliament against all the canons of justice and principles. The JAC has reviewed the entire situation and immediately reacted by giving a protest program. Leaders of Opposition parties and other important MPs are contacted on this issue. Our Conference moved a resolution signed by all the delegates and the same was submitted to the Hon. Speaker and Chairman of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha through Shri.Basudeva Acharya, M.P.

      He also moved an amendment to the proposed resolution of the Government to refer it back to the Government for acceptance. As we are all in the middle of AIC at New Delhi , the JAC call for lunch-hour demonstrations could not be observed by our units. It is requested that all the units must hold lunch-hour demonstrations for three days from 24th August to 26th August, 2010 and send the resolutions as directed by the JAC. JAC circular is enclosed. It should be noted that for us parity is not mere monetary matter, it is the issue of principle of honouring the Arbitration Awards and upholding the JCM scheme by the Government of India apart from maintaining Parity with Central Secretariat Assistants.

New team is introduced to the Authorities

     Immediately after the successful completion of the All India Conference, the new Office Bearers i.e. General Secretary, President, Deputy General Secretary, Vice-President and C/S Banglore along with Com. P.Rajanayagam met Shri. P.K. Sinha, DDG (PAF), Shri. Rajinish Kumar, DDG (Finance), Dr. Brijesh Singh, Director (PA AdmnI), Shri. Subhash Chander, Director (SR) and other ADGs.

     President, General Secretary and Com. P. Rajanayagam also met the Advisor (Finance), DDG (FEB), Director (SEA) and other officers in DOT and stressed the need to enhance SCF quota, finalize the R.R of AAO cadre, formulate Transfer & Posting policies, quicken the issuance of order allowing ad hoc promotion of Sr. Accountants in the AAO cadre of CCA offices and hold AAO exam at an early date.
     Departmental Council meeting on 27th August’2010

     Com. P.Rajanayagam will attend the Departmental JCM meeting and our items in the agenda will be discussed. The name of the newly elected General Secretary will be nominated by the NFPE in due course.

September 7th – the historic nationwide strike

     You are all aware that the entirety of the working class under the aegis of Central Trade Unions, viz. AITUC, CITU, HMS, INTUC, UTUC and Unions/Associations/ Federations of Central and State Government employees, have collectively taken a decision to lodge a strong nationwide protest against the spiraling price-rise and the anti-worker/employee /people policies of the Government. Confederation of Central Government employees and Workers endorsed the strike call. Our Federation is mobilizing the postal employees. It is our bounden duty to participate in the strike and make it a grand success. All the members should be made aware of the fact that the Government is moving ahead to bring amendment to Post office Act to take away the monopoly of the Postal Department. Out-sourcing and privatization is increasing in the postal department including the Postal Accounts. No recruitment is taking place in PAOs. The Department has not dropped the decentralization of Postal Accounts from its agenda. A Committee has been formed to examine the various issues involved in this process, under the Chairpersonship of Ms. Hilda Abraham, Chief PMG Orissa circle along with the Senior Officers of PAO. On the face of all these hostilities Postal Accounts employees cannot afford to remain aloof from the main stream of the Postal and other Central Government employees. Hence, it is our priority to ensure cent percent participation of our members in the ensuing nationwide strike. The copies of strike notice served by the Federation, Charter of Demands and Confederation circular are enclosed for wide publicity and mobilization.

    Developments in the Court Cases

The case before the Principal CAT, New Delhi with a prayer ‘to treat the S.A promotion as a mere up gradation within the same cadre and hence not to be counted as promotion for the purpose of ACP Scheme 1999’ has come up for hearing on 20th August’2010 and in the absence of Gov. Pleader, the Hon’ble CAT directed our Council to file a representation on the judgment in the similar case at Mumbai CAT which was in our favour. The other case on the ACP anomalies, viz. stepping up of pay, will come up for hearing on 30-08-10.
Address of the new General Secretary

All comrades are requested to note down the phone numbers/postal address given below to contact the new General Secretary.

Cell phone: 09912348500

Res.phone: 040-27668809

Address: T.Satyanarayana

General Secretary, AIPAEA



You are requested to correspond, if you wish, through my email address:   satyamtandra@gmail.com

Our AIPAEA contact number for Delhi 09868451466 will be with Com. P. Rajanayagam for some more time to ensure continuity. You are free to call on that number also.

You can contact our President (CHQ) Com. S. Santosh Kumar on cell phone number: 09444991236. His email I.D is: ssk_89@ymail.com

     Comrades, I thank all our delegates and observers who enriched our 19th All India Conference with their presence and guidance. I also thank all of you for reposing faith on me and elected me General Secretary of this great organization. I am sure with all your support and guidance I will come upto your expectations. Come on; let’s join together and take AIPAEA ahead!
My best wishes and regards to all our members.

Inquilab Zindabad! AIPAEA Zindabad !!

Yours comradely,


General Secretary

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