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Reference: AIA/Circular-14/2010 Dated: 4th May 2010


Unit Secretaries,

Members & Spl. Invitees – NE &
Members of Women’s Committee

Dear Comrades,


This is the time for stock taking for each of the affiliates – ie the time for elections and annual general body meetings.

In the Annual General Body meetings and also during the election time, the issues of the membership and the role of the leadership would definitely come for discussion, appraisal and approval.

It is also the time to subject important policy approaches for discussion and for decision. The leadership has to take the lead as well as bold steps to innovate and cause lively debates that would strengthen the unity, attract more members and activate the sleeping members to activists and elevate/throw up activists as leaders.

Any leadership would be assessed on the basis of these bold initiatives. A real leader is one throws challenges - and also accept challenges - and overcome it successfully through honest means.

The 45th Conference held at Jaipur has given a road map for strengthening the democratic functioning of the Associations at all levels.

Every unit should do their best to implement those decisions. In the AGM itself a road map for section activists system be finalised and acted upon without fail.

During unit visits of HQr leaders - many times - it has come to notice that circulars are not even read or discussed in the Executive Committee, as a result the ordinary members are totally unaware of the issues that we are focusing, pursuing and the results there-of. This is coming has a big hurdle at the time of mobilisation for agitations.

Instances of not holding a meeting of even Executive Committee during visits are confronted by the Secretary General himself, in some units. This could be an easy way of avoiding embarrassment to the Unit leadership in the presence of Secretary General, but it badly corrodes the organisational machinery.

This deficiency could be addressed through developing a section activists system, its regular meeting, discussion of each circular and Auditlekha Samanvay in the meeting of activists. This system of activists would also help the units to take up the local issues more effectively and also mobilise the membership when required.

System of Section activists also helps the organisation to carry the messages to the last member, whether it is of routine matter, attitude of the administration to the Gr B, C and D work force, privatisation and outsourcing of functions and its ill effects, Govt policies and our approach to it etc.

The issue of revising the rate of subscription upwardly from time to time would also be quite easy if such a systematic functioning is developed.

In the nutshell, system of (section) activists would raise the level of understanding of every member on issues and they would definitely value the organisation that is wedded to democratic functioning.

Equally important is enlisting the involvement of women employees in the organisational functioning and decision making.

There are many units where not even a single woman is elected to the Executive Committee. In many units it is name sake – one or two – with no significant role assigned to them.

In the 45th Conference at Jaipur, only 8 Units had women representation, including host unit.

Conscious and sustained efforts only can bring about a qualitative change in this regard.

Circular issued by Com VS Jaitha, Convener, Women’s Committee is enclosed.


The 45th Conference revised the HQr quota to Rs 8 per member per month – i.e. Rs 96 per member per year to be effective from 1st October 2010.

Units are requested to amend their constitution so as to revise the rate of subscription suitably (preferably Rs 50 per member per month).


Apex JAC has written to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister on implementation of arbitration award. JAC circular and JAC letter to FM are enclosed.

With regards
Yours fraternally

Secretary General

15/1089-90, VASUNDHARA, VASUNDHARA (P.O.), Dt. GHAZIABAD (U.P), PIN-201012
Ph: 0120-2881727/4101593/ 0 – 98681 45667


                       There has been good response to report on the International Womens day celebrations from many units. I had the privilege to attend the meetings organized by Chennai units on two days, that of Accounts and Audit. The meetings were memorable as there was good participation and the tireless and enthusiastic efforts of the women comrades in Chennai are notable. Let the International Womens day celebrations in its 100th year become a stepping stone to a bright future for the Women’s Committee of the All India Audit and Accounts Association, as we expect continued participation and co-operation in all the activities of the Association.

                      International Women's Day was created to inspire women throughout the world to work towards equality. In a country like ours where society is marred by heinous crimes against women, including rape, dowry deaths, female infanticide etc, the international women’s day holds special significance. With growing literacy and financial independence women feel more empowered today to assert their right to a life of dignity and self worth.

                 The International Women's Day celebrated on 8th March is a universal day for all women around the world. It endow them with a sense of honour, dignity and self respect for being the person that they are. This day marks a celebration of the economic, social, cultural and political achievements made by women over the years. However much more still needs to be addressed to make women equal citizens both in the public and private domain. The International Women’s Day thus serves as a reminder of how much we have achieved and how much more still needs to be done.

               Today no solutions - to the threatening social, economic and other problems faced by women - can be found without the full participation and the full empowerment of women. The reason is indeed a woman’s innate ability to care, love and sacrifice for the other. She plays an all-enveloping character of a mother, daughter, wife and sister as a friend, nurturer, guide and partner. Emotional and vulnerable, women displays a wonderful range of emotions from being patient to being extremely courageous in times of crisis.

             Contribute your might to strengthen our women’s Committee, thereby strengthening the All India Audit and Accounts Association. Participate actively by organising conventions, meetings, seminars, staging of gender sensitive plays in our department or jointly with other sister organizations to celebrate this centenary year of International Womens Day.
All activities may also please be reported to the All India Association promptly.

(V.S. Jaitha)
Womens Committee

Ph. 0120-2881727/011-2578 5070
E-mail: auditflag1923@gmail.com/ v_aicaea@yahoo.co.in

No: JAC/Circular – 06/2010 Dated 22nd April, 2010


Chief Executive of Constituent Organizations
and Conveners, Local JACs,

Dear Comrades,
At the very outset, the Apex Joint Action Committee congratulates all those constituents and their members who made the Mass Casual Leave on 8th April 2010 a stupendous success.

The programme was endorsed and effectively implemented by All India Audit and Accounts Association, National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations (All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II), All India Postal Accounts Employees Association and All India Audit and Accounts Officer Association.

As per the reports received through the constituents of apex JAC, Accounts and Audit Employees and officers from the stations like Kohima, Shillong, Guwahati, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Puri, Hyderabad, Tamilnadu state as whole, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Gwalior, Bhopal, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad and Delhi participated in the Mass Casual Leave on 8th April. The average station wise participation was more than 70% in almost all stations and states except in Delhi. In some of states and stations, cent percent members participated in the programme.

Through their participations the rank and file membership of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers Organizations have established that - they are united under the banner of apex JAC and determined to fight against the discriminations done with them by the Government of India. By this successful united action, the Accounts and Audit Officers and Employees Organizations have also washed off the illusion from the minds of the present Government that, implementation of 6 CPC recommendations have made the Central Government employees totally satisfied and the Central Government Employees movement has been demolished.

We once again heartily congratulate all who made the mass casual leave on 8th April 2010 a grand success.

The available leaders of apex JAC has reviewed the situation developed after the success of the mass casual leave programme. Apex JAC has decided that, firstly it shall examine the situation further after receipt of detailed report from all local constituents of JAC.


It has been brought to the knowledge of apex JAC that, certain section of local administrations of different departments have been attempting to harass and penalise the persons participated in the programme, especially in IA&AD. It is reported that some other departmental authorities are also following the suit. From the day one of the birth of trade union movement, workers suffered atrocities of the powers that be. We should not loose heart for such things and should fight unitedly to foil the attempt for inflicting damages on us.

Some of the authorities have been learnt to be issued ‘show cause notice’ and asked to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against him or her under FR 17 (A)/(I) and CCS conduct Rules 1964. It doesn’t make any difference whether you call it a memo or show cause notice – it is one and the same. But the phrase ‘show cause’ is used deliberately in an attempt to terrorize the employees.

Another set of administration have been attempting to deduct salary of the participants in the mass casual leave without giving the opportunity of giving the explanation by the individual-. All such attempts should be contested and no unilateral action should be allowed to be taken.

We are furnishing a sample reply to the memo/show cause notice for the guidance of the constituents. This reply has specifically been issued by the All India Audit and Accounts Association for its organization. This reply may be used by others if they face similar action. However, it is suggested that Unit/Branch/ individual should not take any action without consulting their respective Central Headquarters and Apex JAC headquarter,

With warm greetings,



Ph. 0120-2881727/011-2578 5070
E-mail: auditflag1923@gmail.com/ v_aicaea@yahoo.co.in

No: JAC/FM/2010/3 Dated: 3rd May 2010

Shri Pranab Mukharjee,
Hon’ble Finance Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi


Respectfully we invite your kind attention to the award given by the Board of Arbitration on 24/08/2004 in regard to Pay Scale of Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants & Accounts Assistants of Railways which is as under-

“The Government is directed to upgrade Pay Scale same as to the Assistants of Central Secretariat services of Rs: 1640-2900 (Rupees 5500-9000 with effect from 01/01/96) to all Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants & Accounts Assistants of Railways with effect from 01/01/86 notionally and actual payment from 12/11/01 the date of reference of arbitration to the Board”

As per the instructions given by the Committee of Secretaries, the above award should have been implemented or referred to the Parliament for modification/rejection within a period of six months ending on 24/02/05. However, it has not so far been implemented.

The matter was discussed in the Committee of National Council J. C. M. The official side contended that more than Rs.1200 Crores would have to be paid by way of arrears if the award was implemented actually from 12/11/01 which the Government cannot afford. The staffside then suggested that actual payment may be from 19.02.03, the date from which Government have already ordered to upgrade the pay scale to Rs. 5500-9000 i. e. notionally w.e.f 01/01/96 actually from the above date. The official side stated that even then the amount of arrear to be paid would be Rs. 675 crores which is not feasible.

The staff representatives have thereafter, given in writing to forego all arrears and requested that the award may be implemented for the entire period from 01/01/1986 to 31/12/2005 notionally & actually from 01/01/06. Since by accepting the recommendations of VICPC, Government have already upgraded the pay scale of these employees to pre-revised pay scale of Rs 6500-10500 Pay Band PB-2 with grade Pay of Rs 4200 i.e. on par with that of Assistants of Central Secretariat, there would be no extra liability for the Government by way of arrears.

The matter is however, kept pending for last 3 years in the Department of Expenditure.

We, therefore request you to intervene and direct the Department of Expenditure to implement the award notionally for the entire period of 01/01/86 to 31/12/05 as it has been implemented with effect from 01/01/06.

The entire fraternity of employees of IA & AD and Organized Accounts Establishments will be grateful to you for this intervention and settlement of long pending demand.

With regards

Yours Sincerely


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